Demi Lovato Finally Joins The Fabletics Brand

Fabletics is a wonderful brand known for their great activewear that helps provide affordable clothing at half the cost. With a subscription based membership, members feel like they are a part of a great community that can open doors for those looking for consistent recommendations and suggestions. Kate Hudson has been the brand headliner for the company, and she has focused a lot of her time on building the brand from the ground up as efficiently as possible. Fabletics is such a great brand that provides amazing clothing at wonderful prices, and Fabletics has done very great with the help of somebody like Kate Hudson to help expand the grand from the ground up.


Demi Lovato is the newest person to join the company, and she is beyond excited for what the company has planned for the brand. They are going to try and see how they can improve what they have to offer and bring new styles to the forefront of the brand. It was just very recently where Demi Lovato joined the company and teamed up with Kate Hudson. She is joining the brand to specifically focus on supporting the United Nation’s Initiative, Girl Up. It’s the newest way to help spread the word about supporting women and providing them with a legitimate solution for empowerment in women. The proceeds benefit SchoolCycle, and they work in partnership with UNFPA to give girls everything from bicycles to spare parts to help with getting transportation to school.


Hudson had talked about it in a recent interview how excited she was about the whole thing to have someone like Demi join the team! As a person who has accomplished so much, Hudson loved everything that Demi has always stood for in terms of work, confidence, and everything she has to offer. Hudson always wanted to work with Demi because of what she had to offer, and this is the perfect way for them to create something worthwhile together and build a part of Fabletics that can change the industry.


The specific collection that is being worked in for Demi is going to focus primarily on the wide range of tops and leggings, alongside a unqiue set of full performance jackets, leggings, bras, and everything in between to get you being active and doing what you need to do. It will hit the stores online around August and even in the stores nationwide. Demi and everybody is so excited because of what they have to offer. The brand is going to give people something they have never seen before. The collection is very different than what you would expect from the company.


In the end, Fabletics wants to overcome Amazon in their own little way online. They definitely have all the right tools to help provide women with an exciting and affordable online affordable option to get what you need. With their ongoing list of options, women take a quiz and get quality recommendations that suit their needs. Join fabletics and be a part of everything that Demi and Kate stand for in encouraging women.

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