Thor Halvorssen Keeps on Fighting

The Human Rights Foundation

The Human Rights Foundation does some of the most important and challenging work out there. It isn’t easy to stand up for the rights of oppressed people around the world but they manage to do so on a regular basis. At the head of it all is Thor Halvorssen. With years of experience doing everything you can in the world of protesting he certainly knows when he’s got a challenge ahead of him and he understands.

What He Wants For The World

He wants to make the world around him a better place anyway that he can. In order to do this he puts his life in danger trying to expose the human rights violations around the world. Naturally, he draws frequent criticism from dictators living around the world that do not appreciate the way that he attacks them. He has actually faced threats to his life over his activism, but despite this danger he is constantly prepared to do anything he can to make the world around him a better place. There needs to be someone fighting for the rights of others and that happens to be him click here.

About Thor Halvorssen

He is one of the most prominent activist in the world. There isn’t anyone better known than him and there are few out there that can claim they have produced anywhere near the same level of success in changing the world around them. Beyond his work in tryig to make the world around him a better place he has also made himself an accomplished film maker. Contact him, Halvorssen is known for producing films that discuss the subjects of oppression and totalitarianism. He has even worked with the greatest talents in Hollywood such as Quentin Taratino to make these films.

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