The Lime Crime Sparkles Like No Other


The Lime Crime brand started off as a one-man dream and turned into a big talk on the internet and many cosmetic journals. Over the years, the brand has launched many products and fought many battles and always appears on the lead. The company’s products are diverse ranging from lipsticks to eye shadows and glitters. However, the company is prominent due to its many shades of lipstick. The company generally serves the purpose of animating colors to express the real feelings of its customers. Whatever mood one is in can be expressed through the different shades, from the simple nude colors to the joyful bright colors such as the velvet rose. Some of its products for example, the blue unicorn lipstick have set major fashion trends emulated by other cosmetic brands.

Although the lipsticks of this company come at an extra cost as compared to other lip products out in the market, the extra cost is accompanied by a greater reward in terms of quality. The lipsticks feature a very high quality since they are water proof and already approved in terms of quality according to the Federal Food, Drugs and Cosmetic Act. The greatest strength of the companies lies not only in the product’s diversity but also in its marketing strategies. Lime Crime has not limited its market by targeting a specific group of consumers in terms of age or social class but has ensured that everyone can express themselves unapologetically through the use of their products. There is a product suitable for all groups of women.



Lime Crime is the vision of Xenia who later re-branded herself as Doe Deere and became the CEO of the company.  From the purchase and resale of clothes, she switched gradually into the production of cosmetics and finally actualized her long term dreams. As the CEO, Doe Deere is one who will take the company into greater heights than it has envisioned.  Check them out for yourself on UrbanOutfitters, or the popular Lime Crime page on

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