The Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund Help Others Avoid Being Arrested Due to Racial Profiling

Attempting to help to make the criminal justice system more fair, there are a variety of groups in the United States aimed for advocating for civil, human and even migrant rights. These groups help to bring power to communities that help to bring attention to the civil society as well as to bring equality to the justice system.

The goals of these groups is to establish a system of justice which works for everyone. With the use of these advocates, there have been a number of human rights violations exposed and brought to the attention of many organizations. Read more: Phoenix New Time

One of the problems that occurs everyday in the United States is racial profiling. Due to the active role of this problem, a number of human rights organizations are working actively to bring this problem to a halt. The increase of the number of individuals who are incarcerated and of color, there are activists and organizations working to bring this problem to light.

The organizations look to restoring justice for the individuals such as providing drug counseling and offering support groups as well as allowing more sentences for community service. To help to bring an end of the high incarceration in various states, groups are helping to make lives better within neighborhoods and communities.

Due to the increase in arrests in states where misuse of the law system has faulted, there is a fund established that helps in the unlawful arrest cases. This fund is the Mike and Larkin Frontera Fund.

The two journalists are the co-founders for a media group that exposed grand jury proceedings where a reporter notes were sought as well as subpoenas that were issued to demand the identification of various people who read about this online. Learn more about Michael Lacey:

Mike and Jim center their ongoing battle to find more cases to bring justice for the people whose First Amendment has been broken. Through the use of abuse of power, the two of them have brought a civil suit against the county in the Court of Appeals within the Ninth Circuit. The lawsuit sought $375 million dollars. This fund was then dedicated to fund the civil, human and migrant rights movement. It also helps to bring freedom of speech and participation of civic duty in Arizona.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin were arrested in October of 2007 by the Maricopa Sheriff. Sheriff Arpaio had arrested the two in the middle of the night and had taken them from their homes once they revealed grand jury proceedings surrounding reporters notes where articles on the Sheriff were involved.

Once the grand jury handed down subpoenas which demanded that the various identities of individuals who read about the stories online through the media group after Lacey and Larkin have spent their whole careers in defending of the First Amendment rights.

It was for this reason that they sued and won. With that money won, the foundation was established to help others like them who have been arrested unlawfully and to ensure that more people avoid this circumstance.