BMG’s Vice President And His Journey

The vice president of BMG, Marcio Alaor, has come a long way from where he first began with the company. When he started out with his BMG relationship, he was shining shoes for the executives of the bank. During his time shining shoes, he always dreamed about becoming one of the executives and knew that if he worked hard enough he would be in a position that was similar to that. The dreaming that he did gave him the opportunity to see what he could do and also gave him the opportunity to find out what he needed to do to become an employee of the bank. He set about with his work on becoming a part of the bank, according to his blog.

Dr. Wilmar, who had his shoes shined by Marcio Alaor, saw that the young man had a lot of potential and saw that he took pride in the shoe shining work that he did. He wanted the man to be a member of his team but he didn’t want to offer him too much off the street and overwhelm him. After learning about the dreams that Marcio Alaor had, he knew that he would be the best fit for someone to work at the bank. Dr. Wilmar offered Marcio Alaor an job as an entry-level employee of the bank.

According to, through his time at the bank, Dr. Wilmar somewhat mentored Marcio Alaor. He saw the potential and wanted to make him one of the executives. He trained Alaor in what he needed to do and gave him all of the advice that would get him to where he is at today. The advice that he got from Dr. Wilmar combined with his strong work ethic allowed Marcio Alaor the opportunity to rise through the ranks of the company and be in the position that he is in today.

While looking for people to hire at the bank, Marcio Alaor does not always keep his eye out for degrees or impressive resumes. The people that he is more likely to hire are people who have a work ethic similar to the one that he always possessed. He makes sure that people are able to work hard and dedicate themselves to the work that they are doing. For this reason, he ends up having a large staff of people who are able to provide a great deal of work to the bank.

Celebrity Impersonators: A Glimpse Into The Life Of The Famous Imitators

The life of celebrity lookalikes and imitators around the world is a very interesting one. Every element of their likeness, from their clothes to their voice to the way they walk and behave is steeped in the manner of the film, music or stage artist that they imitate as a career.

Sergio Cortes, a popular Michael Jackson impersonator, states in his Facebook profile that excellent life interpretation involves an incredible ability to sing, dance, compose, and act, and isn’t meant for everyone. He sites the difficulty of transforming himself into a larger than life celebrity. Consequently, the imitators that are most successful are very skillful at whetting both the eyes and curiosity of a multitude of people. When reviewing the experiences of Sergio Cortes, it is evident that his career of impersonating Michael Jackson is not only a job to him, but a privilege.
Sergio Cortes is said to be one of the foremost Michael Jackson impersonators in 2009.
The resemblance between Cortes and the late pop singer is so uncanny at times that it is difficult for fans not to believe that Michael Jackson has not risen from the ashes. Cortes is now 43 years old, but was only a child when his mother helped him realize how similar to the world renowned pop singer he truly was. When Sergio first began his impersonations, Michael Jackson was a part of the Jackson 5 singing group, which launched his career in America, but had international reach. This period was the critical moment in Cortes’ career. In his interview, he recounts the way he began to become more aware of even the small details of his impersonation of the way Jackson sang, danced, and behaved on stage. He strongly considered Jackson’s television persona to gain knowledge of how to properly imitate him.

Cortes was entreated to impersonate Michael Jackson as a teenager. The photographs that were taken of him on this day helped to catapult his career. Following this appearance, Cortes began to shift his impersonations from a mere hobby to a career that he was passionate about and successful at. Cortes proceeded to receive multiple invitations to do performances as the American pop idol in many countries.

Currently, Cortes’ impersonations of the late pop idol have earned him prestigious performances in several shows and over 16,000 fans on Facebook. It is by making use of the expansive social media avenue that Cortes has been able to display his abilities and talents, communicate with his fans, and accept various proposals for performances. Sergio Cortes discussed his grief over the death of Michael Jackson which occurred in 2009 in Los Angeles, CA, in the United States. He explains how much more difficult it is to experience the loss of an idol when you have immersed yourself so greatly in his life through interpretation. The singer’s death made an enormous impact on Cortes’ life. He is however grateful for the opportunity he has through his interpretation of Jackson to help the fans through their grief. He believes that his performances also help him to personally heal after the singer’s death.

Many artists and entertainers have impersonators like Sergio Cortes. Some impersonators are so talented that they are mistaken for the twins of the celebrities. Roberto Carols, Renato Russo, Raul Seixas, and Ronaldinho are amidst the most popular celebrities to impersonate.

Other famous artists are also commonly imitated and have lookalikes such as Sergio Cortes. Some are even called twins of the celebrities due to the great similarities. Among the list are singers, actors, politicians and other television celebrities. Roberto Carlos, Raul Seixas, Renato Russo and Ronaldinho are among the most imitated celebrities in Brazil.
Sergio Cortes can be found on Facebook and on Twitter.


