George Soros Has Achieved A New Milestone In Philanthropy

One cannot talk business and successful entrepreneurship in the United States without mentioning billionaire George Soros. For over ten years George has proven to be an ardent businessman by making a fortune for himself. He trades in currencies and is in charge of numerous hedge funds. Having amassed a lot of money from his ventures in the world of business, George decided to direct his efforts to the Open Society Foundations. The OSF is made up of a group of organizations with which George conducts his charity programs. He is among the very few lucky personalities who can stand firm against evil in the society. He openly rebuked Donald Trump for not doing what is right.

Last month, the OSF organization confirmed that over the recent past, it had received a donation that amounts to $18 billion from the founder George Soros. This gift was first documented by the Wall Street Journal. The Open Society Foundations has established its operations in more than 100 nations in the world.

After being away from politics for about twenty years, George came back to active politics. In the period that he was away from politics, he took it upon himself to work towards improving the American policies on the ground. George Soros at one time became an active participant in active politics when he bravely supported presidential aspirant Al Gore. At the time Al Gore was running for the presidential seat against former president George W Bush. He also made a remarkable comeback in politics when he supported Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid.

George Soros was among the few people who actively refuted Donald Trump’s disuniting agenda of disintegrating minority groups such as the Hispanics and immigrants from the United States.


George Soros and Donald Trump differed more when he decided to back Hillary Clinton and other upcoming nominees in their leadership quests. George knew better than to sit back idly and do nothing during the election period especially when he is in a position to do something that would impact positive change. George, therefore, chipped in with a donation of up to $25 million in support of Hillary Clinton and other aspiring democrats. Despite this donation aiding Hillary’s political action committee, they also served as donations towards promoting the rights of immigrant groups, voting rights groups, and minority protection PACs. Read more on Fox News about George Soros.

George Soros background helped him understand what inconsiderate and harmful nationalism could cause a country and its nationals. He was born and raised in Hungary. In 1994, as a boy, George Soros witnessed the Nazi Occupation in his country. This occupation saw over half a million Hungarians lose their lives for being born Jews. A situation they had no control over. Later on his and his families were forced to flee their own country. They ran to London, where George pursued philosophy under the mentorship of Karl Popper. It is Karl’s guidance that built him into the masterpiece that he is. Now, with his fortune and time, Soros aims at ensuring the world is a better place. Follow George Soros on

The Mighty Fortress Church Takes A Relaxed Approach To Finding Religion In Minnesota

The state of Minnesota has always been associated with the beauty of the churches found in this region of the U.S. which often take their lead from the roots of many of those who made the state their home in the early years of the nation. A recent list of the most beautiful churches in Minnesota has been topped by the more traditional churches in the region as opposed to the beauty found within the Mighty Fortress Church; the list was topped by the Cathedral of St. Paul in St. Paul, Minnesota which dates back to the early years of the 20th-century. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on Linkedin.

Outside the major cities of Minnesota, the Hopperstad Stave Church in Moorhead is one of the most modern yet most remarkable in the state with its basis on a church in Vik, Norway. Constructed in 1998, Hopperstad Stave Church even includes a replica of a Viking ship in the entrance to the Church which provides a glimpse into the Scandinavian roots of many of the worshippers at the Church.

Downtown Minneapolis remains one of the most impressive areas of the state and is home to the Fowler Methodist Episcopal Church in the heart of Minneapolis was designed by respected architect Warren H. Hayes in 1894. This church reflects the history of the downtown area and the respected Lowry Hill neighborhood.

The beauty of the churches of Minnesota is a major part of the history of the state but the Mighty Fortress Church of Minneapolis is more concerned with finding the beauty of reaching out to God in a Christian environment than the aesthetic beauty of a building. Building a relationship with God is the reason for the existence of this Church which can be found in the heart of the city of Minneapolis.


Worshipping at the Mighty Fortress Church is a different experience to the traditional church experience with services offered to all people who can attend in a casual style as the focus is placed on building a brighter future through the belief system of Christianity.

