The Success of Waiakea Water

If you’ve never heard of Hawaii volcanic water before, you’re missing out on a beverage that will provide all of your electrolytes and minerals in one sip. Waiakea is a bottled water company that specializes in volcanic water production. The water is sourced in Hawaii at the bottom of the Mauna Loa volcano. The volcano has been inactive since 1996 and has become a regular source of delicious water since its last eruption. The water cascades down the volcano from its snowy peak and is then whisked through volcanic rock where it obtains the majority of its minerals and nutrients. The water then stops at the bottom of the volcano where it is collected by the Waiakea company.

The Waiakea company has been in business since 2008 and has since become one of the only volcanic water production companies in the entire world. They further filter the water that comes from the volcano to adhere to proper Health Department guidelines. The Waiakea office is found in California, roughly 2,500 miles away from the main water source in Hawaii. They produce over a million water bottles throughout the year, making them the fastest growing water companies in the world. Their bottles come in single-serve options to 24-packs, and you can find the products either locally at a grocery store or by purchasing online directly from the Waiakea company.

Waiakea bottled water is perfectly pH-balanced due to the nature of its filtration process through the pure, unadulterated volcanic rock. Along with being pH-balanced, the water contains minerals, vitamins and nutrients that balance electrolytes within the body when consumed on a regular basis. The water has a unique and distinct taste that is much fresher and crisper than you might be used to. Because of this, it’s always best to enjoy your Waiakea bottled water ice cold from the refrigerator. Waiakea uses only the most eco-friendly bottles that will naturally disintegrate when thrown out and added to a landfill. They are the only company to be a part of the Neutral Conserve program that is designed to eliminate plastic waste added to the planet.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco & The Future Of Bradesco Bank

For over 25 years, Lazaro de Mello Brandao has served as Bradesco Bank’s chairmen. The 91-year-old is one of the oldest reigning bank chairmens in the world. As they say, all things must come to an end. Brandao will be stepping down from his position at Bradesco Bank. He is set to be replaced by the bank’s current chief executive officer, Luiz Carlos Trabuco. From now until March, Trabuco will hold both the chairmen and CEO positions. When the time arises, a new CEO will be elected and Trabuco can solely focus on his duties as chairmen.

There has been plenty of speculation in regards to who will take on the role of CEO with the bank. According to, Trabuco noted that a new CEO could be decided on sooner than March. Alexandre da Silva Glüher is the director of investor relations and he has an experience edge over many potential candidates. There’s also André Rodrigues Cano, who runs the Human Resources department. Domingos Figueiredo de Abreu is another candidate. He currently serves as the vice president of treasury and credit. Augusto Pancini ensures that the whole service network remains stable. He too has been named as a candidate for the CEO position.

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Mot only does Bradesco Bank need to decide on a new CEO, but the company must also appoint a new president of the bank. Trabuco made it clear that the next president will come from the board. He also said that the decision will be made after a thorough process has been completed. The board contains eight members and some of them are former bank executives. The bank has plans to increase the number of board members sometime down the road. Bradesco Bank has proposed an increase for the age limit of a CEO. The current limit is 65 and the bank hopes to bump that up to 67.

Trabuco has a list of credentials that back up his higher status with Bradesco Bank. He graduated from the School of Sociology and Politics Foundation in São Paulo. There, Trabuco earned a postgraduate degree in socio-psychology. In 1999, Trabuco was the investor relations officer for Banco Bradesco. He also maintained the executive vice president position. Trabuco’s role of chairman isn’t new to him. He held the position under Odontoprev SA. During his time with ArcelorMittal, he served as a member of the Board of Directors. As far as his experience with real estate and credit savings is concerned, Trabuco was on the committee of Brazilian Association.

With 48 years of experience, Trabuco continued to climb up the ladder in the work space. At a time, he was the president for the National Private Pension Association and the National Federation of Supplementary Health. His run as the president of companies don’t stop there. He also served as the president of CNF. Trabuco earned membership at the Superior Council. For a time, he was also the vice president of CNSeg. On top of that, Trabuco maintained membership at the Association of Geneva.

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Barbara Stokes A Leader In Sustainable Construction

Barbara Stokes has made it her life’s goal to supply well-built, environmental friendly homes for those who need them the most. As the Chief Executive Officer of Huntsville, Alabama-based Green Structure Homes (GSH) since 2011, Barbara has helped thousands of people be placed in emergency shelter when their homes are destroyed by natural disaster. GSH has been in operation for a decade and, between her and the rest of the management team, they have over 30 years of disaster management experience. They specialize in manufacturing mobile, modular homes that are energy efficient and up to code. They are an approved government contractor, recently signing a $28.5 million contract with FEMA. Barbara has helped grow GSH from a small shop to having hundreds of employees and a large manufacturing facility in Alabama. Follow Barbara Stokes on Facebook.

Barbara Stokes graduated from Mercy University of Macon, Georgia with a degree in Biomedical Engineering. Her passion for disaster relief construction has been what has driven GSH to become the top disaster relief construction companies in the Southeastern United States. Her and her husband Scott started GSH way back in 2008 and now have employees in eight different states and two offices in Alabama. Read more about Barbara Stokes at

Her expertise sets her apart from others in the industry, dedicated to providing quality first, while still providing value. Barbara is committed to sustaining the environment by reducing the carbon footprint on the structures her company builds. Barbara Stokes believes in promoting environmentally friendly construction while keeping her community involved by providing jobs and resources for the local area.


Glen Wakeman Great Contributions

LaunchPad Holdings CEO Glen Wakeman has definitely made his mark in the business world. Glen Wakeman is a successful global business executive, investor, mentor, writer and entrepreneur. Wakeman graduated with a degree in Economics and Finance from the University of Scanton. Read more about Glen Wakeman at Premier Gazette. He then earned his Master’s degree in Finance from the University of Chicago. Wakeman has lived and worked in 6 countries, and has been the dependent for approximately 30 business corporations. A huge benefit Wakeman uses to his advantage to elevate his businesses is organizing each into four themes:

  • Growth: What do you do to make your company bigger?
  • Execution: How do you get the business to perform better?
  • Controls: How do you get it the correct oversight?
  • Leadership: In what ways are you implementing being a better leader/creator? This is the key component.

Wakeman has and still creates many blogs for young aspiring business owners to gain knowledge in preparation for executing their first business plan. These blogs are all free and open to the public. Even if you are already a business owner and you just need advice, he provides insight on how to take the business to the next level. Read more about Glen Wakeman at

Wakeman has recently put a lot of pressure on business owners to donate to the victims in Puerto Rico. Puerto Rico has faced terrible losses from the recent hurricane this year. Over 1 million people lost their electricity as a result from the fatal disaster. Glen Wakeman recently donated $1,000 to the American Red Cross, and is encouraging his clients of the importance of assisting. The American Red Cross has also placed high importance on the aid of Puerto Rico’s communications infrastructure. The organization has shipped many different forms of technology to the island during this crucial time.



A Look At Nonprofit Group, Avaaz And Its Operations

Avaaz is a non-profit social justice group that was created in 2005. Its name means voice in many different languages. This is an appropriate title for an organization whose primary goal is to give voice to many social justice issues and struggles ongoing in the world today and more information click here.

Some of the issues that Avaaz fights for includes climate change, human rights, poverty, corruption and wartime conflicts. Today, the Avaaz organization is proudly supporting the plight of the Rohingya people. This ethnic and religious is minority being massacred in Burma for their religious beliefs and background. Avaaz is also trying to bring worldwide attention to the Rohigya’s dire situation right now. They are not only being attacked but driven out of their communities. Many are now displaced and refugees.

Avaaz is also currently fighting to bring attention to the rise of populism and nationalism in Europe. Germany’s latest national election has seen the far right AFD win a sizeable percent of the vote. This has sparked concerns across the country. Avaaz is working with its supporters in Germany and across Europe to bring attention to the rise of the far right and its possible Nazi affiliation.

One of the ways that Avaaz is unique from other non-profit organizations is that it is truly a grassroots focused organization. There is no outside funding of Avaaz. What this means is that there are no corporate or government sponsors or funders. This allows Avaaz to be uncorrupted and not swayed in its resolve to fight corruption and human rights across the globe and learn more about Avaaz.