An Overview of Brazilian Stock Market

Investors seeking to exploit investment opportunities may start focusing on Brazilian stocks, since they are at their lowest level, and economists are not expecting the situation to worsen but to improve. Brazil as an economy is among the top emerging markets, where investors can exploit a wide range of investment opportunities. As financial analysts are viewing it, an upward trend is expected which could be between 20 and 40 percent. In fact, in South America, Brazil is the most developed country and has managed to attract a considerable number of foreign investors from developed countries.

There is a worry among the economists that Brazilian stocks on are underestimated, to a point where companies are trading at low prices up to five times their earnings. For instance, BR Properties, a large company in Brazil owning large amount of real estate, had its market capitalization being less than half the value of its assets. Brazil’s major trading partner is China, which has replaced U.S. as the largest economy in the world. Even as situations seem to be worse, Chinese investors are still expected to continue with their investing in Brazil in future. This year, Brazil and China signed a deal that would see China invest $50 billion in Brazilian infrastructure projects as well as steel production.

Igor Cornelsen is a Brazilian investment expert and a banker. In his views, he thinks market knowledge and experience are very critical to success of the banking sectors. In 2014, two major private banks in Brazil recorded increase in their shares, while at the same time the Brazilian stock market was stumbling. According to Igor Cornelsen, such banks rely on highly worthy borrowers who can provide security against what they are borrowing.

Igor Cornelsen is an investor who focuses on investing in the stock market. This is his career, and Igor Cornelsen’s advice is that people should invest in stock as a long term strategy. The best strategy an investor can apply is to target several investments instead of going for one large. Igor Cornelsen on advices that not all investments will generate good return on investment and hence the need to diversify.

London Vacation Rentals For Your New Trip

Taking a trip to London can be difficult if you have never been there before. I had problems planning out a trip to London myself because of the fact that I didn’t know what was available in the area. Because I have a lot of friends who are studying in London at the moment, I thought it would be a good idea for me to plan out a trip to go and see them. When I discovered LondonEscape, the entire process of planning the trip was made so much easier to the point where I actually had my vacation rental booked and ready for me in a matter of just a few minutes.

Now that I know how easy it was to use LondonEscape to find the best vacation rental, I will continually tell people about this site and the fact that they are a must when you are planning to go to London. The site makes it easy for you to find the right type of rental that is affordable and fits into your budget. You can choose where you would like to stay within the London area and then book the rental right then and there. There is nothing like knowing that you have decided to book a rental and have it readily available to you before you even arrive at your destination.

There are a lot of things that go into planning the right trip, but the best thing to know is that LondonEscape is there to make the process a whole lot easier. Once you begin to realize just how important it is for you to be booking a rental instead of checking out hotels, you will find that your trip is a lot more fun and comfortable. I have used LondonEscape and have had great success with it, so I feel that the site can definitely help others who might also need assistance when it comes to getting the right type of rental while knowing that they are not spending a small fortune just so that they can have a great place to stay while there.

Madison Street Capital- for superb M&A advice

For the best advisory services that will leave Asset Managers satisfied with their company’s value,Madison Street Capital is the ideal choice. They will help with applying strategies to ensure the improvement of a company’s value. Ensuring value is the key to success in addition to winning the confidence of the clients and prospective clients. Madison deals with both the buy and sell sides. These clients, manage people referred to as assets, who are of paramount importance to the Asset Managers. Madison Street Capital understands this, and therefore look at organizing Mergers and Acquisitions deals that yield the highest results in economical terms, as well as a business culture point of view. Madison Street Capital believes that the highest achievement is attained through properly arranging leadership, ways to invest, development ideas as well as long and short term goals.Madison Street Capital is serious about Mergers and Acquisitions and are readily available at 312-529-7000. You can get all the information needed about their advisory services.

About Madison Street Capital

In the heart of Chicago, Illinois, sits the main offices of Madison Street Capital,a world renown advisory services entity. It’s highly acclaimed services extend internationally to Africa and Asia with multiple offices across the United States.
Madison Street Capital is an elite middle market investment banking firm that is known for delivering the highest level of professional service to its clients. The extremely talented team that makes up the company, comprises years of experience, education, and strong communication skills. This has led to the company being known as one of the best in the world.It is one of the most sought after advisory services, with a focus on corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions (M&A). Madison Street Capital has earned its stripe due to its ability to deal with each circumstance uniquely, instead of a one size fits all approach. This is because every client’s issue is not necessarily the same.
Other services offered by Madison Street Capital include: restructuring services, valuation, and advise on every financial aspect of a company. It is their many years of combined experience that has made them the best at what they do.

