Genetic Biomarkers of Lung Cancer and the Importance of Eric Lefkofskys Tempus

It is a known fact that both genetic and environmental risk factors cause lung cancer, and smoking considered as a prime environmental factor for the disease. A recent study conducted by Dartmouth research team displayed that gene-smoking interactions of people are a serious risk factor for developing the lung cancer. The study showed that three novel single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) or its variations in the human DNA define the lung cancer risks. The team revealed that it used phenotype and genotype data to arrive the conclusions of the study.

They expressed the feeling that Genome-wide interaction scanning is a significant challenge as most of the genome-wide association studies are working around effect association analysis and not looking for interaction analysis. Yafang Li, Ph.D., the team leader of the research team, confirmed that they could only conduct research in a limited Caucasian population due to the limited genotype data available for them. He hopes that in future, the team would get more genotype data that can help them for several ground-breaking observations related to gene-smoking interaction when it comes to lung cancer disease.

This is where the mission of Tempus, a technology firm co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, exactly fits into the growing treatment and research needs. The company works on individualized treatment plans to fight better against cancer. It adds efficiency to the treatment regime using genomic data. The firm started working towards making largest clinical and molecular data library in the world to help the researchers and physicians to counter cancer effectively.

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur based in Chicago and known for multiple ventures during his more than two decades of entrepreneurial career. He co-founded Mediaocean, Lightbank, Uptake, InnerWorkings, Groupon, and Echo Global Logistics during the period. Lefkofsky started his entrepreneurial journey from his college days when he started selling carpet.

He is also highly involved in many philanthropic activities and a number of community support initiatives. Lefkofsky serves on the boards of The Museum of Science and Industry, Children’s Memorial Hospital – Chicago, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Additionally, he collaborated with the efforts of bringing the Summer Olympics 2016 to Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky is also interested in sharing his management lessons and ideas to students of business schools in Chicago. He lectured about disruptive business models at Kellogg School of Management and Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, previously. In 2013, he became part of The Giving Pledge – a noble initiative where its members contribute at least 50% of their lifetime wealth to philanthropy.

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How Multi-variate Testing Helps To Power The Ad Industry

Multi-variate testing makes things much simpler for people in the advertising industry to be able to target their ads to prospective customers better. That happens to be the biggest promise of AI, which is being able to target ads appropriately. Targeting appropriately with AI helps to eliminate or reduce the impact of mistakes, which can be very costly to the advertiser when considering how a campaign should be targeted.

Multi-variate testing is designed to identify the combination of factors which lead to a better ad performance overall. Because ads/websites are combinations of different elements, multi-variate tests are designed to modify or alter the ad or website in order to test new variations for better performance.

This is different from the traditional A/B split testing which only alters one variable to track for better performance. Nearly every variable can be altered in a multi-variate test to determine which combination of variables produces the best result. The challenge with a multi-variate test is that these types of tests require for the site to be receiving a large amount of traffic. The traditional A/B test works better for a site which receives less traffic.

This type of testing is a very powerful method of being able to gather information on website visitors. The reason is that it provides a lot of insight into how customers normally behave. Doubt, as well as uncertainty, are removed from the picture when testing occurs on a continual basis to produce more conversions.

A report from the consulting firm Accenture says that 50% of customers want to see ads that are tailored to their desires. The common mistake that is made is for ads to not be targeted properly, so a comprehensive approach would be to work with a proven method for correcting these issues!


Preston Smith Is Known Well Because Rocketship Education Does So Darn Well

Rocketship Education is one of the best charter schools around, with eighteen locations in four states .It was founded by Preston Smith, at the time having six years’ worth of experience, and John Danner in 2007. Its home in San Francisco sets its level of innovation greater than most other educational facilities.

RSED, as some call Rocketship Education for short, is regarded as a leader in keeping standardized test score performance higher than almost all other public schools and a majority of private schools in the areas immediately surrounding those with schools.

There have been more than twenty individual sites operating in the network’s ten-year history, founded in the warmer months of 2007, although a strong eighteen have survived through 2017.

John Danner quit working for Rocketship Education in 2013, when Preston Smith took over as president and lead executive. Mr. Smith has held the dual responsibilities for several years since his first years of being a CEO with any entity in his working life.

