George Soros a billionaire trader is seen again contributing into political campaigns, something that he has not done since 2004. In 2004, Soros contributed millions in an attempt to oust George Bush and has not been spending as much on politics after that failed attempt. In the Obama Campaigns, he donated only $1M which was not much compared to what he is known to spend on his political agendas. Over the years he has been contributing to democratic groups on but nothing that can be compared to his giving for the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Soros is quoted to have regrets in supporting Obama by his $1M donation and took the Hillary Campaign as his opportunity to return. He donated over $25M to Hillary Campaign and other Democratic agendas in 2016. Many of the people predicted that, that was just but the beginning and he would be giving more as the elections neared. According to some, George Soros wanted to push the Hillary Clinton agenda and he also feared what would be of the country if Trump won the elections. For this reason, the stakes were high and he gave more to support Clinton.

In his campaign to aid Hillary, he associated Trump and Cruz to terrorism. He is quoted saying that they are “doing the work of ISIS” in a world Economic Forum at He said that the two are instilling fear into the people and hindering their judgement making them to respond to things out of fear. He also contributed towards helping the immigrants to counteract their attack by the Trump campaign. George Soros donated $500M as investment in this sector and stated that it is the government’s duty to help such people. That they have to deal with the immigrants whether they willingly or unwillingly host them and even when they do not understand the situations that these people are forced to live in.

Like every other supporter of Clinton, things changed drastically after the announcement of the elections results. The trump victory hit Soros hard. Soros and all the other major investors into the Clinton campaign held a meeting in Washington D.C after the election. The meeting had been planned prior to the elections but upon the announcement of the results, they had to change their agenda for the meeting. Instead of meeting to plan Clinton’s days in office and celebrate the victory, they meet to plan how to oppose Trump. It was now time to play defense against the president elect. This would not only benefit them but help them to protect the Obama Legacy and the good work that he started.

In addition to plotting their defense, they meet to evaluate how they lost. As one of the members said; such when someone losses a battle that they had already won, there must have been serious mistakes made. For this they needed to find out how and why they lost to Trump on Forbes. Since then, Soros and his group of investors have done nothing but to try and overcome Trump in order to safe guard their democratic interests.

The Lime Crime Sparkles Like No Other


The Lime Crime brand started off as a one-man dream and turned into a big talk on the internet and many cosmetic journals. Over the years, the brand has launched many products and fought many battles and always appears on the lead. The company’s products are diverse ranging from lipsticks to eye shadows and glitters. However, the company is prominent due to its many shades of lipstick. The company generally serves the purpose of animating colors to express the real feelings of its customers. Whatever mood one is in can be expressed through the different shades, from the simple nude colors to the joyful bright colors such as the velvet rose. Some of its products for example, the blue unicorn lipstick have set major fashion trends emulated by other cosmetic brands.

Although the lipsticks of this company come at an extra cost as compared to other lip products out in the market, the extra cost is accompanied by a greater reward in terms of quality. The lipsticks feature a very high quality since they are water proof and already approved in terms of quality according to the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act. The greatest strength of the companies lies not only in the product’s diversity but also in its marketing strategies. Lime Crime has not limited its market by targeting a specific group of consumers in terms of age or social class but has ensured that everyone can express themselves unapologetically through the use of their products. There is a product suitable for all groups of women.



Lime Crime is the vision of Xenia who later re-branded herself as Doe Deere and became the CEO of the company. This woman has shown resilience, persistence, hard work and perseverance in her work. She started off as a simple online sales person for DIY and slowly started to establish her own brand. From the purchase and resale of clothes, she switched gradually into the production of cosmetics and finally actualized her long term dreams. As the CEO, Doe Deere is one who will take the company into greater heights than it has envisioned.  Check them out for yourself on UrbanOutfitters, or the popular Lime Crime page on

What 2016 Wikipedia edits should mean for your business

We live in an era where fake news is dangerously prevalent. The job of Wikipedia editors has become more important than ever. Wikipedia has gone out and created a “fake news” section. The page has become increasingly important and has received several edits in the first month. The number of edits on the page indicates that fake news is all over the internet. That is why Wikipedia released news detailing their most edited pages for the year 2016.