The founder and Senior Pastor of the Mighty Fortress Church, Bishop Thomas Williams has made it his mission to bring people closer to God across Minneapolis through practical studies at the Minneapolis location of the Church. Follow Mighty Fortress Church on

Greg Secker — Lessons in Financial Freedom

Greg Secker lead off his career in corporate funding by landing a position with Thomas Cook Financial services. He was one of their best employees and soon moved into forex trading. He guessed, for his amazing customers, there was additional money to be produced. And he was correct. He has the distinction of being the first financial trader to provide real-time online forex trading.

SmartCharts Software is one of the best providers of trading technologies on the market; they create excellent stock trading software which make traders’ and agents’ jobs easier. The premium computer software offers visual, informative instruction. Using them, he aids family units and companies sensibly utilize their life savings. His team of intelligent agents create relationships with customers and mentor them through the top investments and investment plans to access their full potential. FX Capital is Greg Secker’s exclusively managed accounts for forex investment providers. When exclusive clients want to invest in the foreign markets, Greg helps them increase their cash (because who doesn’t want more cash!). The organization is motivated and dedicated to helping people across the globe enhance their well being.

Learn to Trade is among the top trading schools for rookies seeking instruction. Greg Secker is often summoned to speak at several events. Thanks to his reality changing messages, many lives have done a complete 180.

Greg Secker is also among the planet’s most prolific speakers. His inspirational speeches are known to stir countless people into monetary freedom. He’s spoken on various media outlets such as worldwide news channels Bloomberg and CNBC. Greg was closely familiar with talking powerhouses like Tony Robbins.

His powerful addresses seem to electrify listeners in a means which may be compared to a spiritual experience. He rattles out topics such as private energy, the power of visualization and initiative, and keeping mindfulness. Monetary freedom. Someone should first see themselves as millionaires before they could become millionaires. With the proper state of mind, and just a touch of resolve, you can achieve your goals. And don’t forget, should you write down your objectives, they will become easier to attain.

The Heartwarming Volunteer Work of Jeffry Schneider

Jeffry Schneider is a leader in the finance industry. He also has several passions outside of work. He is a fitness buff who regularly competes in Ironman triathlons. He also loves to travel. Perhaps his greatest passion, though, is for giving back. He volunteers for organizations that make a significant difference in people’s lives.

One organization that benefits from Jeffry Schneider’s energy and expertise is the Gazelle Foundation, which brings clean drinking water to the people of Burundi, Africa. While those of us who live in wealthy countries may take clean water for granted, that was not possible for the people of Burundi, one of the world’s poorest countries. Burundi’s inhabitants usually had to walk miles to get water, and that water was often contaminated. Drinking unclean water made people sick and kept them from being able to break out of the cycle of poverty that afflicted their country.


The Gazelle Foundation raises funds and works with local communities in Burundi to build systems that will provide clean water to the people of the region. When clean water becomes available, better health follows. More children are able to attend school. Communities start to flourish. Even the crops get healthier. Jeffry Schneider is grateful that he has a chance to help this organization transform so many lives.


Another organization that has benefited from Jeffry Schneider’s volunteer efforts is Wonders & Worries, which helps children and teenagers. This wonderful organization provides professional help to families that are going through difficult times because of a parent’s illness. The organization’s staff help parents and their children communicate with each other about the illness, which families are often unable to do without help. Jeffry Schneider is proud to support Wonders & Worries, which is so effective in helping children process their emotions during a challenging period in their lives.


For Jeffry, volunteering for organizations that improve people’s lives has proved to be profoundly satisfying. He would like to see more executives follow his lead, and he believes that no matter how busy people are in their professional lives, it is important to make time for giving back.

