How Wanting To Email A Video Led To A Successful Business For Bob Reina

Bob Reina started out his professional career as a policeman. However, over time he felt this limited him in the income he could earn and how he spent his time. One day while working a second job directing traffic a passerby talked to him about opportunities in direct marketing. His research into this led to him picking up a part-time job where he would sell other people’s products to people he knew and others in the community.

It was through building a team and combining efforts that Bob Reina could see how the direct marketing industry could work for him. The problem for him was that he would start selling some direct sales companies products, build up a solid team, and then the company would go under leaving him high and dry.

One day Bob Reina traveled to view a house in a neighboring state he had an interest in. He took videos of the home and wanted to send them over email but as he found out that couldn’t be done. He made the decision that it actually could be done and would be a great business opportunity if he were successful. What he envisioned was others sending videos that played right in the email box instead of just sending a link to be clicked on. He thought companies could build this into their marketing plans and be really successful with the concept.

The result was Video Email which was the first product he launched through his new company in 2007, Talk Fusion. Today this product has gone through a number of iterations to make it better than ever. It is also joined by four other products that together make a full video solution for business owners around the world.

One of the big things that Bob Reina loves about the direct selling industry is how everyone’s success is tied together. He says that everyone depends upon one another and the individual’s achievements benefit the entire group. As head of the company he says that the only way he makes a dime is when other people find success and achieve their dreams of working independently. Learn more:

When he first started out in the industry part-time, Reina says that it occurred pretty often that his commission check couldn’t even cover his phone bill. It was by working hard and not accepting less than personal excellence that he achieved a great deal. Over time he built a sales system that not only worked for him but could be taught to others. When things can be duplicated by multiple people is when you know you have developed a system of sales that is effective.

What Atlantic City Is Getting Now From Boraie Development

The mission is not complete for Boraie Development, a real estate broker company owned by the Boraie family that’s worked to add housing and commercial outlets to New Jersey’s cities under the direction of Omar Boraie for the last few decades, and it’s continuing with a new apartment complex being built in Atlantic City. This complex is known as the “Beach at South Inlet” which is bringing in 250 more apartments in housing down along the beachfront area but in a good public transportation area of the city. Wasseem Boraie, the son of Omar Boraie and Vice President of Boraie Development said they chose to construct this complex here because Atlantic City has needed to update its housing choices for several years now, and it’s part of what’s needed to fill a void left by some casino closings.

Omar Boraie’s company got started some time back in the late 1960s and early 70s. He had come to America to get his doctorate’s degree in chemistry at Rutgers University and perhaps become a key scientist for the Egyptian government, the nation he had come from. But he had some changes in plan upon settling in the US especially after seeing a housing market that was down in the greater New Brunswick, NJ area. He saw a lot of old buildings abandoned and a lack of business livelihood in the city, but he began to raise capital for buying the buildings because he believed he could reconstruct and revitalize the city. Most city planners laughed at the idea, but Boraie and his family got to work. For more details visit Bloomberg.

Boraie Development’s current headquarters are located in the Albany Street Plaza in tower one, the first building that Omar Boraie had redeveloped into a shopping center with office space. Nearby parking garages and old corner stores also started seeing new life. Albany Street tower two went up a number of years later as this area became more and more attractive to business owners and residents, and soon Boraie’s plans were becoming realized. His biggest housing development to hit the market was a 21-story high rise known as the Spring Street condominium, and after that The Aspire and the Heldrich also were built. To this day, Boraie Development’s portfolio has hundreds of projects they’ve undertaken to make the New Jersey real estate market attractive. Aside from development, the Boraie Development also supports scientific research communities including the Genomics department at Rutgers for which Omar Boraie has been honored with the Boraie Chair.

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How Bob Reina Leads Talk Fusion Toward the Future

Talk Fusion was created by CEO and founder Bob Reina back in 2007. The goal of the company was simple: to provide video marketing and communication solutions to businesses and brands who needed help reaching out. Talk Fusion was created because Bob Reina saw a growing need within the increasingly digital world. More and more businesses were turning to the internet to bring their ideas to life and really make a go of it. Of course, Reina also had needed a product like Talk Fusion himself years before when he worked as a network marketer. Reina’s success with Talk Fusion is as much about what he has done in the past as what he has planned for the future.


Bob Reina is an affable and informative CEO who never shies away from giving a great answer. He looks to his past to point out how Talk Fusion came to be with candor. Talk Fusion was started while Reina was still working as a police officer. In fact, Reina was nearly ten years into his service as a police officer when a chance encounter with a networking marketer planted the idea of running his own business into his head. Reina had always wanted to be in charge of his destiny and this seemed like the perfect opportunity. Learn more:


Reina didn’t run out and create Talk Fusion right away. Instead he took a slow and steady approach, building toward the founding of the company year after year. His faith in his concept, video marketing, coupled with his boundless energy and passion made him almost a lock for success. Reina eventually developed the first program in the Talk Fusion marketing suite, Video Email, alongside a longtime friend and IT professional named Jonathan Chen. This was the foundation upon which Talk Fusion would begin to grow. Learn more:


In order to find success within the market Reina immediately turned to relationships he had already established. He would help cultivate new ones by bringing his passion and enthusiasm to the forefront of the Talk Fusion business model. Talk Fusion would charge out of the gates and find success and profits nearly immediately. Learn more: