Shock as Securus Technologies presents inaccuracies by GTL

Securus Technologies recently made an announcement that it is going to release information and reports that highlight breaches of integrity done by the Global Tel-Link company. I have known GTL for some time. I know that the company is popular for giving press releases based on wrong information. The company has been featured to have had several misconducts in several occasions in the past. The company itself has been a victim of breaking user privacy by monitoring the telephone calls.


According to information presented by PR News, Securus recently corrected inaccuracies presented by GTL. The company CEO went to state that it is going to release more information about GTL that highlights its multiple wrongdoings. He went ahead to state the he has a love for the families and wants to work with people in correctional facilities and people from every part of the society. He expressed his disappointment how GTL stooped so low and released information that is not based on facts.


I find out that GTL has been trying to get back to other companies because of its past misconducts. The company went to the limelight after information was released that it charged people for minutes that were never used. Families that called inmates in the correctional facilities were charge huge amounts. Apart from this, it charged people additional fees for their calls. According to information presented by advocates, the company was illegally milking people off their cash. These are normal people like you and me who simply want to get in touch with their families. All I can say about the whole process is that I am ashamed of the kind of misconduct that Securus has undertaken.

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