Richard Blair’s three pillar financial plan

When Richard Blair founded Wealth solutions in 1994, his main aim was to provide people with personalized financial solutions. Blair was born into a family of teachers and ended up marrying one. He saw and experienced first-hand how education helped people grow and improve their confidence. This is the same approach he uses when offering financial advice.

Richard Blair believes that for any venture to succeed, a plan is needed. He offers his clients financial education necessary to help them come up with working plans. He uses a three pillar method to come up with personalized plans for his clients.

The road map

In this first stage, Blair looks at the client’s financial situation. He then helps the client identify their goals, opportunities, risks and tolerance. During this stage, he offers them financial education that helps them analyse their situation. After doing the analysis, Blair comes up with a road map suitable for them to achieve their goals.

The investment strategy

After helping the client analyse their financial situation and come up with a plan, Blair helps them invest. He assesses the client’s liquidity needs and asset portfolio then helps them reallocate the assists. During this process, he offers them information that will help guide them to make the right investments. This helps cushion them in times of adversity.

Implementation and monitoring

Having developed a road map and investment plan suitable for the client’s situation, Blair works on the best way to implement the plans. This is where the education he invests in his clients pays off. Since the client is aware of the risks and benefit of each action, it takes little persuasion for them to implement the plan Blair came up with. He monitors the client’s performance by comparing his or her financial goals against the mile stones achieved.

What sets Richard Blair apart from his competitors is the interest he takes in each client’s financial situation. It enables him to come up with a plan that works for them. because of this, he has been able to help several clients achieve their financial goals.

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