Adam Milstein

Richtopia Recognizes Adam Milstein as One of the World’s Top Philanthropists


American-Jewish philanthropist, Adam Milstein is honored by Richtopia, a publication in London, England as one of the top 200 Most Influential Philanthropists in the world. He ranked number 187 on the list from data collected from Rise, a social media ranking system for Facebook and Twitter. His presence on social medias has attracted hundreds of thousands of national and international members and followers. Mr. Milstein is respected in the United States and made the list with other philanthropists, including former U.S. Presidents, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama. On April 5th, 2017, in a Business Wire press release, he said he’s grateful to his wife, Gila Milstein and Israeli-American Council (IAC) and its members, and Jewish non-profits for helping to make an amazing difference in Jewish communities.



Mr. and Mrs. Adam Milstein are founders of The Adam & Gila Milstein Foundation, an organization focusing on strengthening the Jewish people in America and the State of Israel. The Foundation supports IAC, AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee), Christians United for Israel, and other Jewish organizations. These groups support causes for education, health & medical care, young adults, and children. Adam and Gila are very active in their community and other Jewish neighborhoods in the country. They serve as leaders and philanthropists for various non-profits, such as Stand With Us, Stand By Me, and the American-Israeli Education Foundation.



In efforts to influence the Jewish communities, worldwide, Adam Milstein co-founded IAC on a mission to connecting the next generation of American Jews to their Jewish heritage. The Council sponsors yearly national conferences uniting thousands of Israeli/Jewish Americans, Jewish leaders, and philanthropists. They discuss issues in Jewish communities to develop funded programs that educate and mentor the younger generation.



Adam Milstein strongly believes the Jewish youth deserves to know the culture of Israeli, Jewish heritage, and the history Israel. He’s committed to making a difference in Jewish communities by reaching out to the next generation. Mr. Milstein deserves making the List of the World’s Most Influential Philanthropists as an outstanding leader and entrepreneur on social media.