Why You Need Wikipedia Editors to Make Your Wiki Page

Wikipedia is the world’s most popular free online dictionary. People across the globe use it daily to find information about nearly everything. Making a Wiki page helps you to build your reputation or that of your business as people turn to the dictionary to learn about individuals and companies.

You must take great care during the process of making a Wiki page, as viewers will assume the information you upload is the truth about you or your business. It is a very tedious process to create a professional Wiki page. It is rather confusing and very few people can manage to create a flawless page.

Get Your Wiki is a service that links you with expert Wikipedia editors who help you to edit or make a Wikipedia page making it impressive to the readers. Such pages build your name or brand and hence help you to realize the full benefits of having a Wikipedia page, like Search Engine Optimization.

Most Edited Articles in 2016

Wikipedia recently published a list of the most edited articles of 2016. Some like Brexit, the Orlando Night Club Shooting, and the Panama papers were obvious, while others like RuPaul’s Drag Race were quite surprising.

The Wikipedia’s most edited article that was Deaths in 2016. It had 18,230 editions. The cause is probably because of the high number of prominent personalities who died in 2016. People who featured in the article included Janet Reno, David Bowie, Muhammad Ali, Gwen Ifill, Fidel Castro, John Glenn, Leonardo Cohen and Prince.

Second was Donald Trump’s article which was edited 8,933 by December 21, 2016. Obviously, it is because he was vying for the United States’ presidency and tons of information about him came to the public domain. In the history of Wikipedia, George W. Bush’s article has the highest number of edits, amounting to 45,852 at the time the Wikimedia Foundation released the news.

Wikipedia editors are becoming increasingly important due to the alarming number of fake news sources. In December 2016, the Wikipedia’s Fake News Website registered almost 1000 edits in the first two weeks alone.

Why Use Get Your Wiki?

You have to follow strict guidelines to edit or make a Wiki page. For you to create a Wikipedia account, your business must be reputable, and there must be some information written about it online. Wikipedia editors come in handy is selecting what is acceptable as you are not allowed to write just anything.

You need to carry out unbiased research about your business, and every sentence must have a reference. Moreover, Wikipedia does not allow self-promotion, and this can be reason enough for them to delete your page.