Goettl Air Conditioning- Through it All Remains Number One

In the summer of 2008, Goettl Air Conditioning, a trailblazer in the market of cooling equipment and services, was sold to ARS/Rescue Rooter, an air conditioning and plumbing contractor headquartered in Memphis with service locations in Washington, D.C. and within 25 states. With locations already existing in Tucson and Phoenix, the Goettl acquisition will increase ARS’s presence within the state, according to the company’s officials at that time. Also, ARS/Rescue Rooter is a division of the American Residential Services LLC which is also located in Memphis, Tennessee.

In that same year, ARS stated that they’ll maintain Goettl’s popular brand name as well as their Memphis based management team who are also the former owners. Dan Burket, the former president of Goettl, will lead the organization. The staff will continue to operate from the headquarters at 1845 W. First St., Tempe. Also, the company is considering to revive the line into taking advantage of the Goettl’s history and popular brand name, according to the then ARS’s director for marketing, Elizabeth Young. ARS/Rescue Rooter has been on an acquisition binge around that time with purchasing four other companies within other states during the previous year.

And with Goettl‘s history, it was established in 1939 by the Goettl brothers. This company has been a great help for residents adjusting to the harsh, southwestern desert climate. And furthermore, this company was based in Phoenix until it relocated in Tempe in 2003.

ARS officials stated how they were considering the revamping of the Goettl air conditioning equipment line manufacturing. It was dropped around 15 months earlier due to the difficulty in competing with low cost, foreign manufacturers, according to John Ryan, Goettl Vice President, in which it was decided at that time to focus on selling other brands of air conditioning.

About Goettl Air Conditioning

According to Goettl.com, Goettl Air Conditioning is a DBA of Phoenix Peach, LLC. This company has prospered throughout seven decades of transitions and changes within technology and business. Since 1939, they continue to provide excellence in products and services of heating and air conditioning. They have several service centers within the greater Tucson and Phoenix metropolitan areas, and they possess highly trained technicians that provide excellence in technical expertise and customer service for commercial and residential customers.

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