Stephen Rotella Is Absorbed To LIFT Company as Its Chairman of the National Board

The president of StoneCastle Partners LLC (SCP), Mr. Stephen Rotella, was recently announced by LIFT Company as the new chairman of their national board. Stephen Rotella who is also a famous active philanthropist was to assume this post that had been held by Michael Gilligan. Michael is also a renowned entrepreneur and had long been supporting LIFT Company in its operations.

In the announcement, LIFT recognizes Mr. Rotella as a leader who is fit to take forward the agenda of the firm, as well as commending his exceptional job as the chairman of LIFT’s development committee. LIFT adds that as the chairman he continuously provided sound counsel as the company evolved in providing its services to parents of young children. Steve’s advice made the company to better address the chilling cycle of poverty across the United States.

Kirsten Lodal who is the LIFT’s CEO and co-founder added expressed that he could not think of a more significant and strategic person to have in the company as the partner and board leader. He thanked Mr. Michael Gilligan for his continued generosity, business insights, compassion and wisdom throughout the three years he was LIFT’s national board chairman and read full article.

Mr. Stephen Rotella is a scholar and renowned entrepreneur, with extensive knowledge and skills in financial services. He thrives in internet banking, property management, retail, marketing and organizational development, large scale operational development among other finance areas. His impact is felt in the arts and has experience working in the community with underprivileged persons. He has extensive experience having served in a myriad of boards such as the alletMet Columbus, YouthCare, Seattle Foundation, BalletMet, ArtsFund, and in the Lincoln Center, active jazz patron.

He joined and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, from Stony Brook College. This college is a part of the University of New York. 1975 is the year he got his degree from the institution. He also had an interest in Information Systems and Finance which led him to join the State University of New York, Albany and graduated with an MBA in 1978. Coming out fully baked, he started his career in 1978 as a senior consultant at Accenture. Since then he has worked in many other world class financial services firms, assuming the executive roles in most and Stephen on Facebook.

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Bruce Levenson’s Do Good Initiative Is Nurturing The Business Leaders Of Tomorrow

Higher education gives an opportunity to young men to invent social solutions that will make the world a better place. That is why the Do Good Institute couldn’t have chosen a better breeding ground than the University of Maryland.

Do Good Institute is a philanthropic initiative at the University of Maryland that specializes in introducing undergraduate students to the world charity and volunteer work in the United States. The projects nurture a new kind of business leaders who are more oriented towards the betterment of the society.

In an interview with Benzinga,, The proprietor of this nobility, Bruce Levenson attributed the lack of progress in most charitable organizations to lack of necessary business skills and strategies required to navigate through this space. The former NBA team owner decided to concentrate on philanthropic projects such as the Do Good Initiative in a quest to make the society a better place.

The Do Good Initiative has already hit its target of raising over $75 million that will be used to run various charitable courses. The Forbes listed billionaire Bruce Levenson has unmatched expertise in the field of philanthropy having have led the I Have A Dream Foundation as its president.

Bruce Levenson is a renowned philanthropist who has a great conviction in the power of generosity. Generosity is what separates the good leaders from the bad leaders. Together with his wife, Karen, they manage the operations of the various aids they create.

Apart from being a leader in the charity world, the founder of the United Communications Group Bruce Levenson is also a family man. He loves playing basketball and spends most of his time in either Atlanta or Potomac where his houses are. Bruce earned his academic qualifications from the Washington University, St. Louis, and the American University. He boasts a rich work experience in journalism and law, given that he used to work for the Washington Star as a journalist.

Cassio Audi Makes Investing Seem Easy

Countless variables affect how investments will perform. Although the variables can be vastly different, many of the variables are tied to a few major aspects of investing. One of the primary areas is the investment type. Certain types of investments tend to perform better because of the nature of the investment. While there will always be exceptions and investments that out perform the investment type, investors, such as Cassio Audi, can at least predict the kind of performance they can expect for a particular investment based on the investment type.

