Get More Savings

Your finances don’t have to be bottled down with expensive account fees through a NexBank personalized or business account. They offer their customers more ways to save including an interest bearing savings that gives you 1.9% interest after 6 months. Customers are affiliated with a bank that has over $40 billion dollars in assets along with FDIC insurance that offers additional savings. John Holt, is currently the proud CEO and President, of NexBank financial. Their clients get a peace of mind knowing that their money is housed in a reliable and trusted financial institution for over 60+ years.

Holt says, he has major plans to expand his general counsel along with add executives to his leadership team with their recent $24 million dollar common equity gain. Their services stand next to none with a live friendly representative that is there to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (including holidays). You’re never on your own trying to navigate your account. Become a part of a trusted network that works towards creating integrated services that gives you more features for your money. It is also a great time to prepare for your future with an investment plan under their retirement tab option available online.

NexBank Features


– Free direct deposit

– Free checks

– Online bill pay

– View your account anytime

– Mortgage accounts

and more…

If you’re low income, you can now buy a home through the first-time home owner program offered through NexBank. They have partnered with Dallas based Habitat For Humanity to bring their customers the ability to live out their dreams of owning a home. Get lower monthly mortgage rates and interests. Visit the NexBank website for more details n registering for a superior personalized or business account today.