Cotemar, Mexico: Firm Position in the Mexican Energy Economy and the Mexican Economy as a While

Introduction to the role of petroleum and its trade history with the US Petroleum trade has played a large role in Mexican trade and Mexican economic success through the years. This success has been achieved through the efforts of the government’s partnership with Cotemar, a petroleum conglomerate within the country. Cotemar is an entity which provides support services to numerous petroleum platforms throughout Mexico. Despite the fact that a recent slowdown in the Mexican petroleum arena has resulted in slower-than-usual business for Cotemar, the company and the Mexican petroleum business continue to thrive and Cotemar maintains its firm position as a leader in the Mexican petroleum industry.

Cotemar’s effort to lessen Mexico’s dependence on its trade with the USA is in line with Mexico’s desire to establish a petroleum trade with Asia rather than relying on imported its customary petroleum trade partner, the USA, despite an ongoing history of successful trades in that area.

History of Cotemar and the Mexican petroleum industry:
Cotemar has been a leader and innovator in the Mexican petroleum industry since the late 1800’s when that industry began to gain momentum in the Mexican economy.

The current role of Cotemar in Mexican petroleum trade and the future of Cotemar in the current Mexican petroleum industry:
The fact that Cotemar does not restrict its efforts solely to petroleum production, but encompasses many other and related things including specializing in Petroleum Services, Maritime Services, Offshore Maintenance, Specialized Ships, and Offshore construction. This extended presence within the Mexican economy allows Cotemar to remain active in the economic life of the country regardless of the health of Mexico’s petroleum industry and energy economy. Source: