Wengie: 11 Travel Hacks Everyone Should Know!

We’ve all gone on trips to find that things don’t go quite as planned or we aren’t as prepared as we could have been. Luckily, Wengie made a video to help with that! If you travel alot or even if you are new to travelling this video will be great for you as Wengie offers some helpful and stylish tips to making travelling even better.

Wengie has many great ideas in this video but one of the coolest is the idea of turning boxer briefs into a training bra. It may sound crazy but bear with me! Wengie points out the fact that when turned upside down, men’s briefs already look similar to a training bra, they just lack a hole for the head. Since many women who travel have to face the annoying process of switching from casual bra to training bra if they want to exercise, this solution seems like a good idea in case you forgot one. The fashionista then shows us how it’s done but using a pen and scissors to cut a hole into the boxers for her head and you honestly could never tell the difference once she put it on. It was the most creative and stylish quick DIY I’ve ever seen.

Another great hack Wengie had was to use discarded water bottles to ensure your plants are watered consistently while you’re on your trip. When many people think of traveling they don’t think of what is going on at home, only what will be happening on their trip. Wengie had the great foresight to know her plants would still need watering while she was away and made a quick fix to keep her plants hydrated.

Are you hooked? Want more of her travel hacks? Check the video out here on her youtube!