Tips for Lower Energy Bills This Summer from Geottl!

It’s that time again, time to talk about how to keep yourself from having to mortgage your home to pay your summer cooling bills. The mercury is rising and if you hope to stay on top of it, and keep your shirt, you’re going to have to have a few tricks to keep your cooling costs down and your spirits up. Goettle, leading experts in HVAC, have a few tricks you can use to help maintain a cool home and a happy pocketbook.

Maintain Your AC

Just like keeping your car’s gas mileage high, keeping your energy bills low requires keeping your AC in good maintenance. As time goes on these systems become less efficient and can break down, so make sure that the filters are clean and there’s plenty of space between your AC and anything outside, especially vegetation.

Never Underestimate Your Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans have been a popular form of cooling for a long time before AC’s were ever invented, and with good reason, but when paired with your Air Conditioner they can perform miracles. A Ceiling fan’s job is to circulate air throughout your home, and that includes that cool air from your air conditioner. So effective is this method, according to the US Department of Energy, you can set your thermostat a full four degrees higher without knowing the difference. That’s a 32% savings!

Wait – A 32% savings?

Yes, for every degree your thermostat is set below 78, there’s an 8% cost to your energy bill. So keeping your temperature as high as is comfortable is important in saving energy when using a ceiling fan that means you can save a full 32% of the energy your cooler uses.

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