The recent elections in the United States saw a shift in the most edited pages. Prominent leaders like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump had their pages edited a thousand teams. However, the U.S. politics never featured high enough. One of the most edited Wikipedia article for 2016 was that of deaths. The page featured 18,230 edits throughout the year. There were high profile deaths that were featured in the list. Among the deaths include prominent people like David Bowie and Muhammad Ali. The number of Wiki edits is only an indication that Wikipedia is a leading source of online news and information.

Other news that feature thousands of edits was the nightclub attack in Orlando. However, there was also a surprise to high ranking inclusions. One example is that of the tenth season of an Argentine TV dance competition and Beverly Gray. Beverly Gray is a mystery novel series published between the year 1934 and 1956. In politics Donald Trump’s page featured close to 9,000 edits. As history dictates there is a high chance that the page will come under more scrutiny. George W. Bush’s page is the most edited page in history. The page features close to 46,000 revisions.

Wikipedia has shown that it is an open place for posting news and information. The good thing is that Wikipedia has editors who amend the news. The total number of edits on the page show that the site is a leading place for data. That is why it is critical to have an individual page or a business page at Wikipedia. Wikipedia doesn’t allow personal editing of information. However, there are companies out there that can create your Wikipedia page. Get Your Wiki is the leading online source for companies that want to create a Wikipedia page. The company is made of Wikipedia veteran writers and editors that can help any institution.

Most of the pages designed by Get Your Wiki are comprehensive and according to the required format. The pages will serve as a digital asset to your business. Additionally, Google’s results on Wikipedia tend to rank high. Having a Wikipedia page for your business will mean high rankings for your business. Wikipedia page creation is a long and tiresome process. If not done properly Wikipedia deletes that page. That is why it is important to have your page created by Get Your Wiki.

How A Fabletics Subscription Box Works

Fabletics is a workout clothes and gear company that was co founded by actress Kate Hudson. Kate Hudson is not only the co founder but also the spokesperson and avid user of Fabletics. Fabletics sells high quality workout gear and clothes at a very affordable price. Top reviewers such as Crazy Coupon Lady and Trustpilot have done great reviews on Fabletics. They have both tried loved many of the items they have bought and received.


Fabletics is very simple and easy to use and that is why it appeals to so many busy men and women. There is no hassle of going shopping or trying on new clothes or looking for something that is good quality but still reasonably priced. You simply visit Fabletics website and begin by taking a short questionnaire. The questionnaire is used to determine things such as your size, your favorite colors or styles or patterns as well as your favorite workouts which will all help Fabletics to choose the best items for you.


Once you complete the short questionnaire Fabletics will begin custom creating an outfit that works perfectly for you. After deciding what specific items will go in your box the box is then sent out to you with free shipping. Once the box has been shipped you will typically receive a tracking number to track your order. Within 1-2 weeks the box will arrive and you will have new workout clothes and gear to try.


From then on every month Fabletics will custom choose a new workout outfit for you. You will receive a new one every month until you skip or cancel. Skipping a month allows you to take a break and begin again at the next month. Canceling means you will no longer receive any boxes. Once you skip or cancel you can begin again at anytime by simply visiting the website or calling customer service. The website is very quick and easy to use and the customer service is typically very friendly and helpful. It is a great subscription box to use or to give as a gift for a friend or family who enjoy working out and trying new things.

Eric Lefkofsky: A Successful Technology Entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky has been successful in his business ventures as an entrepreneur. He has co-founded several companies, such as Tempus, Groupon, Echo Global Logistics, Uptake, InnerWorkings, Lightbank, and Mediaocean. Lefkofsky began his career as a salesman before deciding to advance his career by attending law school. He then joined forces with a friend to create a clothing company called Brandon Apparel.


After a long career of successful business ventures, Lefkofsky co-founded Tempus, and currently serves as the CEO of the company. This technology company allows doctors to provide their cancer patients with personalized care. Tempus has been working out of Lightbank, which is a firm located in Chicago that was also founded by Lefkofsky.


Tempus helps physicians and other healthcare professionals treat their patients with a personalized and real-time approach. The treatment decisions that are made for the patients are data-driven through the process of analyzing each patient’s physiology.

Tempus uses proprietary genomic sequencing and analytics to help healthcare professionals further examine a patient’s tumor. This helps doctors create a more effective, personalized care and treatment plan for their patients.


Tempus is currently working with patients who are suffering from breast, pancreatic, and lung cancer, however they plan to expand their practice into other types of cancer in the future.


