Lime Crime Expands Brand To A Global Network

Lime Crime continues to give their audience bright shades and hues in a completely eater-proof super-foil formula. Which means, you’ll stand out in your selfies or enjoy cosmetics that last throughout your normal routine. Many women nationwide enjoy getting their website distinctly on their website for a unique eye-shadow and lipstick. Their touch-free formula also comes in a liquid eye-liner to accent your eyes. They provide color known to bring out your best features. If beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, you’ll love having Lime Crime as a beauty aide for your daily makeup routine. LC cosmetics continues to be a go-to beauty care products for hundreds of women.

They have been successful in their color scheme and have decided to expand to an international network. Their global manager, Kim Walls says, they expect a few issues, but LC cosmetics will still launch in China. Ironically, Wall says, their matte products were being replicated on the market and there would need to be changes. Their global manager has decided on e-commerce which will get the products exclusively to their China partners with reasonable shipping. The deal is expected to be estimated in the upwards of $2 million dollars for all parties involved.

You won’t find their products just anywhere because they still remain an exclusive brand. Visit their website to find great brands with names to guide you including Beet It or Radical Metallic. You can also choose is distinguishable products from select Bloomingdales retailers today. Join the discreet Lime Crime family for more details on their website.