Parents are the biggest fans of their own children, even if they wouldn’t be supported by any other groups or persons. As such, they do very well in interviews when they need to screen out applicants that want to become teachers. This keeps the quality of education as high as possible at Rocketship Education, effectively gauging the potential one will have in the working world.

Teachers go to their students’ homes and get to know them and their families prior to assigning any personalized work. Rocketship Education has done so well with Preston Smith that they’ve both become known as popular within the world of education in the United States.

Rocketship’s students are known as Rocketeers because their test scores often outweigh that of competitors. Preston Smith’s group is known as one of the best because it is one of them. Smith is going to keep being the President of Rocketship Education to help it grow beyond its current 3,800-plus-student enrollment and is able to do so thanks to his sixteen years of experience at the popular chain of charter schools – free for students, too.

Vincent Parascandola Exercises Quality Leadership at AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is a Pace University educated scholar. He holds a degree in computer science from the university’s Lubin School of Business. His career began to take the course when he ventured into the insurance industry. Irving Trust Company was the first to hire him as their system analyst. Thereafter, he joined Prudential Insurance as the lead insurance agent of the company.

While at the company, he gained honed skills that enabled him to offer credible services at MONY Life Insurance Company where he got a promotion to head various departments for the company. After many years of offering quality and expertise services to the company, he got a lucrative opportunity to work for AXA Advisors. The company hasn’t released him from his duties since 2004 when he joined the insurance firm.

Currently, he is the deputy executive officer at the New York’s best Financial Advisory Company, AXA Advisors. He works towards recruiting and mentoring the company’s employees towards providing quality and reliable financial advice to their clients. Apart from mentorship, he also monitors the managerial departments and their involvement in ensuring that the firm achieves its goals.

Vincent Parascandola has exercised top-notch leadership qualities that have earned him various accolades from the company. Some of these awards include Career Development Awards and many others. Not only did his contribution to the growth and development of the company earn him awards but also promotions to higher positions of leadership. Majorly, he was made the Chief Executive Officer of AXA Equitable’s The Advantage Group. Check out Pocomuseum to see more.

Mr. Vincent’s influence as a leader of this popular department made him earn more promotions alongside more clients to the company. He has chaired many forums for the company’s events and during meetings with investors. His excellent leadership skills made the company to trust him with their many branches within the North Eastern parts of California. In addition, he also manages all the other branches that the company put up in Africa, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world’s continents.

Needless to say, his stay at the company has been felt across all departments and branches. This has consequently increased the profits that company makes from the sales of their services. You can visit his Facebook page.

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Eric Pulier, Jack Of Many Trades

Eric Pulier is famous for his numerous technology based start-up business and his countless phpilantrhoplogic contributions. His success is the result of years of persistence, determination, and hard work. Furthermore, Mr. Pulier has a keen eye for analyzing and determining which industries are destined to boom.

Like many of us, Mr. Pulier’s success began with his humble beginnings. Born and raised in New Jersey, he completed high school in 1984. Not long after his high school graduation, Eric Pulier began his higher education at Harvard. It was during his time at Harvard that Pulier discovered his innate ability to eloquently express his ideas. He further developed this skill while writing for the school’s daily newsletter.

After his graduation form Harvard, Mr. Pulier set out to Los Angeles, California to begin achieving his dreams. As with many entrepreneurs, Pulier struggled during his attempts to found and nature a start-up business. However, it is clear that without these struggles and several failures important lessons would not have been learned. Eric Pulier has stated that those difficult periods during his career have been vital to his success.

Read more: Eric Pulier Shares 12 Travel Tips for Your Business Trip

In addition to being a remarkably successful technological entrepreneur, Mr. Pulier has donated his time and money to numerous charities. One such organization is the Purple Turtle. The charity is focused on helping young children with chronic illness to experience the magic of summer camp. Pulier also supports Starbright World. Similar to Purple Turtle, Starbright World is a non-profit organization that focuses on children with specialized medical needs. However, contrary to Purple Turtle, Starbright focuses on providing these children with a social media platform that allows them to connect with other children in similar situations.

Despite his busy schedule between start-up businesses and numerous philanthropy efforts, Eric Pulier makes it a priority to spend time with his four children. To better balance the time spent between work and family, Mr. Pulier has comprised a strict schedule for himself.

In conclusion, Eric Pulier’s success has been the result of many years of hard work, determination, and persistence through difficult times. He is perhaps the great technological entrepreneur.

