Luiz Carlos Trabuco & The Future Of Bradesco Bank

For over 25 years, Lazaro de Mello Brandao has served as Bradesco Bank’s chairmen. The 91-year-old is one of the oldest reigning bank chairmens in the world. As they say, all things must come to an end. Brandao will be stepping down from his position at Bradesco Bank. He is set to be replaced by the bank’s current chief executive officer, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. From now until March, Trabuco will hold both the chairmen and CEO positions. When the time arises, a new CEO will be elected and Trabuco can solely focus on his duties as chairmen.

There has been plenty of speculation in regards to who will take on the role of CEO with the bank. According to, Trabuco noted that a new CEO could be decided on sooner than March. Alexandre da Silva Glüher is the director of investor relations and he has an experience edge over many potential candidates. There’s also André Rodrigues Cano, who runs the Human Resources department. Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu is another candidate. He currently serves as the vice president of treasury and credit. Augusto Pancini ensures that the whole service network remains stable. He too has been named as a candidate for the CEO position.

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Mot only does Bradesco Bank need to decide on a new CEO, but the company must also appoint a new president of the bank. Trabuco made it clear that the next president will come from the board. He also said that the decision will be made after a thorough process has been completed. The board contains eight members and some of them are former bank executives. The bank has plans to increase the number of board members sometime down the road. Bradesco Bank has proposed an increase for the age limit of a CEO. The current limit is 65 and the bank hopes to bump that up to 67.

Trabuco has a list of credentials that back up his higher status with Bradesco Bank. He graduated from the School of Sociology and Politics Foundation in São Paulo. There, Trabuco earned a postgraduate degree in socio-psychology. In 1999, Trabuco was the investor relations officer for Banco Bradesco. He also maintained the executive vice president position. Trabuco’s role of chairman isn’t new to him. He held the position under Odontoprev SA. During his time with ArcelorMittal, he served as a member of the Board of Directors. As far as his experience with real estate and credit savings is concerned, Trabuco was on the committee of Brazilian Association.

With 48 years of experience, Trabuco continued to climb up the ladder in the work space. At a time, he was the president for the National Private Pension Association and the National Federation of Supplementary Health. His run as the president of companies don’t stop there. He also served as the president of CNF. Trabuco earned membership at the Superior Council. For a time, he was also the vice president of CNSeg. On top of that, Trabuco maintained membership at the Association of Geneva.

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A Surprising Donation From A Dallas Bank

In support of advancing social, leadership and positive economic change for women and girls living in the United States, NexBank SSB will now be a sponsor for the Dallas Women’s Foundation and their annual luncheon. NexBank is a regional bank with headquarters in Dallas, they gifted the foundation with a generous amount of $100,000 in hopes their efforts will help combat women inequality in the U.S. workforce.

The annual luncheon was held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, TX and had a special keynote address by Dr. Hope Jahren, a geochemist and Wilson Professor at the University of Oslo. Dr. Jahren has received a total of three Fulbright Awards for her scientific works. The keynote address was livestreamed to over 10,000 students from twenty different schools all across North Texas. There were 1,300 community, civic and business leaders that showed up at the foundation’s 32nd annual luncheon. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is the one of the world’s largest regional fund for women.

NexBank SSB was founded in 1922 and has a total of three offices located in Texas, their headquarters is in Dallas, TX. The company is currently led by President and CEO, John L. Holt Jr., he also serves as the company’s Chairman. They have three core businesses they serve their clients with: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional Services. Some of the offerings and services include personal checking and savings accounts, mortgages, mobile and online banking, treasury management, real estate loans and commercial lending services to name a few.

The financial services company has over 7.6 billion in assets as of September 30th, 2017. NexBank is now the 10th largest bank in the whole state of Texas and is Dallas’s 4th largest bank. Their team of professionals educate and provide their clients with outstanding solutions that are custom-tailored that meet their financial needs. NexBank’s main clients are institutional, financial institutions and small and large corporations across the United States. The company’s expert team partners with their clients to find the most flexible and dependable capital for their banking or mortgage needs even as they continue to evolve.

Highland Capital Management Recognized as the Best Performance for Second Time

Highland Capital Management started doing business on April 1, 1993, which turned out to be a lucky day, for branching into the credit market. With approximately $18 billion in assets, Highland Capital Management now ranks as one of the world’s largest credit management firms. The company has partnered with some of the brightest and the best investors within the industry.


Founding a credit management firm was a risky idea, for CEO James Donero and CFO Mark Okada, both founding partners of Highland Capital Management, but it has become a very lucrative investment. At a time when there weren’t many competitors in the credit market, the firm had a pathway, for structuring a unique position in order to gain leeway over the marketplace.


The industry has changed drastically since that time, with Highland Capital Management now competing against upwards of 400 other companies they have to contend with. In today’s large marketplace, Highland Capital Management competes against a $1.2 trillion credit market. The firm has taken the challenge to raise the bar, for its own success and accountability.


Highland Capital Management is one of the few credit and asset management firms that remain independent. As an independent firm, Highland Capital Management is able to build a culture of investors that aligns with the firm’s mission and sustaining growth in the market. The hallmark of the company’s mission is the operational strategy of investing as a core purpose, for building the enterprise.


The investment strategy of Highland Capital Management is to utilize a bottom-up analysis along with a disciplined approach of a risk assessment, portfolio monitoring, and rigorous credit research. Using that type of a strategy allowed the firm to trade over $17 billion of structured credit in the last decade, by specializing in collateral loan obligation management (CLO).


In May 2017, Highland Capital Management was recognized by the Creditflux Credit Symposium and Manager Awards, for achieving the best CLO fund. The award is given to firms that achieve the best vitality-adjusted weighted performance. This marks the second consecutive year, for Highland Capital Management receiving the award.

Change The Course Of Your Financial Outlook

A $75 million dollar acquisition in senior principle unsecured bonds has pioneered NexBank as banking professionals in the industry. A PRN Newswire report has documented their successful financial outlook with a Knoll rating of BBB over the past year. It will gain interest at a 5.50% rate for 5 years. They have built reliable subsidiary networks that continue to pioneer their growth. NexBank understood the need to build the financial trust of the public by providing high interest senior bonds. They meet the demands of strong and existing investors. You’re financial investment is in good hands withNexBank.

NexBank Increases Senior Unsecured Notes Offering to $75 Million

NexBank Services Include

– Free direct deposit
– Free checks
– Mortgage accounts
– IRA accounts
– 24 hour customer service

NexBank has lead the industry in banking professionals for over 10 years. Their Dallas, Texas branch has had a very successful audit for their fourth quarter. They’re offering their clients many new services that allow them to manage their money from a reliable app whenever they need to. Your money does more than just sit in the bank with NexBank because it grows significant interest over time. Customers can make a profit from choosing NexBank as their banking institution.

They offer their clients the option of buying a home with a secure mortgage account. They offer low interest rates and monthly payments that you can afford. NexBank makes your dreams of owning a new home affordable. You can learn more about their mortgage accounts through their online website. A friendly customer service professional is standing by to take your call and answer your questions about your new home.

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