How is Kate Hudson’s Fashion Line Gaining a Foothold in this Competitive Market

Making a dent in the modern fashion world is in itself a daunting task, not to mention going toe to toe with the big e-commerce giants. But despite all odds, and with Amazon claiming a good 20% of the global e-commerce market, Fabletics has made considerable headway since it was established 3 years ago. With an innovative approach to the modern consumer, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics line has reached a networth of ever $250 million.


How is Fabletics Making such impressive headway?



The only way to properly face the unpredictable trends of the modern fashion market is to keep a versatile and flexible approach. This is one reason the Fabletics is veering away from the notion that high-fashion must be of the highest quality and carry prohibitive prices.


The trends of the modern market have also departed from this trend in lieu of brands that are known for offering fascinating styles and place an emphasis on high-class customer support. These are the qualities that really matter when a fashion line is looking to gain traction with modern e-commerce fashionistas.


By taking these points into consideration, Fabletics has seen some unprecedented success. Following are some of the best practices Fabletics has adopted for reaching the modern consumer.


The “Reverse Showrooming” Methods



Showrooming has seen some poor results for many of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Many shoppers will browse through the showroom and find many items they just have to have. They can find these very items being sold at a reduced price from other manufacturers.


Fabletics has mitigated this harsh reality through an intuitive membership plan. Members can take advantage of significantly reduced for many of their products. This has the effect of encouraging member to buy the items they find in the Fabletics showroom.


Furthermore, those who love to view other items at other showrooms will find the products in the Fabletics showroom will come at a reduced price. This membership model is designed to build an enduring relationship with their clients that will eventually lead them to their physical locations where next-level customer service can do this work as well.


Membership is offered over a wide range of online and offline events and activities that are designed to attract those that would be most interested in this quality line of exercise and fitness attire. The result is that 30% of all the customers who enter the physical locations are already members. Of those that aren’t, 25% will be members by the time they leave.


In Conclusion — as a part of their goals to improve their client-provider relations, Fabletics is also dedicated to providing that next step in customer service that makes the consumer feel as if they have a partner in their goals and aspirations. This kind of connection is what builds a productive relationship for both sides. By placing an emphasis on providing the best customer service experience they also increase the possibility of return shoppers and shoppers that will arrive on the recommendations of their enthusiastic clientele.

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