Dr. Clay B. Siegall is Trailblazer in fighting Cancer

Dr. Clay Siegell is the co-founder, Chief Executive Officer and President of Seattle Genetics. He is also a director of the board of trustees Mirna Therapeutics a mainstream biotechnology firm which only deals with the sales and production of miRNA. Dr. Clay Siegell has numerous accomplishment and titles. He has adorned the oncology industry as a whole, and with a vision of making it possible at the end of the tunnel, he is focused and ambitious in his dreams. Dr. Clay secured a total of 675 million dollars in master fundraising in a public and private funding. Siegell’s work continues to enrich lives and the well-being of patients’ country-wide as a whole.


Most importantly is to understand the meaning of microRNA. MicroRNA regulates the global gene expression, and it’s typically found deep in the human genome. It has a possible aspect of affecting thousands of different genes because it acts as the main switch. Also, it seems to coordinate several cellular mechanisms and paths and proficiently control them. The significant part of it is that it helps to enhance immunity, appropriate embryonic development, encourages cell propagation and growth and soothing inflammation. Enough research has been done, and it has been found that replacement of the infected miRNA in the cells of tumors creates a therapeutic and positive response in the patients.


Mirna Therapeutics is a firm that was officially launched in Austin, Texas in the year 2007. The firm is Biotechnology Company that utilizes its scientists to come up with the practical significance of miRNAs which could have the best and powerful impacts in several conditions, cancer being the priority. In some animal experiments that were carried out by the firm and miRNAs have proven to be helpful in destroying and suppressing the cancer growth.


Dr. Clay Siegell is a trailblazer in genome, pharmaceuticals and oncology industry. Also, he is an award-winning oncologist.


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