Avaaz’ campaigns are also closely coordinated both online and in person. It is this unique approach that has allowed Avaaz to successfully root out corruption in Brazilian politics and bring social justice to many other places. The campaigns of of Avaaz are also started by its own members. Employees at the organization do no push their own agenda but work on issues that the majority of the Avaaz community gets behind and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

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Desiree Perez’ Pivotal Role in the Resilient Success of Roc Nation

The name Desiree Perez probably sounds familiar. It should because you have heard of Jay-Z. Desiree Perez is a strategic business associate of the hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. His real name is Shawn Carter. He has vast interests in music, media and publishing, sports, fashion as well as real estate. Desiree Perez has played a central part in his business ventures in the last twenty years. She has been exceptionally resourceful in business development.

She is reported to be a skilled and tactful negotiator. She is serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. The company is involved in entertainment, media publishing and distribution. This includes music production and promotion, film, broadcast and publishing. It is host to successful music artists such as Rihanna, DJ Khaled, and Lil Wayne. Talent management is a demanding business. It requires firm leadership and acute business acumen.

Her leadership has seen Roc Nation close the deal on some key and lucrative contracts. For example, she is reported to have been the force behind a $25 million package from Samsung for Rihanna. She was influential in shaping Rihanna’s successful career and rapid rise to the top. She continues to steer the company to success. The outfit has grown the artists stable as well as increased its footprint on the distribution side of the business and learn more about Desiree Perez.

She has also been influential in deals with partners such as Sony Music, Live Nation, Warner Music and Universal Music. Desiree Perez is involved in talent management as well as business development. Her powerful influences on the artists can be seen through the success of Roc Nation and more information click here.

Roc Nation Sports is a subsidiary of the entertainment powerhouse. It is involved in the management of athletes and sports talent. The company has celebrity players in disciplines such as baseball, basketball, boxing and many others. Desiree Perez remains a key pillar of success in the entertainment industry. Given her success at Roc Nation and close relationship with Shawn Carter, we can only expect bigger things from the stable and resume her.

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Ricardo Tosto – Legal Timeshares and Beyond!

Ricardo Tosto’s Thoughts – Timeshares and More

A major timeshare company, Wyndham, uniquely created a publicly comprehensive exit program, known as Ovation; it enables owners to terminate timeshares. Companies without in-house programs by which to recycle their timeshares will usually refer owners to licensed resale brokers who specialize in timeshare resales and more information click here.

Most timeshare owners assume that their timeshares have inherent value, as if they were real estate, and can be sold on any resale market – like any used car. Unfortunately, this isn’t always true, especially for those older legacy timeshares or others in which the supply exceeds the demand. Red Week’s expert panel recommends that owners conduct as much research possible to determine all realistic resale values behind their intervals. There’s several ways to do this, beyond merely searching blindly on the internet.

A generally reliable method involves contacting any well-known member of the LTRBA – or Licensed Timeshare Resale Brokers Association. When it comes to setting up your very own home or business in-house security alarm system to counteract the rising rate of crime in Lansing, MI – or any other city with some known crime, as most tend to be, these days – you want to be prepared. You want to have nothing less than the absolute best, even if that means digging into the funds wallet a bit deeper and readjusting your budget a bit and his Website.

After all, you can’t put a price on safety and security, am I right? Five top solutions come with each city, ones which are ranked as the best by numerous top reviewers. These built-in alarm systems are made by none other than the best in the business, and they are the Frontpoint, ADT, Link Interactive, Protect America and Vivint home security systems and learn more about Ricardo Tosto.


Ricardo Tosto’s Blog Titles:

  1. Litigation and Legislation – The Many Legalities of Brazil’s System of Law
  2. Ricardo Tosto’s Injury Law 101 – A Primer
  3. Combining Your Budget to Find That Right Attorney
  4. How to Sell Legal Insurance in a “Down Market” by Ricardo Tosto
  5. Ricardo Tosto: Cross-Training for Insurance in the Booming Legal Markets and Ricardo’s lacrosse camp.

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JHSF Expands Globally Under the Direction of Jose Auriemo Neto

The real estate industry of Brazil is growing at a massive pace, and many real estate firms are collectively contributing to the growth of the real estate sector of the country. JHSF is one of the major real estate companies in Brazil that has developed hundreds of residential complexes and is also in charge of managing the many shopping malls it has constructed all over the country. JHSF is considered to be one of the leading real estate firms in the country and has contributed immensely to the Brazil’s real estate sector since the company started its operations in the year 1972.