Along with co-founding Tempus, Eric Lefkofsky and his wife have formed a charitable trust called the Lefkofsky Foundation. This trust supports other charitable, educational, and scientific organizations worldwide. The foundation primarily focuses its efforts on children, and has aided in the funding of over 50 organizations thus far.


In addition to this, Lefkofsky and his wife became a part of The Giving Pledge in 2013. The Giving Pledge is a group of the world’s wealthiest people who commit to dedicating the majority of their acquired wealth to philanthropy.


Along with his philanthropic efforts, Lefkofsky serves on several boards in the Chicago area. He is on the board of directors at The Children’s Memorial Hospital, World Business Chicago, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Museum of Science and Industry, and he is a Trustee of Steppenwolf Theatre Company.


Lefkofsky has also found success in teaching and writing. He began a career in teaching at business schools around Chicago, and has also taught technology classes that can be applied to business at DePaul University. Additionally, he taught a course in disruptive business models at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. He is currently working as an adjunct professor at the Booth School of Business, located at the University of Chicago. Here, he teaches a course on entrepreneurship and how to build a business based upon technology. Lefkofsky’s most recent success was the publishing of his book about how technology is currently affecting business, Accelerated Disruption.

Cotemar, Mexico: Firm Position in the Mexican Energy Economy and the Mexican Economy as a While

Introduction to the role of petroleum and its trade history with the US Petroleum trade has played a large role in Mexican trade and Mexican economic success through the years. This success has been achieved through the efforts of the government’s partnership with Cotemar, a petroleum conglomerate within the country. Cotemar is an entity which provides support services to numerous petroleum platforms throughout Mexico. Despite the fact that a recent slowdown in the Mexican petroleum arena has resulted in slower-than-usual business for Cotemar, the company and the Mexican petroleum business continue to thrive and Cotemar maintains its firm position as a leader in the Mexican petroleum industry.

Mexico has stated its intention to lessen its dependence on trade with the USA.

Cotemar’s effort to lessen Mexico’s dependence on its trade with the USA is in line with Mexico’s desire to establish a petroleum trade with Asia rather than relying on imported its customary petroleum trade partner, the USA, despite an ongoing history of successful trades in that area.

History of Cotemar and the Mexican petroleum industry:
Cotemar has been a leader and innovator in the Mexican petroleum industry since the late 1800’s when that industry began to gain momentum in the Mexican economy.

The current role of Cotemar in Mexican petroleum trade and the future of Cotemar in the current Mexican petroleum industry:
Cotemar continues to lead in the production of petroleum and petroleum-derrivatives within the Mexican economy and its exports. The fact that Cotemar does not restrict its efforts solely to petroleum production, but encompasses many other and related things including specializing in Petroleum Services, Maritime Services, Offshore Maintenance, Specialized Ships, and Offshore construction. This extended presence within the Mexican economy allows Cotemar to remain active in the economic life of the country regardless of the health of Mexico’s petroleum industry and energy economy. Source:

Quincy Hotel Pizza Delivery Staff Robbed at Gun Point


The Quincy New Brunswick Hotel is a very popular institution that was established to cater to the needs of business executives who are always busy with work. The hotel is found in the United States, and it also offers its services to travelers who have no time to cook their meals. The amazing hotel makes sure that these travelers do not feel that they are far away from home. The Quincy Hotel uses the latest technology too, and its services and products are affordable compared to what the other hotels are offering.


Guests and busy finance executives who have to attend important meetings can access the institution at any time of the day. When the guests visit the hotel, they are first welcomed in the stylish lobby where they are greeted by the LED illuminated pool that changes its colors. There is also a special club where the members can access some preferential treatments like complimentary in-room mini bars, all day refreshments, breakfast, and Wi-Fi access. Visitors who have visited the institution say that they had the best experiences.


Not long ago, police at South Brunswick charged a young man from the region for the robbery that is believed to have occurred several months ago at the Quincy Hotel Pizza delivery. According to the police, such robbery had never been experienced in the hotel in the past, and it had shocked many people all over the country.


Parysh Wood, the man behind the robbery, was charged with robbery with violence. The twenty-one year old who uses the name pistol as a street name was charged for being the leader in a crew that participated in the incidence. The police have collected enough evidence, and they believe that Wood was the man behind the attack.


