IAP Worldwide Has a Well-Rounded Staff

IAP Worldwide Services, Inc. is a widely recognized company that specializes in everything from facilities management to detailed logistics. The staff members who work for IAP Worldwide Services have significant knowledge regarding topics such as government services, power, expeditionary infrastructure, information technology, aviation, communications and engineering. IAP Worldwide Services has been providing clients with these kinds of services for many decades. The company has been around since 1953.

IAP Worldwide Services is a company that has a staff of thousands of committed, focused and trained professionals. Douglas Kitani serves as the firm’s dedicated Chief Executive Officer. Terry DeRosa is its Executive Vice President. Some of the firm’s numerous other leaders are Michael Bozeman, Robert Hargis, Rick Nohmer, Dale Thornton, Rochelle Cooper, Pascal Budge, Peter Gleave and Barbara Jerich. These professionals all have executive positions with the company. Members of the company’s board of directors include Admiral William Flanagan, Edward Bayone, Peter R. Frank, Christopher W. Parker, Dr. John Hillen and Dean Popps.

People can find IAP Worldwide Services’ main location in Cape Canaveral, Florida. The firm has a handful of other corporate offices as well. These are in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Alexandria, Virginia, Dorset, England, Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland and Panama City, Florida. Panama City is roughly six and a half hours away from Cape Canaveral by car. IAP Worldwide Services’ two regional offices overseas are in Kuwait City, Kuwait and Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

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IAP Worldwide Services has many clients that are in need of in-depth power solutions. That’s why the company’s power solutions experts are equipped with extensive expertise regarding both permanent and temporary options in the field. These people also have impressive knowledge that pertains to renewable energy, power plant management and beyond. Many clients also rely on IAP Worldwide Services for dedicated assistance with expeditionary infrastructure services. Government services are yet another major specialty offered by the team members at IAP Worldwide Services. Employees who work for the company’s government services division understand subjects that involve emergency responses, aviation support, communications, supply chains and logistics. IAP Worldwide Services truly is a global entity. That’s why the company employees thousands of individuals in locations everywhere. The company works with a large and varied selection of private and public clients.

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