Genetic Biomarkers of Lung Cancer and the Importance of Eric Lefkofskys Tempus

It is a known fact that both genetic and environmental risk factors cause lung cancer, and smoking considered as a prime environmental factor for the disease. A recent study conducted by Dartmouth research team displayed that gene-smoking interactions of people are a serious risk factor for developing the lung cancer. The study showed that three novel single-nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) or its variations in the human DNA define the lung cancer risks. The team revealed that it used phenotype and genotype data to arrive the conclusions of the study.

They expressed the feeling that Genome-wide interaction scanning is a significant challenge as most of the genome-wide association studies are working around effect association analysis and not looking for interaction analysis. Yafang Li, Ph.D., the team leader of the research team, confirmed that they could only conduct research in a limited Caucasian population due to the limited genotype data available for them. He hopes that in future, the team would get more genotype data that can help them for several ground-breaking observations related to gene-smoking interaction when it comes to lung cancer disease.

This is where the mission of Tempus, a technology firm co-founded by Eric Lefkofsky, exactly fits into the growing treatment and research needs. The company works on individualized treatment plans to fight better against cancer. It adds efficiency to the treatment regime using genomic data. The firm started working towards making largest clinical and molecular data library in the world to help the researchers and physicians to counter cancer effectively.

Eric Lefkofsky is an entrepreneur based in Chicago and known for multiple ventures during his more than two decades of entrepreneurial career. He co-founded Mediaocean, Lightbank, Uptake, InnerWorkings, Groupon, and Echo Global Logistics during the period. Lefkofsky started his entrepreneurial journey from his college days when he started selling carpet.

He is also highly involved in many philanthropic activities and a number of community support initiatives. Lefkofsky serves on the boards of The Museum of Science and Industry, Children’s Memorial Hospital – Chicago, and The Art Institute of Chicago. Additionally, he collaborated with the efforts of bringing the Summer Olympics 2016 to Chicago.

Eric Lefkofsky is also interested in sharing his management lessons and ideas to students of business schools in Chicago. He lectured about disruptive business models at Kellogg School of Management and Kellstadt Graduate School of Business, previously. In 2013, he became part of The Giving Pledge – a noble initiative where its members contribute at least 50% of their lifetime wealth to philanthropy.

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How Multi-variate Testing Helps To Power The Ad Industry

Multi-variate testing makes things much simpler for people in the advertising industry to be able to target their ads to prospective customers better. That happens to be the biggest promise of AI, which is being able to target ads appropriately. Targeting appropriately with AI helps to eliminate or reduce the impact of mistakes, which can be very costly to the advertiser when considering how a campaign should be targeted.

Multi-variate testing is designed to identify the combination of factors which lead to a better ad performance overall. Because ads/websites are combinations of different elements, multi-variate tests are designed to modify or alter the ad or website in order to test new variations for better performance.

This is different from the traditional A/B split testing which only alters one variable to track for better performance. Nearly every variable can be altered in a multi-variate test to determine which combination of variables produces the best result. The challenge with a multi-variate test is that these types of tests require for the site to be receiving a large amount of traffic. The traditional A/B test works better for a site which receives less traffic.

This type of testing is a very powerful method of being able to gather information on website visitors. The reason is that it provides a lot of insight into how customers normally behave. Doubt, as well as uncertainty, are removed from the picture when testing occurs on a continual basis to produce more conversions.

A report from the consulting firm Accenture says that 50% of customers want to see ads that are tailored to their desires. The common mistake that is made is for ads to not be targeted properly, so a comprehensive approach would be to work with a proven method for correcting these issues!


Preston Smith Is Known Well Because Rocketship Education Does So Darn Well

Rocketship Education is one of the best charter schools around, with eighteen locations in four states .It was founded by Preston Smith, at the time having six years’ worth of experience, and John Danner in 2007. Its home in San Francisco sets its level of innovation greater than most other educational facilities.

RSED, as some call Rocketship Education for short, is regarded as a leader in keeping standardized test score performance higher than almost all other public schools and a majority of private schools in the areas immediately surrounding those with schools.

There have been more than twenty individual sites operating in the network’s ten-year history, founded in the warmer months of 2007, although a strong eighteen have survived through 2017.

