Glen Wakeman Great Contributions

LaunchPad Holdings CEO Glen Wakeman has definitely made his mark in the business world. Glen Wakeman is a successful global business executive, investor, mentor, writer and entrepreneur. Wakeman graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scanton. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Premier Gazette. He then earned his Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Chicago. Wakeman has lived and worked in 6 countries, and has been the dependent for approximately 30 business corporations. A huge benefit Wakeman uses to his advantage to elevate his businesses is organizing each into four themes:

  • Growth: What do you do to make your company bigger?
  • Execution: How do you get the business to perform better?
  • Controls: How do you get it the correct oversight?
  • Leadership: In what ways are you implementing being a better leader/creator? This is the key component.

Wakeman has and still creates many blogs for young aspiring business owners to gain knowledge in preparation for executing their first business plan. These blogs are all free and open to the public. Even if you are already a business owner and you just need advice, he provides insight on how to take the business to the next level. Read more about Glen Wakeman at

Wakeman has recently put a lot of pressure on business owners to donate to the victims in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has faced terrible losses from the recent hurricane this year. Over 1 million people lost their electricity as a result from the fatal disaster. Glen Wakeman recently donated $1,000 to the American Red Cross, and is encouraging his clients of the importance of assisting. The American Red Cross has also placed high importance on the aid of Puerto Rico’s communications infrastructure. The organization has shipped many different forms of technology to the island during this crucial time.



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