Eric Pulier’s Plan For The Future

The Boy Wonder Delivers

The most amazing thing about Eric Pulier is how early he managed to get himself into the world of software development. He created his first programs at the age of 9 and continued to hone his skills over time. By high school he was capable of creating his own company and managed to make his company one of the greatest out there. After he finished high school he went to Harvard University where he made himself one of the most elite software developers out there.



How He Gave Back To Others

Eric Pulier used his talent for software t make the world around him a better place. Whenever he saw a problem he was able to solve he did everything he could to solve it. A great example of this was the Starbright Foundation. The Starbright Foundation devoted itself to giving kids a chance to connect to others suffering from chronic illness through a private social network known as the Starbright World. This social network has been active since the 90s and it continues to give inspiration to youth around the world in more than 70 hospitals.



What He Did For America

The charity has even given Pulier a chance to work for some of the most prominent political figures around. Pulier has frequently worked for Bill Clinton and he is a big part of the Clinton Global Initiative. Thanks to his work we have so many examples of good ideas being implemented thanks to excellent software development. Today, there simply aren’t many examples of what he does. He is truly a unique force in our world.



About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is one of the most successful software developers around. He has made a name for himself and given countless people around the planet a chance to make their lives better. He has made hundreds of millions through his software development and he continues to work on some of the most important ideas around in the software world. Thanks to him we know more about the world of software than ever before. See More Info.


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