There are numerous investment management companies that can provide good advice and recommendations regarding investments. These companies can be found in almost every area of the world. The investment companies have an understanding of the investment world as a whole and the specific area of the world where the companies are located. This knowledge is important because to understand the performance capabilities of an investment, the market where the investment performs is needed.

An investment in Brazil will perform different than an investment in another area. Investment companies have the expertise to uncover these differences. Also, investment companies can look at investments to determine what a particular investment may do in the markets based on the type of investment, how the investment has performed, and future trends that may occur.

Cassio Audi is a great evaluator of investments. Cassio Audi has a broad knowledge base related to the investment industry that gives a special perspective of how investments will perform. Knowing what the potential is regarding an investment before making the investment choice is crucial for any investment professional.

Cassio Audi is very good at breaking down all the factors involved in the success of an investment. As an investment manager, uncovering the best investments takes effort and talent. Cassio Audi always gives a tremendous effort and brings a lot of talent to any investment decision.

The Wessex Institute Has Some New Exciting Journals

In 1986, Professor Carlos Brebbia founded the Wessex Institute of Technology. This institute went on to becoming of the largest research institutions in the world. They host numerous amounts of brilliant scientific journals through their publishing platform, Wessex Institute of Technology Wikipedia. The journals are released yearly in both hardcopy and digital publications.The International Journal of Sustainable Development and Planning will be handy for any aspiring city planner. The topics covered in the book are primarily about planning urban environment to be sustainable and clean.

Within the International Journal of Design & Nature and Ecodynamics, there will be hot topics about the combination of nature preservation in relation to modern science. The goal is to reach sustainable scientific development while preserving biodiversity.The International Journal of Energy Production and Management will touch on renewable fuel sources and management of energy conservation. Topics will also discuss economic and societal advantages of increasing energy efficiency.Find them on Facebook: Click here.

The growing public transportation demand is covered within the International Journal of Transport Development and Integration. While the world’s population continues to grow, cities have become overburdened with cars and overcrowded public transport. City planners, public transportation authorities and private companies will need to rethink their strategies about how transportation is used.

Vincent Parascandola and the Rise of AXA Advisors

When you are talking about the global financial sector, New York City is bound to come up in that conversation. It is the top financial center of the world. It is therefore not surprising find all kinds of financial professionals, including financial advisors, concentrated here. Vincent Parascandola is one of such professionals who are based in New York and have a good reputation for their knowledge and experience in the financial services, and always stretching the limit to stay ahead.

Work Background

Vincent Parascandola has over 20 years of experience in the industry and is currently a senior VP with AXA Advisors; a leading company offering financial services and whose goal is to offer financial securities to their clients and their families. As a top financial advisor, Vincent “Vinnie” has not only helped many different clients, but has been the key person responsible for recruiting and developing financial professionals that has led to AXA being the top advisors that they are today.

His career in the financial industry started back then in the year 1987 when he was working as an agent at Prudential, where he was to later be named the National Rookie of the year. It was until 1990 where he joined MONY Life Insurance where he worked before joining AXA Advisors as the Advantage Group (AXA Equitable unit) chairperson in the year 2005. Before leaving the MONY Group and joining ASA, Mr. Parascandola had risen to the position of Field Vice President.

Educational Background

On the educational side, Vincent Parascandola is an alumnus of Pace University where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science. During his high school years, he was a student at Xaverian High School, a private catholic school in Brooklyn, New York.

AXA Advisors have for many years now been known as a leading group. This is mainly be attributed to their exemplary financial services, and people like Vincent Parascandola who have always worked to ensure they stay ahead of competition and that their clients can always rely on them to deliver.



Is Warren Buffet Always Right?

You can look at investment strategy all day long before you realize it is impossible for Warren Buffet to always be right. Consider what today’s investors in the 401(K) generation need to do to have enough wealth for their retirement. Someone needs to address this topic in a serious conversation. Millions of Boomers are retiring. How can the current strategy ensure successful results for younger Americans?

