Sightsavers Mission of Undertaking a Million Cataract Operations in African and Asia

Africa and Asia have become a beneficiary of Sightsavers’ million miracles campaign that is spanning three years. Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister hailed the impact this campaign is going to have as Sightsavers go-ahead to undertake the million cataract operation.


The praise from UK Prime Minister came during a reception that was being held at Downing Street where Dr. Caroline Harper, the CEO of Sightsavers together with other international development organization leaders were congregating to celebrate the Match scheme by the International Development’s Aid.


The Aid Match is a program where the British public donates money towards specific causes, and the UK government matches each pound for pound. After the money is raised, it is given to several beneficiaries, and last year, Sightsavers became one of the beneficiary NGO’s to receive the fund.


Sightsavers achieved a milestone when it came to funding because it had envisioned a target in 2014 of raising money to cater for cataract operations that could affect a million people. The impact that Sightsavers was doing had the goal of saving and restoring sight. During Theresa May’s address, she stated how the Water Aid project that was going to improve the hygiene and sanitation in Sierra Leone and Mozambique, together with the millions of cataract operations that was being done by Sightsavers, were campaigns that were going to change lives.


Aid Match is a great program which raises money from different nations. For instance, last year, the Aid Match raised £66 million. Dr. Harper the CEO of Sightsavers was very pleased to hear the recognition that Sightsavers was having. Sightsavers was grateful to Aid Match because it was getting resources to challenge the leading cause of blindness in the world. Sightsavers had a target of raising enough funding to cater to a million cataract operations by last year. When Sightsavers hit the target, it was an accomplishment that could be seen a mile away.


Although Sightsavers have already hit their target, they don’t want to stay aloof of the fact that there are still millions of people who need cataract operations. Sightsavers is looking to double its ambition this year of reaching as many people as it can. Sightsavers know that there are approximately 20 million people who are suffering from blindness across the world, and the support they receive is going a long way to ensuring that cataract operations are getting to as many people as possible.

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