Norka Luque Continues to Find Success in Her Musical Career

Venezuela may not be the first country one thinks of when listing global singing sensations, but the name Norka Luque remains linked to her home country as the “Believe” singer sets out to continue the success she has already found with releases in the U.S. and across Latin America. Working with a number of esteemed Latin musicians has allowed Norka the chance to establish herself as both a critical and commercial success; of course, the guidance Norka has found from respected producer Emilio Estefan Jr. has aided her development as an artist who has found continued success since her first release in 2011.

Norka Luque rose to stardom quickly with her first forays into professional musical releases being met with a nomination for the Best Female Artist at the Venezuelan Music Awards. Despite seeming to be an overnight success the career of Norka Luque has not included instant success; in fact, Norka set out to find success in Europe straight out of her Venezuelan high school when she moved to France with the aim of trying to meet as many figures from the music industry as possible.

Her time in France was not spent simply looking for musical success, instead Norka looked to prepare herself for life if her first choice of a musical career did not work out. Fortunately, Norka did find success soon after being discovered by Emilio Estefn Jr. in 2009, but Norka had already completed degrees in fashion, marketing, and culinary arts that have all been passions of Luque for a number of years.

For the majority of fans Norka Luque is best known for the release of “Milagro”, a song that would initially find success in Venezuela and across Latin America. The faith Emilio Estefan Jr. has in Norka was shown in his willingness to invest in a series of remixes Norka hoped would allow the song to cross over to a more global audience. The decision was shown to be a success in the U.S. where the remixed song rose up the Billboard charts and allowed Norka to become a global star.

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    Norka studied as she also looked to find success with a band touring across Europe before she was finally discovered and became a successful solo artist. That could also have a lot of impact on the way things are handled by and also the way they see it fit even if they do have all they can in the effect.

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