Jorge Moll – Tech Advancements in Medicine and Institute Studies

Mr. Jorge Neval Moll Neto is the current owner of the D Or Hospital Network, which better known as the Hospital Group. The Brazilian network is the largest one comprising a private group of hospitals in Brazil.

The D Or Hospital Network also includes the D Or institute of Research and Education or IDOR for short. Mr. Jorge Neval Moll Neto, the President of Idor, has been working alongside other experts in order to find if there is a connection between happiness and volunteer work. As it turns out, the relationship between the two is a rather strong and straightforward one. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

The project was taken on by a group of neuroscientists who worked on the study for almost a year. They conducted several studies and discovered that 28 percent of the Brazilian population performs volunteer work of some kind. Further studies show that the other 72 percent of the people who had never done volunteer work are commonly people who are either too young, have received low schooling, or have very little resources.

The research of relation between happiness and doing volunteer work has shown a clear link between the action the part of the brain that creates a sense of pleasure, satisfaction, and a sense of belonging. Read more about Jorge Moll at

There have been other studies over the years that have also shown similar results. One of those studies linked doing volunteer work with business success. People who put in the time and effort to help and take care of others are far more likely to succeed in their business endeavors through honesty and hard work.

The D Or Institute for Research and Education has also been working on projects for tech advancement to us in medicine. Mr. Jorge Moll is deeply invested in the concept of medicine through technology as he believes that doctors can use them to be more efficient while they pat more attention to the patient. The personal interaction between patient and doctor is very important. Software and the advancements have a strong potential for providing better and more accurate health care to patients and to make people focus on health more.


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