Beneful Adhering to AAFCO Standards

In the United States, animal welfare is a huge part of people’s lives, especially pet owners. Dog owners, in particular, are renowned for their dedication to their pets, doing as much as they can to ensure that their pets have the best of everything. From grooming to toys, the pet industry continuously reacts to the demands of pet owners, who are notorious for their high standards.

When it comes to food, pet owners have spoken: regulation of the dog food market is paramount to all other regulations. From shelter volunteers to veterinarians and their technicians, the pet industry continues to discuss the massive importance of regulating dog food like food for humans is regulated. In fact, it is the most debated aspect of pet ownership this year.

While the dog food industry has yet to be regulated by a government agency, that has not stopped independent authorities from forming to create a list of standards for companies to adhere to. These regulatory bodies also watch for consumer protection and the safety and protection of all pets. This is currently a voluntary step on, yet it is one that is moving all pet food brands towards the idea of regulation within their industry.

The Association of American Feed Control Officials, or AAFCO, is one such voluntary association. It currently holds members from various state and federal agencies charged by US law to regulate animal food and medicine, and follows the laws outlined by the United States Department of Agriculture. It is not a law-binding authority; however, the AAFCO is the author of many pet food regulations that have become law in some states.

Beneful, a Purina dog food brand, is one of the largest dog food brands that currently recognizes and adheres to the AAFCO authority, with both wet and dry formulas currently being labeled by AAFCO nutritional standards. Beneful has worked closely with the association to ensure that they follow basic guidelines for providing dogs with the most balanced food on the market today.

The AAFCO and Beneful enjoy a comfortable relationship with each other, one that seems to only be growing as time goes on. As the pet food industry awaits to hear if the US government will create an agency to regulate food given to pets, Beneful continues to follow a high standard for all their formulas.

Colorado Lacrosse Star Has Done Much Good With His Life

Jon Urbana has recently started a Crowdrise fundraiser to raise money for cats that would otherwise be without a home. He is hopeful that people will see the urgent need that there is to give cats a place to live and that they will donate out of the kindness of their hearts to give cats a chance at life at a shelter that will give them a good life.

Aside from his airplane skills (he recently became a member of the FAA Airmen Certification Database), Jon Urbana has been known for his Twitter activism and charity work through crowdfunding sites like GoFundMe and Generosity, and he is a man that many people look up to for the good things that he has done in his life. He started a lacrosse camp for youth in 2011, and he has done a lot of good with it by recruiting a talented team of coaches including Urbana himself. People know that when they send their kids there they will be having the experience of their lives.

There are many more great things that Urbana has done with his life, and many of this are chronicled on his blog. Caring for cats that would otherwise not have a home is just one more thing that makes him special. People should see him and the life that he has lived by visiting, and feel inspired to do more with their own lives.

If there’s one thing to take away here, it’s that Jon Urbana is way more than the All American from Villanova. He has made it a point to do much charity work during his life, and many people have come to greatly love and respect him for that. In a recent video, he took the time to go into way more detail about the inspiration behind this Crowdrise campaign to raise money for ARAS.

Donate to Jon Urbana’s Charity Drive from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

They love that a former athlete cares so much about what is going on in the world around him, and they respect him for the care that he has shown to animals and people alike.

The World Of Magic Mike XXL

Every woman in the world was amazed at the first Magic Mike movie. They were in love with the characters and the story line. When the first movie was released in movie theaters, it broke ticket sale records and brought out people in record numbers. With the success of the first Magic Mike, the movie studio decided to make a second that was equally successful. Magic Mike XXL was released on
July 1, 2015 and it stars Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nash, Jada Pinkett Smith, Crystal Hunt and Andie McDowell. Magic Mike XXL is the bigger and better version of the first movie. Magic Mike XXL grossed roughly $117 million at the box office.

Magic Mike XXL is about a group of men that venture on a road trip within the United States to go to a stripper conference that is suppose to make them popular again. During the road trip, the group of men make several stops, where exciting adventures ensue. At one of their stops they strip for a group of older women, which makes them come alive and become confident again. Magic Mike XXL is an exciting movie that is filled stars and newcomers alike. Magic Mike XXL is a comedy drama and it was directed by Gregory Jacobs, who was the assistant director of the first Magic Mike movie. Steven Soderbergh served as the film’s cinematographer and editor. Filming of Magic Mike XXL took place primarily in two locations – Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and Savannah, Georgia. The movie was filmed in some key places, at the Myrtle Beach Air Force Base and the Savannah Gentlemen’s Club. Filming of the movie ended on November 5, 2014, with a scene that was filmed n Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

From her Instagram you can see that Crystal Hunt is a budding actress that was given a great opportunity to be cast in Magic Mike XXL. Crystal Hunt started her acting career in soap operas and became a hit with the soap opera viewing population. Crystal is best known for her character on The Guiding Light. After winning an Daytime Emmy for her role in The Guiding Light, Crystal Hunt ventured out to act in feature films. Her breakout role was the one she played in Magic Mike XXL.

