Is Warren Buffet Always Right?

You can look at investment strategy all day long before you realize it is impossible for Warren Buffet to always be right. Consider what today’s investors in the 401(K) generation need to do to have enough wealth for their retirement. Someone needs to address this topic in a serious conversation. Millions of Boomers are retiring. How can the current strategy ensure successful results for younger Americans?

Warren Buffet has well-known expertise to speak about mutual funds and passive index funds. However, this approach may not be as strong today as it was for him. Take a look at what the Capital Group suggests for today’s young professionals. Perhaps this is what young professionals need today.

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The Capital Group has experience with 18 equity funds which represents 653 years of experience. No one can predict which funds will be the cream of the crop. But Tim Armour, CEO of The Capital Group, identifies two specific filters which help identify exceptional fund managers. Reviewing thousands of mutual funds for decades, it seems clear that looking for high manager ownership and low expenses will reveal who has been consistently higher overall. These are the fund managers he recommends.

Tim Armour became CEO of the Capital Group in July, 2015, after 32 years of experience with the Capital Group. Tim has a bachelor’s degree from Middlebury College with an economics major. He became acquainted with Capital by participating in their Associates Program. Tim is a strong team leader at his Los Angeles base.