White Shark Media An Adwords Juggernaut

White Shark Media or the Shark is a Small Business Adverting partner that has taken on and holds a premier spot as the AdWords experts. They aren’t just saying that as company hype, though, Google says that. Why is being an expert in the use of AdWords important?

It’s important because in the digital world knowing how to use AdWords is one of the top ways to get potential customers to find your businesses website and what you are selling. It works like this, if you put anything you are searching for in the Google search engine like say, “snow plows in Michigan”, results will be displayed on the search engine results page. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints: https://disqus.com/home/channel/whitesharkmediacomplaints/discussion/channel-whitesharkmediacomplaints/white_shark_media_complaints/

It’s an extremely effective way to get people to view and potentially buy what you are selling.
One of the Founders of The Shark is Andrew Lolk. It has been Andrew’s job from the beginning to develop the company’s brand, which is to be the go-to authority for using AdWords as a business tool. He is an Adwords expert who also writes a weekly column in White Shark Media Complaints team blog and has also written a widely heralded e-book titled The Proven Adwords Strategy.

One of the most creative and successful strategies he has implemented has been to actually listen to White Shark’s customers. And White Shark’s customers have been not only had good things to say but they have even had some complaints.

Unlike many other businesses, though, they have focused on both the compliments and the complaints to constructively move the company into the principal position it now holds in the AdWords niche.

Here are just a few of the comments White Shark has encountered and how they have dealt with them. One of these was a comment from a new customer that said they had lost touch with their AdWords Campaign. Upon analyzing this comment the solution became obvious. Read more: Typical Complaints From White Shark Media Clients and How We Have Improved Because of Them

White Shark recognized that their reporting methods were inadequate because the clients could not easily review the reports on their campaigns. To remedy this, White Shark now makes sure that each client is completely briefed on the ins and outs of their campaigns.

Another and similar complaint from one of their customers was that they didn’t feel that communication with White Shark Media was good enough. Now, fundamentally White Shark is a consulting company and how to use AdWords in a campaign is their primary product, so this observation by the client really got their attention.

They fixed this problem by implementing monthly client conferences with GOTOMeeting, an online conference tool that allows the client to see the AdWords account and their report paperwork in real time. If there are questions or concerns by the client during the conference they can be handled immediately.