Whitney Wolfe, Bumble CEO

Bumble is an innovative dating app. The key feature of this app is that in heterosexual pairings, women make the first move. This is a big difference from other platforms, where men typically reach out and make first contact.Bumble’s structure makes many women feel more comfortable and in control during the dating process. Common complaints from women on dating sites and apps is that men are disrespectful or send inappropriate pictures when first making contact. It can seem like men don’t read women’s profiles carefully before reaching out.

Women are often left feeling that they specify what they are looking for, and provide a lot of information about their careers and education, but often men approach based solely on appearance. This can be frustrating, as women hear from lots of men they have nothing in common with, and no interest in.In addressing these complaints, Bumble has changed the way dating works for women. By putting them in the driver’s seat, Bumble has helped women feel more safe and empowered online. Whitney Wolfe, CEO of Bumble, is herself a woman. Her role in co-creating Tinder and departure as the result of sexual harassment are both experiences that have informed the creation of Bumble.

As a woman entrepreneur in the tech space, Whitney Wolfe is something of a rarity. Her experience in overcoming a negative environment at Tinder has been an inspiration for many other women. In just three years, Bumble has become a highly successful dating app. It has over 3.5 million users, and more than 80 million matches have been made there.The app has formed a partnership with Spotify, and is still expanding. With Wolfe in the driver’s seat, Bumble has acquired Chappy, an LGBT dating app. A business networking extension is in the works, too. By listening to other women, and growing from her own experience with sexual harassment, Whitney Wolfe made a big difference in the tech world. It will be interesting to see what she gets up to next.

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  1. Jaylene Amari

    One can easily understand how frustrating women could be whenn hitted by people they do not have anything in common. Howbeit, a measure has been taken to give women more power over who they want to have a connection with. You could be our next client to leave a positive review at EssayPro review which is the very thing which is main thing. Bumble was birth to give women such powers. Actually, I believe with such an app, women would now select who ever matches their profile.

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