On the day of the attack, the man delivering pizza from Quincy Hotel had gone to one of the residences. He did not find the individuals who had ordered the pizza, so he decided to go back to his car.


Shock as Securus Technologies presents inaccuracies by GTL

Securus Technologies recently made an announcement that it is going to release information and reports that highlight breaches of integrity done by the Global Tel-Link company. I have known GTL for some time. I know that the company is popular for giving press releases based on wrong information. The company has been featured to have had several misconducts in several occasions in the past. The company itself has been a victim of breaking user privacy by monitoring the telephone calls.


According to information presented by PR News, Securus recently corrected inaccuracies presented by GTL. The company CEO went to state that it is going to release more information about GTL that highlights its multiple wrongdoings. He went ahead to state the he has a love for the families and wants to work with people in correctional facilities and people from every part of the society. He expressed his disappointment how GTL stooped so low and released information that is not based on facts.


I find out that GTL has been trying to get back to other companies because of its past misconducts. The company went to the limelight after information was released that it charged people for minutes that were never used. Families that called inmates in the correctional facilities were charge huge amounts. Apart from this, it charged people additional fees for their calls. According to information presented by advocates, the company was illegally milking people off their cash. These are normal people like you and me who simply want to get in touch with their families. All I can say about the whole process is that I am ashamed of the kind of misconduct that Securus has undertaken.



Adam Goldenberg Makes Clothing A Bit More Exciting And Fun

Fashion does not have to be very boring. Adam Goldenberg has taken the time in order to bring forth something that is very fun, exciting and enjoyable with his fashion company. JustFab has a ton of very unique and interesting pieces of fashion that people could enjoy. The items at that he has on display on the site are very great to look at. Customers will love the image that appears in front of them as they look at. They have a wide assortment of clothes that women will enjoy. They make sure that they carry some of the fashion forward styles that will capture women’s imaginations.

Adam Goldenberg’s site of JustFab displays the pieces of clothing in a manner that is clear to see and alluring. Therefore, women will know for sure whether they want the item or not based on how it looks on the model. They not only show the model wearing the clothes, but they also have a feature that allows the user to look more closely at the item on Forbes. On the display page, there is also a detailed description of the item which include the material that it is made of as well as other pieces of information.

One thing Adam Goldenberg wants is for people to be comfortable with exploring the type of styles that they like. For one thing, the subscription model of this service makes it easier for women to save money while putting together a look that they will enjoy. It also makes it easier for women to find some designs that bring out their creative side.

One of the best ways for women to explore different aspects of their personalities is through fashion. For one thing, women can experience different types of energies and moods from the type of clothes that they have chosen. The fabric that they try on as well as the color could change their energy and their overall mindset. Therefore, Adam Goldenberg makes sure that they have clothes that will bring about positive mindsets.

Norka Luque Continues to Find Success in Her Musical Career

Venezuela may not be the first country one thinks of when listing global singing sensations, but the name Norka Luque remains linked to her home country as the “Believe” singer sets out to continue the success she has already found with releases in the U.S. and across Latin America. Working with a number of esteemed Latin musicians has allowed Norka the chance to establish herself as both a critical and commercial success; of course, the guidance Norka has found from respected producer Emilio Estefan Jr. has aided her development as an artist who has found continued success since her first release in 2011.

Norka Luque rose to stardom quickly with her first forays into professional musical releases being met with a nomination for the Best Female Artist at the Venezuelan Music Awards. Despite seeming to be an overnight success the career of Norka Luque has not included instant success; in fact, Norka set out to find success in Europe straight out of her Venezuelan high school when she moved to France with the aim of trying to meet as many figures from the music industry as possible.

Her time in France was not spent simply looking for musical success, instead Norka looked to prepare herself for life if her first choice of a musical career did not work out. Fortunately, Norka did find success soon after being discovered by Emilio Estefn Jr. in 2009, but Norka had already completed degrees in fashion, marketing, and culinary arts that have all been passions of Luque for a number of years.

For the majority of fans Norka Luque is best known for the release of “Milagro”, a song that would initially find success in Venezuela and across Latin America. The faith Emilio Estefan Jr. has in Norka was shown in his willingness to invest in a series of remixes Norka hoped would allow the song to cross over to a more global audience. The decision was shown to be a success in the U.S. where the remixed song rose up the Billboard charts and allowed Norka to become a global star.