After acting in Magic Mike XXL and other feature films, Crystal Hunt went back to soap operas and played a character on One Life To Live. Originally from Clearwater, Florida, Crystal Hunt started her career in show business at the age of two years old when she participated in pageants. In 2015, she signed on to be in a reality show featuring soap opera stars called Queens of Drama.

Handy Home Cleaning Services

In modern society, no one has time to focus on keeping his or her house clean. Going to work, taking care of kids, spending quality time with family or friends and other task in life is time consuming enough. Well, fret no longer, because this simple brand can solve your clean house needs. Handy Cleaning Services handles scheduling, prices, and eliminates the hassle of going through shady house cleaner services/cleaning agencies with an uncomplicated app. Input all the necessary information- exact time, amount of rooms, and zip code- and receive a price estimate almost instantly. The tax and tip are included, and the card on file is charged, leaving no worry of underpayment, or overcharging. This kind of agency is convenient for both customers, and employees.

Viewable Income

For those who desire a viewable income, this job is ideal. Most cleaning services give money under the table, leaving no taxes, but also erasing income viewable for loans. Handy brings freelancers a flexible schedule, reliable pay, viewable income, and the ability to check the job’s description before taking it- including pay information. This brand is advantageous to both the consumer, and worker. This new method of cleaning has left many customers happy with the results. Although, Handybook does offer services other than cleaning, but it is usually main demand. This multi-million dollar brand is increasingly building trust in their customers, and employees.

Background Checks

Handybook handles the background check for customers. Thousands have applied, but only about 3% are accepted; less than most acceptance rates at colleges. Handybook completes screenings on all of their freelances, ensuring optimum safety. Having a staff of 50 employees, they have achieved 10,000 jobs per month. If employees do any damages, Handybook takes full responsibility for the cost, and have a money back guarantee if customers do not like the work done.

About the Brand

Umang Dua and Oisin Hanrahan, in Havard Business School, are developers Handybook. The two encountered randomly as roommates and inspiration from their messy student apartment helped trigger the idea for the brand. With their combined innovative skills, the ingenious Handybook was born. It is a convenient method of ordering repairperson, plumbing, or home cleaning services straight from an iPhone. The brand is increasingly becoming popular, having grown 60% each month for three months. New offices are being opened in Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, and this service is currently available in 13 cities.

The Greatest Michael Jackson Experience


Michael Jackson will forever be one of the most electrifying, adoring, and gifted performers of our era. His dancing, vocal skills, and stage performances made him a musical icon. Even with him departing, his legacy carries on everywhere in the world. His memory goes on to create inspiration and love up to this very day. Even though he is not here anymore physical his legacy is delivered into life by way of impersonators.

Sergio Cortes is considered the greatest in this area. He has become the most authentic Michael Jackson impersonator of all time. Fans of Michael Jackson have a real profound connection with the missed super star. They desire another passionate fan to become a clone of their cherished King Of Pop.

Millions felt such a loss when Michael passed and were left searching for an impersonator to help fill the void. As a young boy, Sergio Cortes was mesmerized by the pop superstar and started copying Jackson’s way of dancing and singing. He would invest many hours trying to learn every thing about Michael Jackson.

Today Sergio has it all the walk, the dance moves, and even the voice. After years of practicing his voice is exactly the same as Michael’s. Listening to him one would think it is actually Jackson singing. He will sing live in any setting to prove that he can sound just like Michael Jackson. He has every outfit of clothing from every MJ era replicated for his shows.

When Sergio poses for pictures it is easily mistaken for an authentic MJ photo. He is the complete and whole package. He has dedicated loving fans who enjoy his exciting performances because they remind them so much of Michael Jackson. This incredibly talented Spanish man has taken the world of impersonators to another level. No one can come close and Sergio still practices everyday to make sure his shows are perfect.

He loves his fans and wants to give them the best Michael Jackson experience any impersonator can deliver. He did not need to go under any sugary to attain the look because he naturally looks like the King Of Pop. All these factors make him adored by Michael Jackson fans all over the world.

It is easy to see one of his performances online because the internet is filled with videos of Sergio doing what he does best. Sergio will always work hard so fans can remember what made Michael Jackson so wonderful.