Warren Buffet has well-known expertise to speak about mutual funds and passive index funds. However, this approach may not be as strong today as it was for him. Take a look at what the Capital Group suggests for today’s young professionals. Perhaps this is what young professionals need today.

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The Capital Group has experience with 18 equity funds which represents 653 years of experience. No one can predict which funds will be the cream of the crop. But Tim Armour, CEO of The Capital Group, identifies two specific filters which help identify exceptional fund managers. Reviewing thousands of mutual funds for decades, it seems clear that looking for high manager ownership and low expenses will reveal who has been consistently higher overall. These are the fund managers he recommends.

Tim Armour became CEO of the Capital Group in July, 2015, after 32 years of experience with the Capital Group. Tim has a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College with an economics major. He became acquainted with Capital by participating in their Associates Program. Tim is a strong team leader at his Los Angeles base.

How Does The USHealth Group Offer Better Coverage For Businesses?

Business health insurance falls into the realm of group insurance, and there are quite a few people who will find it easy to start a line of coverage for their business. This article explains how someone may make changes to their coverage at any time, and they may contact USHealth Group for help starting a line of coverage that will serve their business alone. Every company must offer benefits, and there are partners who will create the required tools for each benefit.

#1: What Is Group Insurance?

Group insurance is a pooled account for a business where the business pays a part of the employee premium, and the insurance provider will manage all the accounts under one umbrella. Group insurance is an arrangement that provides a certain amount of coverage given what the business and USHealth Group have agreed to, and it is important that everyone who wishes to use the USHealth Group plans realizes they are getting a customized plan for them and their employees.Find them on their Linkedin account-

#2: Rolling Out Coverage Every Year

Plans are released every year to ensure that all clients may receive when they need. The clients who are enrolling will use the catalog that was created by USHealth Group before they were offered a plan. The coverage catalog will compare policies, and employees may choose any policy they want based on the parameters they believe are important.

#3: Customer Service Options For Customers

The business does not service their accounts. They pass on the employee to USHealth Group for help, and they will see the employee receive all the care they need when they call the company. The coverage that is provided comes from USHealth Group in the style they have agreed with the employer, and they will service the account accordingly. This is an important part of the process, and it ensures that all people who are receiving benefits may have their questions answered in a second.

#4: Lower Prices For Employees

Employees are paying less for their premiums every month in part because of a subsidy that is given by their employer. They are also allowed to sign up their whole families on the plans, and they are given bulk discounts when multiple people are added. The employee is given every savings, and they are allowed those savings in a way that keeps their coverage the same.The USHealth Group and their partners have created many group plans for employees, and they offer insurance that is helpful to everyone from he youngest to the oldes.t. They create many policies that may be used, and they will ensure there are a number of things that may be done to help the customer have a delightful insurance experience.

How is Kate Hudson’s Fashion Line Gaining a Foothold in this Competitive Market

Making a dent in the modern fashion world is in itself a daunting task, not to mention going toe to toe with the big e-commerce giants. But despite all odds, and with Amazon claiming a good 20% of the global e-commerce market, Fabletics has made considerable headway since it was established 3 years ago. With an innovative approach to the modern consumer, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line has reached a networth of ever $250 million.


How is Fabletics Making such impressive headway?



The only way to properly face the unpredictable trends of the modern fashion market is to keep a versatile and flexible approach. This is one reason the Fabletics is veering away from the notion that high-fashion must be of the highest quality and carry prohibitive prices.


The trends of the modern market have also departed from this trend in lieu of brands that are known for offering fascinating styles and place an emphasis on high-class customer support. These are the qualities that really matter when a fashion line is looking to gain traction with modern e-commerce fashionistas.


By taking these points into consideration, Fabletics has seen some unprecedented success. Following are some of the best practices Fabletics has adopted for reaching the modern consumer.


The “Reverse Showrooming” Methods



Showrooming has seen some poor results for many of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Many shoppers will browse through the showroom and find many items they just have to have. They can find these very items being sold at a reduced price from other manufacturers.


