Omar Yunes Drives Sushi Itto To Success

Omar Yunes was able to gain international once he became the franchisee of Sushi Itto. This is a well-known network of a food service based out of Japan. Under his leadership, a subsidiary of the company has won Best Franchisee of the World (BFW) award for 2015. This subsidiary is based in the Mexico City. The award was presented in a ceremony that was held in Florence, Italy. This award honors bands that excel in the field of franchising.


Sushi Itto has offices in many places in addition to Mexico City. This includes Veracruz as well as Puebla. In total, these are 13 franchise units.


During the BFW award ceremony, Omar Yunes dedicated this award to his team that is highly professional as well as committed too. It includes 400 employees who have helped this food service brand in developing highly innovative products.


There were representatives from 34 nations in the BFW award ceremony. This included countries like Mexico, Portugal, besides France. Other countries being represented were Brazil along with Hungary. This award was given to the franchise depending on its contribution to the brand in terms of knowledge and influence. Next, even the motivation of employees played a role here.


The reason why Omar Yunes managed to reach the first place in the qualifier category was that he had helped Sushi Itto in implementing the control boards. This has led to much better strategies being developed for information management.


The second place went to Iván Tamer from Prendamex. The CEO of Sushi is Benjamin Cancelmo. He said that these awards reflection the commitment of the company to providing exemplary customer service. The panel of judges for BFW’s Mexican included representatives of Entrepreneur, besides the Mexican Association of Franchises, along with the Universidad Anáhuac.


Omar Yunes is a franchise of Sushi Itto. He is also an investor. He has received several awards in the BFW competitions. He is managing his 13 franchises that are based in Mexico City, and Veracruz, besides Puebla.


He is an aggressive marketer for his products. His brand has managed to create over 400 employment opportunities.

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