Waiakea Water is Eco Friendly and Tastes Great

For the past several years it has been all the rage to purchase bottled water. While it is true that many municipal water systems leave much to be desired, it stands to reason that bottled water may not always be what it says it is. If you check closely on some of the labels on bottled water you will find that it may be nothing more than municipal water poured into a plastic bottle.

Add to this the fact that plastic bottles can take over 1,000 years to degrade so we are faced with the disposal of millions of plastic bottles that don’t change into environmental friendly commodities ever, as far as we are concerned. Most people would be surprised at all of the plastic that sits at the bottom of the ocean, not to mention our rivers and streams. Visit BevNet to know more.

Welcome Waiakea Water to the world. The company was founded in 2012, but Waiakea water has been around for millions of years since the water is really volcanic water. The water is filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock that is porous that goes through the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii.

The name of the product is of course, Hawaiian. The name “Waiakea” means broad waters. That is a good name for a water company, to be sure, but it says a lot for the Waiakea product because the water is very pure as it comes directly from nature. Plus the fact that the plastic water bottle that Waiakea uses is the world’s first fully degradable bottle. Read more about Waiakea Water on 10bestwater.com.

So instead of taking 1,000 years to degrade back to nature, the Waiakea water bottles will degrade back to nature in just 15 years. Waiakea is a company that cares totally about the environment. All of the bottles are also 100 percent recyclable so if people turn their bottles back in, they will be recycled into new plastic bottles, degradable of course.

So look for the blue bottled Waiakea water and if your store does not carry Waiakea Water yet, tell them to get it and why. Where ever Waiakea Water has been introduced it has been a big hit. It is some of the freshest water in existence and you will enjoy it.


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