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An insight into the Cancer Treatment Center of America.

Often referred by its acronym CTCA the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has its headquarters in Boca Raton in the United States of America. The Cancer Treatment Center of America is made up of five major hospitals found across America, and all of them specialize in providing cancer treatment and care to adult cancer patients.
In its provision of cancer treatment and regiments to its patients, Cancer Treatment Centers of America are famously known for their integrative approach when it comes to fighting cancer. The primary objective when it comes to battling cancer from these five hospitals has always been the collective use of resources with the sharing of advancements developed to treat cancer. In addition to this, their other objective has also always been the combined use the improvements made when it comes to genomic testing with the precise treatment of cancer which may include chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and surgery.
Their treatment program also entails the use of therapies that have been proven safe and fully supported by successful trials with the least side effects to patients physically or emotionally. Patients undergoing such treatments are taken care of ensuring that they have a quality life after or in the course of therapy due to any small side effects that might arise.

In its provision of this very vital treatment to cancer patients, CTCA also provides these services to many other cancer patients from the rest of the world with the aim of one day eradicating the disease. The five hospitals that make up the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are in Chicago, Tulsa, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Philadelphia.
As a result of their strict adherence to high standards of treatment, the five hospitals are regarded as some of the best when it comes to treating patients with cancer. The hospitals are also under the management of qualified doctors.An insight into the Cancer Treatment Center of America.

Frontera Fund – Rising to Right all Wrongs

Lacey and Larkin Frontera und had a stat from lack of justice and oppression. What it has become, however, is an organization that provides support for all of those Arizonian groups that share a common goal- to take care of minorities and represent those who cannot find representation elsewhere.

The Frontera Fund was established by two journalists who have been working together as colleagues and friends for many years.

The organization is called after Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin, Phoenix-based journalists who have been writing about corruption and injustice, and advocating for the rights of immigrants, refugees, and minorities in the state of Arizona,

The turning point in the career of Lacey and Larkin was back in 2007 when they were arrested in the middle of the night and dragged right out of their homes only to be taken into unlicensed cars and put in prison with no explanation or layer. The order was given by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, now former Sheriff of the Maricopa County.

He has been targeting Latinos and Hispanos not only on the road as drivers but anyone who would come in contact with him. It was revealed that he also issued orders o his deputies to act in the same unconstitutional way. Read more: Jim Larkin |

Not only that, but Joe Arpaio also targeted journalists and any publication about him that made know what he has been up to.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio had sent Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin an e-mail with some alarming demands after they wrote about him. He demanded that Lacey and Larkin provide him with information about the readers of the online news outlet New Phoenix Times.

That was alarming because, first, Arpaio had no right to demand such information without a court order, and second, it appeared he was going to target the readers of the publication along with the journalists behind it. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

What Lacey and Larkin did next put an end to the unconstitutional behavior of former Sheriff Joe Arapaio. Instead of doing his bidding, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin followed up by publishing an expose about Arpaio and his demands. Soon after, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin found themselves in separate prisons with Arapio himself in charge of both. That led to a huge wave of anger from the Phoenix community and beyond and so the two journalists were released a few hours later.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin filed a case again the Sheriff and the whole Maricopa County. The battle was arduous at times, and it dragged on for years. In the end, however, Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost his job, and he was going to suffer the consequences of his actions had it not been for his saving grace, Donal Trump.

Although both Trump and Arpaio denied it, there were pictures of them shaking hands from years ago. Trump pardoned Arpaio with the power of his presidency, and so the man is free and enjoying his generous pension instead of being in prison.

Lacey and Larkin created the Frontera Fund from the 3.7 million dollars they received from the settlement, trying to right the wrongs that Arapio had been doing for years.

A Look At Nonprofit Group, Avaaz And Its Operations

Avaaz is a non-profit social justice group that was created in 2005. Its name means voice in many different languages. This is an appropriate title for an organization whose primary goal is to give voice to many social justice issues and struggles ongoing in the world today and more information click here.

Some of the issues that Avaaz fights for includes climate change, human rights, poverty, corruption and wartime conflicts. Today, the Avaaz organization is proudly supporting the plight of the Rohingya people. This ethnic and religious is minority being massacred in Burma for their religious beliefs and background. Avaaz is also trying to bring worldwide attention to the Rohigya’s dire situation right now. They are not only being attacked but driven out of their communities. Many are now displaced and refugees.

Avaaz is also currently fighting to bring attention to the rise of populism and nationalism in Europe. Germany’s latest national election has seen the far right AFD win a sizeable percent of the vote. This has sparked concerns across the country. Avaaz is working with its supporters in Germany and across Europe to bring attention to the rise of the far right and its possible Nazi affiliation.

One of the ways that Avaaz is unique from other non-profit organizations is that it is truly a grassroots focused organization. There is no outside funding of Avaaz. What this means is that there are no corporate or government sponsors or funders. This allows Avaaz to be uncorrupted and not swayed in its resolve to fight corruption and human rights across the globe and learn more about Avaaz.

Avaaz’ campaigns are also closely coordinated both online and in person. It is this unique approach that has allowed Avaaz to successfully root out corruption in Brazilian politics and bring social justice to many other places. The campaigns of of Avaaz are also started by its own members. Employees at the organization do no push their own agenda but work on issues that the majority of the Avaaz community gets behind and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

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Robert Ivy Is Working To Help The World Of Architecture Progress

Robert Ivy is currently the CEO of the American Institue of Architects which is a large organization which has membership numbers exceeding 90,000 throughout 250 different chapters. He was announced as the new CEO in 2011 after a long, and noteworthy career. Currently, he works to bring awareness towards the importance of using skilled architects for various projects and highlights their value in society.

He began his journey in Architecture when he attended Tulane University for English where he received his Bachelor of Arts and graduated cum laude. He went on to become the Editor in Chief at the Architectural record which became one of the most popular of the time. This position opened the doors for various other publication related positions with other organizations and companies. From there, he went on to become the Editorial Director as well as the Vice President for McGraw-Hill Construction Media. That company was responsible for publishing several widely respected and popular publications. His work with these projects helped them grow and gain attention, as well as highlighting his capabilities and assets to the architectural and publications world.


Of particular interest, he was part of the panel that selected the architect, Frank Gehry, to create the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial design. For many years he also was principal at Dean/Dale and Dean & Ivy which was a publication critic. He served in that capacity from the beginning of his career until 1996.

Robert Ivy was also a key factor in the Architectural Record receiving a variety of industry awards. One of the most significant awards was the National Magazine Award which is a distinct honor for a similar publication to achieve. In addition, he was able to secure the McGraw-Hill award in 1998 for Management Excellence. He was named a Master Architect by the Alpha Rho Chi architectural fraternity which has only been bestowed on 7 individual within the last century. His exceptional career has lead to growth for the architectural market and has outlined the need for skilled architects within our society. He continues to add value, experience, and insight to all of the companies and organizations he works with today.

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The Brown Modeling Agency Is Providing Top Talent All Over The World



The Brown Agency has become one of the most famous names in modeling over the last several decades. They are responsible for providing some of the hottest and most sought-after talents in the world. Their models have worked for thousands of brands ranging from cars to appliances and, of course, the fashion industry. Some of the most famous face in fashion have worked with, or still work with, The Brown Agency.


The Brown Agency is able to provide modeling talent all over the world. They have offices in New York, and most recently, they have opened a location in the budding area of Austin, Texas. The move to open the most recent location stems from the exciting music scene, which everyone knows, goes hand in hand with the fashion scene. The fashions in the Austin area are fresh and new, which is exactly what attracts top quality models and those hoping to get a foothold in the fashion world. The talent scouts who work for The Brown Agency love the ability to find so many great new talents in the area. Faces from The Brown Agency walk the runways in some of the most famous fashion events in the world such as New York Fashion Week and Austin Fashion Week. Top designers demand talent from top agencies and The Brown Agency is usually one of the top picks for talent.


According to Market Wired, not only does The Brown Agency work with fashion models, they also are signing acting talent and up and coming solo artists and bands. Individuals who sign with The Brown Agency are more likely to see desirable work and create more of a demand for their special talents. It is a way to further their career and get in front audiences all over the world. The Brown Agency in Austin has auditions weekly for potential talent. If you are unable to attend one of their casting calls, you can submit your professional portfolio and information online through their submission portal.


Anyone able to sign with The Brown Agency is open to a wide variety of opportunities including the honor of working with one of the most respected and well-received talent agencies in the world.