Meet the Brilliant Mind behind Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall

Success is a combination of diligence, hard work, and patience. Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Mall is the product of Santiago’s determination. He was born in Joao Pessoa. He grew up with a dream of developing the recreational center of the society. This is because many individuals had to travel to other cities to access this joints.

Roberto Santiago is a man of many talents. He attracted a large audience through his blogging activities. Being a proficient writer, he wrote numerous informative and entertaining articles which made him popular.

Roberto Santiago went to Pio-X-Marist College where he studied Finance. He then proceeded to the University of Joao Pessoa where he successfully graduated with a degree in Business Administration.

After school, it was time to put the education he had acquired to practice. Santiago landed a job at Café Santa Rosa. Although it was a small company, he worked faithfully and managed to acquire enough finance and knowledge to begin his venture.

Roberto Santiago began a cartonnage company. The firm initially began with manufacturing of cardboards using cartons and later progressed to becoming a prominent home décor company. Despite the success of the firm, he had to pursue his dream.

In 1987, he bought a piece of land to build the ‘’ Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall’’. Within two years, his goal had been accomplished, and he launched the mall. The mall must be the most glamorous structure the residents had ever seen. The Manaira Mall has more than 280 buildings. Among the mall are jewelry stores, food courts, gyms just to mention a few facilities.

At the top of the glamorous Manaira Mall is the Domus Hall. The Domus Hall is very spacious and has extraordinary features that have created a name for it. The hall is soundproof, and the lighting system is designed with expertise. The aeration was also given special attention to ensure the big audience that it accommodates has a conducive environment.

In 2013, Roberto Santiago launched the Mangeira Mall. The mall is equally equipped and has significantly contributed to the entertainment sector of the nation.

During the 2015 financial crisis, many businesses were significantly affected. However, Santiago’s ventures remained strong. The incident proved their authenticity in the market. Many investors moved and began businesses around the areas.

The occupants of Roberto Santiago Manaira Mall greatly benefited from the scheme. They led to increased employment opportunities. The many businesses around the area also meant quality products in the market. Every manufacturer has to convince customers that their products are the best in the flooded market. The stiff competition has left the manufacturers with no option but offer fair prices for their products to consumers.

Roberto Santiago has other investments in different countries. He has promised to continue beginning other ventures.


Mike Baur – Helping Create New Innovations in Technology

After earning his business degree at Bern University and the University of Rochester, Mike Baur began what became a very successful career in banking. Baur was very successful and rose to prominent positions, giving advice to wealthy Swiss investors. Although he could have remained in the comfortable and lucrative world of banking, Baur chose instead to follow his passion for helping entrepreneurs.


In 2014 Baur co-founded the Swiss Start Up Factory with the goal of helping the young owners of technology start-ups. In addition to providing funding to promising start-ups, SSUF provides mentoring, training and free rent to these new enterprises. The young entrepreneurs get a chance to network with each other, learn how to raise money and how to pitch their products globally. Baur has designed to program to help insure the long term success of the start-ups.


Unlike many other incubators, SSUF operates independently. This avoids any conflicts of interest that might otherwise arise. It also allows it to take action without outside interference. Although it remains independent, SSUF has formed strategic partnerships with a number of companies.


One of these companies, Think Reloaded, (also founded by Baur)provides advice to affluent clients. Affiliations with CTI and BV4 added to the total range of services Baur and SSUF could utilize to help start-ups succeed. In short, Baur put together a group of companies that could complement the mission of SSUF and provide a wide range of expertise and assistance.


Baur is incredibly passionate about helping entrepreneurs bring to fruition their innovative technology. In addition to his time, he and his co-founders invest substantial funds in SSUF and the enterprises it serves. He works hard and expects the young entrepreneurs he supports to work just as hard. His strategies have created a successful and profitable company for which Baur still does financing and fundraising.


Although Baur left a 20 year career to create his own “start-up”, he did much more. He enabled young entrepreneurs to bring cutting edge technology to the marketplace. His faith in these people and their start-ups has resulted in an added value to the economic well being of many.


How Talk Fusion Landed Another Huge Industry Award

The Talk Fusion Video Chat application has hit the market and become all of the rage in a hurry. Video Chat is the latest offering by one of the most elite and industry evolving video communication companies on the web. Talk Fusion was established in 2007 and over the past ten years their founder and CEO, Bob Reina, has gone a long way toward establishing himself as one of the best in the entire business. Reina’s work hasn’t gone unnoticed either as Talk Fusion was recently lauded with the 2016 Communication Solutions Product of the Year Award for their Video Chat app!

Before we dig into the award itself we should talk about the product, Video Chat. Video Chat was developed by the team at Talk Fusion in order to offer customers a sleek, efficient, and fast way to interact via video conferencing. The Talk Fusion Video Chat app was developed using WebRTC Technology which makes it among the most efficient and effective on the marketplace today. Talk Fusion’s insistence on innovating at every level is going to do them worlds of good as they continue to innovate within the industry.

Talk Fusion was given this gigantic industry award from the team at Technology Marketing Corporation. Technology Marketing Corporation, or TMC for short, is a benchmark company in the video marketing and communication solutions industry. They focus on rewarding companies that do their best to innovate, elevate, and revolutionize the industry that they all work within. Technology Marketing Corporation is run by CEO Rich Tehrani and it is through him that all awards go. Tehrani published a press release that detailed, in glowing words, the hard work that Talk Fusion has put in so that they can rise to the top of the market. CEO of Talk Fusion.

Talk Fusion has never been afraid of speaking up when their name is called. As a result, CEO Bob Reina graciously accepted the award with an announcement of his own. Reina claimed that this was just the beginning of better things to come before going on to laud his workers with compliments for their efforts on Video Chat app development.

Talk Fusion at Facebook.

Sawyer Howitt the Young Entrepreneur

A young enthusiast, Sawyer Howitt works as the Project Manager at Meriwether Group. The company is committed to mentoring entrepreneurs who are coming up and also in management consulting. Meriwether Group assists both entrepreneurs and executives in accelerating their businesses. Meriwether Group is a company that was founded by David Howitt, Sawyer’s father. Sawyer Howitt goes to school at the Lincoln High School in Portland, Oregon. He shares the same passion of helping entrepreneurs with his father. Sawyer Howitt is hard working, disciplined and also passionate about his work. According to him, age is just but a number and that anyone can become successful no matter their age.

Sawyer Howitt has immersed himself in the business world and he is involved in coming up with key strategic planning for Meriwether Group. He has helped numerous entrepreneurs in attaining their full potential through the Meriwether Group. The Meriwether Group provides their clients with many different services such as product development, business strategies and also retail rollouts. They are able to offer customized services that suit every individual client. Meriwether Group also helps businesses by reviewing the available options and strategies and assisting with company growth and capital. The company has a team of 12 members who are exceptionally talented and experienced.

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Sawyer Howitt is committed to help Meriwether Group attain its strategic goals. Even at a young age, he serves as a mentor to many upcoming entrepreneurs and encourages them to follow their dreams. He says that he is grateful to be part of Meriwether Group and to contribute in making an impact on the lives of the entrepreneurs.