Fabletics has mitigated this harsh reality through an intuitive membership plan. Members can take advantage of significantly reduced for many of their products. This has the effect of encouraging member to buy the items they find in the Fabletics showroom.


Furthermore, those who love to view other items at other showrooms will find the products in the Fabletics showroom will come at a reduced price. This membership model is designed to build an enduring relationship with their clients that will eventually lead them to their physical locations where next-level customer service can do this work as well.


Membership is offered over a wide range of online and offline events and activities that are designed to attract those that would be most interested in this quality line of exercise and fitness attire. The result is that 30% of all the customers who enter the physical locations are already members. Of those that aren’t, 25% will be members by the time they leave.


In Conclusion — as a part of their goals to improve their client-provider relations, Fabletics is also dedicated to providing that next step in customer service that makes the consumer feel as if they have a partner in their goals and aspirations. This kind of connection is what builds a productive relationship for both sides. By placing an emphasis on providing the best customer service experience they also increase the possibility of return shoppers and shoppers that will arrive on the recommendations of their enthusiastic clientele.

Entrepreneur and Philanthropist- Bruce Levenson

Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC is the former ownership of NBA Franchise was recently involved in a case, where it accused New Hampshire Insurance Company of breach of contract. The breach of contract involved the settlement of claims which was made by Danny Ferry who was the former General Manager. Bruce Levenson is the former controlling partner, and he is also included in the case but does not involve the current Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC management.

The Lawsuit was filed on September 13th in the Superior Court of Fulton County. The insurance company which is also known as AIG was accused of bad insurance faith as well as civil action for breach of contract. According to Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment, it was covered under the policy of losses which was under the employee practices which included work offense and unlawful termination. The documents presented in the court showed that the sports company (AHBE) had given the insurance company (AIG) notice on 2nd April 2015, which claimed it was asserted by Ferry and was sure they were covered.

The two companies agreed on June 22nd, 2015 which brought their six years relationship an end. Two days after the companies ended the relationship, Ressler took over the ownership of Atlanta Hawks and Entertainment LLC. The current Hawks management said that they were aware of the case and the former administration does not have ties with the company. According to the court, AIG insurance is supposed to pay the Basketball organization for the breach of contract.

Bruce Levenson is an American entrepreneur, founder of UCG, the former owner of NBA team, and he is also the co-founder of Atlanta Hawks which was formally Atlanta Spirit. He was born and raised Washington to a Jewish family. After he had graduated from High School, he went to Washington University and later went to the Law School at American University. Bruce, he is not only a businessman, but he is much involved in the community work through his philanthropist activities, He has served as the President of I Have a Dream Foundation, an organization which has been assisting low-come children to pursue high education.



Regional Banks Playing Pivotal Role In The Economic Growth Of Texas

Nexbank is one of the most respected, credible and focused banking services providers in Texas. It is regarded as one of the most consistent banks in Texas since it started its operations in 1934 and has been growing substantially over the years. Recently, it rose close to $155 million through the initial public offerings, which the bank aims to use to pay off some of the debts and use the rest for its expansion in the new regions to broaden its client base.

One of the primary reasons why Nexbank has gained strength and popularity in the region is because of its personalized approach and customized banking services it provides. The first service the bank provides is categorized into commercial banking, institutional services, and mortgage banking.

In a recent announcement, the CEO and President of Nexbank, John Holt, said that the bank has successfully placed the unsecured notes. He even added during the briefing that the oversubscription that occurred during the process of unsecured notes placement signifies the trust of its investors on Nexbank. The bank offers a broad range of financial and banking products and services and continues to add new services to its portfolio to ensure that the customers always get what they are looking for at Nexbank.

Nexbank has its headquarters in Dallas and operates through its four branches. It has a total workforce of 89, and the bank continues to grow consistently, even while having the capitalized status. In Texas, it is the 14th largest bank, and nationally, it ranks at 234. The bank currently has assets over $4.6 Billion under management. As more and more investors are getting interested in the company’s profile, Nexbank is going to witness some significant developments shortly, especially with the funds raised through IPO going to boost its expansion process.