George Soros Has Achieved A New Milestone In Philanthropy

One cannot talk business and successful entrepreneurship in the United States without mentioning billionaire George Soros. For over ten years George has proven to be an ardent businessman by making a fortune for himself. He trades in currencies and is in charge of numerous hedge funds. Having amassed a lot of money from his ventures in the world of business, George decided to direct his efforts to the Open Society Foundations. The OSF is made up of a group of organizations with which George conducts his charity programs. He is among the very few lucky personalities who can stand firm against evil in the society. He openly rebuked Donald Trump for not doing what is right.

Last month, the OSF organization confirmed that over the recent past, it had received a donation that amounts to $18 billion from the founder George Soros. This gift was first documented by the Wall Street Journal. The Open Society Foundations has established its operations in more than 100 nations in the world.

After being away from politics for about twenty years, George came back to active politics. In the period that he was away from politics, he took it upon himself to work towards improving the American policies on the ground. George Soros at one time became an active participant in active politics when he bravely supported presidential aspirant Al Gore. At the time Al Gore was running for the presidential seat against former president George W Bush. He also made a remarkable comeback in politics when he supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.

George Soros was among the few people who actively refuted Donald Trump’s disuniting agenda of disintegrating minority groups such as the Hispanics and immigrants from the United States.


George Soros and Donald Trump differed more when he decided to back Hillary Clinton and other upcoming nominees in their leadership quests. George knew better than to sit back idly and do nothing during the election period especially when he is in a position to do something that would impact positive change. George, therefore, chipped in with a donation of up to $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton and other aspiring democrats. Despite this donation aiding Hillary’s political action committee, they also served as donations towards promoting the rights of immigrant groups, voting rights groups, and minority protection PACs. Read more on Fox News about George Soros.

George Soros background helped him understand what inconsiderate and harmful nationalism could cause a country and its nationals. He was born and raised in Hungary. In 1994, as a boy, George Soros witnessed the Nazi Occupation in his country. This occupation saw over half a million Hungarians lose their lives for being born Jews. A situation they had no control over. Later on his and his families were forced to flee their own country. They ran to London, where George pursued philosophy under the mentorship of Karl Popper. It is Karl’s guidance that built him into the masterpiece that he is. Now, with his fortune and time, Soros aims at ensuring the world is a better place. Follow George Soros on

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