It is a family run business, and Jose Auriemo Neto, who currently serves as its President, is the third generation in the family to head the company. At present, the company employs over 500 employees and have a presence in Brazil, Uruguay, and the United States. JHSF has constructed many world class shopping malls in Punta Del Este, Manaus, Salvador, and many key cities of Brazil. JHSF does not only build shopping malls but is also an expert in managing the retail properties. The company has a separate department that takes care of the property management.

Jose Auriemo Neto has played a very significant role in the success of the enterprise and the last few years, JHSF has grown substantially under his leadership. Jose Auriemo has moved to New York along with his children and wife recently to monitor and oversee the residential apartment being constructed by JHSF in the city. It can be said that overseas market is the top priority of JHSF as of now because Jose Auriemo Neto has relocated to the United States for a long haul as it seems because even his children have taken admission in the local school and what Jose knows.

The company aims to become a major player as the global real estate firm and plans to branch out to many other lucrative real estate markets in the future. JHSF has the market valuation of over 1.2 Billion Brazilian Dollar. In the years to come, the assessment of the company is expected to grow manifolds, especially under the leadership of Jose Auriemo Neto and read full article.

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Jose AuriemoNeto and JHSF are Redefining Real Estate Development in Brazil

JHSF is a public company that has been in existence since 1972 under the name JHS. It is a Brazilian company that operates both in the Brazilian market and in other countries. These countries include the United States and Uruguay among other nations. The company mainly focuses on the high-income segment of real estate. Some of their activities are property development, building of hotels and gastronomy, and construction of shopping centers.


JHSF’s existence has been a successful one. It has been able to secure major deals and partnerships over the years. Some of its most notable commercial developments are; the CidadeJardim, Ponta Negra shopping complexes, and the Bela Vista located in Salvador. The entity also has two constructions underway in Sao Paulo. Major partnerships include agreements with Hermes, Pucci, Jimmy Choo, and Valentino and learn more about Jose.


With over 40 years of existence, JHSF has been able to consolidate its presence in various capitals such as Sao Paulo, Manaus and internationally in Punta del Este(Uruguay)and Miami(USA).The company has four business units; airport, shopping center, incorporation and Fasano Hotel, and restaurants. Through its developments, JHSF has now become a household name and read full article.


About Jose Auriemo

With Jose AuriemoNeto as its current CEO, JHSF seems to be in the right hands. José is known for his proficiency and extensive experience in the field of real estate. He has also worked in JHSF since 1993 and is the best person to oversee JHSF’s developments.


Jose AuriemoNeto is the current chairman and chief executive officer of JHSF. Some of his key responsibilities in his current position include administration of the group’s extensive shopping and retail portfolio and overseeing the brand’s interest in residential and commercial developments. Before securing his current position, AuriemoNeto worked in various capacities in JHSF, creating different departments within this organization. The most notable creation was Parkbem, a parking lot management company that pushed his career to the next level and Jose’s lacrosse camp.


Jose Auriemo is an alumnus of Fundacao Armando AlvaresPenteado (FAAP) University. Apart from being a great CEO, Jose is also a family man. He has a wife and two kids.

Susan McGalla A Leader For Women In Business

CEO and businesswoman Susan McGalla has a lot of advice for women who want to break that glass ceiling. Not only has McGalla headed Fortune 500 companies Wet Seal and American Eagle Outfitters, she is also the creator of P3 Executive Consulting. Her company supplies expert services to clients on marketing, branding, staffing and more. She is a source of inspiration for women who want advice on how to make a mark in business. McGalla has given symposiums and spoken at several venues throughout the U.S. on women in business.


McGalla says her desire is to cut through all the BS and give women an authentic perspective. “Women want to be viewed as professionals, not women.”


McGalla says women have to work twice as hard as a man and develop a thick skin if you want to survive. She learned all about being tough while growing up with two older brothers and a high school coach father. McGalla says her father always taught her to never let the fact that she’s a woman be viewed as a detriment.


Her tough exterior readied her for what lie ahead. She’s always been comfortable in a setting with all men. Her confidence has always been the key to her moving up the ladder of success. She says women should never let the old stereotypes defeat them.


McGalla graduated from Mount College and went directly to work for Joseph Horne Company. It was there when she realized just how few women were in the board room. McGalla says she was determined to change all that. By the time she left Joseph Horne, she had completely overhauled the marketing division. Her next stop was at American Eagle Outfitters. She rose to the ranks of CEO and helped the company earn more money than it had seen in years.