Preston Smith Is Known Well Because Rocketship Education Does So Darn Well

Rocketship Education is one of the best charter schools around, with eighteen locations in four states .It was founded by Preston Smith, at the time having six years’ worth of experience, and John Danner in 2007. Its home in San Francisco sets its level of innovation greater than most other educational facilities.

RSED, as some call Rocketship Education for short, is regarded as a leader in keeping standardized test score performance higher than almost all other public schools and a majority of private schools in the areas immediately surrounding those with schools.

There have been more than twenty individual sites operating in the network’s ten-year history, founded in the warmer months of 2007, although a strong eighteen have survived through 2017.

John Danner quit working for Rocketship Education in 2013, when Preston Smith took over as president and lead executive. Mr. Smith has held the dual responsibilities for several years since his first years of being a CEO with any entity in his working life.

Parents are the biggest fans of their own children, even if they wouldn’t be supported by any other groups or persons. As such, they do very well in interviews when they need to screen out applicants that want to become teachers. This keeps the quality of education as high as possible at Rocketship Education, effectively gauging the potential one will have in the working world.

Teachers go to their students’ homes and get to know them and their families prior to assigning any personalized work. Rocketship Education has done so well with Preston Smith that they’ve both become known as popular within the world of education in the United States.

Rocketship’s students are known as Rocketeers because their test scores often outweigh that of competitors. Preston Smith’s group is known as one of the best because it is one of them. Smith is going to keep being the President of Rocketship Education to help it grow beyond its current 3,800-plus-student enrollment and is able to do so thanks to his sixteen years of experience at the popular chain of charter schools – free for students, too.

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