Robert Ivy Is Working To Help The World Of Architecture Progress

Robert Ivy is currently the CEO of the American Institue of Architects which is a large organization which has membership numbers exceeding 90,000 throughout 250 different chapters. He was announced as the new CEO in 2011 after a long, and noteworthy career. Currently, he works to bring awareness towards the importance of using skilled architects for various projects and highlights their value in society.

He began his journey in Architecture when he attended Tulane University for English where he received his Bachelor of Arts and graduated cum laude. He went on to become the Editor in Chief at the Architectural record which became one of the most popular of the time. This position opened the doors for various other publication related positions with other organizations and companies. From there, he went on to become the Editorial Director as well as the Vice President for McGraw-Hill Construction Media. That company was responsible for publishing several widely respected and popular publications. His work with these projects helped them grow and gain attention, as well as highlighting his capabilities and assets to the architectural and publications world.


Of particular interest, he was part of the panel that selected the architect, Frank Gehry, to create the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial design. For many years he also was principal at Dean/Dale and Dean & Ivy which was a publication critic. He served in that capacity from the beginning of his career until 1996.

Robert Ivy was also a key factor in the Architectural Record receiving a variety of industry awards. One of the most significant awards was the National Magazine Award which is a distinct honor for a similar publication to achieve. In addition, he was able to secure the McGraw-Hill award in 1998 for Management Excellence. He was named a Master Architect by the Alpha Rho Chi architectural fraternity which has only been bestowed on 7 individual within the last century. His exceptional career has lead to growth for the architectural market and has outlined the need for skilled architects within our society. He continues to add value, experience, and insight to all of the companies and organizations he works with today.

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