John Danner quit working for Rocketship Education in 2013, when Preston Smith took over as president and lead executive. Mr. Smith has held the dual responsibilities for several years since his first years of being a CEO with any entity in his working life.

Parents are the biggest fans of their own children, even if they wouldn’t be supported by any other groups or persons. As such, they do very well in interviews when they need to screen out applicants that want to become teachers. This keeps the quality of education as high as possible at Rocketship Education, effectively gauging the potential one will have in the working world.

Teachers go to their students’ homes and get to know them and their families prior to assigning any personalized work. Rocketship Education has done so well with Preston Smith that they’ve both become known as popular within the world of education in the United States.

Rocketship’s students are known as Rocketeers because their test scores often outweigh that of competitors. Preston Smith’s group is known as one of the best because it is one of them. Smith is going to keep being the President of Rocketship Education to help it grow beyond its current 3,800-plus-student enrollment and is able to do so thanks to his sixteen years of experience at the popular chain of charter schools – free for students, too.

Vincent Parascandola Exercises Quality Leadership at AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is a Pace University educated scholar. He holds a degree in computer science from the university’s Lubin School of Business. His career began to take the course when he ventured into the insurance industry. Irving Trust Company was the first to hire him as their system analyst. Thereafter, he joined Prudential Insurance as the lead insurance agent of the company.

While at the company, he gained honed skills that enabled him to offer credible services at MONY Life Insurance Company where he got a promotion to head various departments for the company. After many years of offering quality and expertise services to the company, he got a lucrative opportunity to work for AXA Advisors. The company hasn’t released him from his duties since 2004 when he joined the insurance firm.

Currently, he is the deputy executive officer at the New York’s best Financial Advisory Company, AXA Advisors. He works towards recruiting and mentoring the company’s employees towards providing quality and reliable financial advice to their clients. Apart from mentorship, he also monitors the managerial departments and their involvement in ensuring that the firm achieves its goals.

Vincent Parascandola has exercised top-notch leadership qualities that have earned him various accolades from the company. Some of these awards include Career Development Awards and many others. Not only did his contribution to the growth and development of the company earn him awards but also promotions to higher positions of leadership. Majorly, he was made the Chief Executive Officer of AXA Equitable’s The Advantage Group. Check out Pocomuseum to see more.

Mr. Vincent’s influence as a leader of this popular department made him earn more promotions alongside more clients to the company. He has chaired many forums for the company’s events and during meetings with investors. His excellent leadership skills made the company to trust him with their many branches within the North Eastern parts of California. In addition, he also manages all the other branches that the company put up in Africa, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world’s continents.

Needless to say, his stay at the company has been felt across all departments and branches. This has consequently increased the profits that company makes from the sales of their services. You can visit his Facebook page.

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Eric Pulier, Jack Of Many Trades

Eric Pulier is famous for his numerous technology based start-up business and his countless phpilantrhoplogic contributions. His success is the result of years of persistence, determination, and hard work. Furthermore, Mr. Pulier has a keen eye for analyzing and determining which industries are destined to boom.

Like many of us, Mr. Pulier’s success began with his humble beginnings. Born and raised in New Jersey, he completed high school in 1984. Not long after his high school graduation, Eric Pulier began his higher education at Harvard. It was during his time at Harvard that Pulier discovered his innate ability to eloquently express his ideas. He further developed this skill while writing for the school’s daily newsletter.

After his graduation form Harvard, Mr. Pulier set out to Los Angeles, California to begin achieving his dreams. As with many entrepreneurs, Pulier struggled during his attempts to found and nature a start-up business. However, it is clear that without these struggles and several failures important lessons would not have been learned. Eric Pulier has stated that those difficult periods during his career have been vital to his success.

Read more: Eric Pulier Shares 12 Travel Tips for Your Business Trip

In addition to being a remarkably successful technological entrepreneur, Mr. Pulier has donated his time and money to numerous charities. One such organization is the Purple Turtle. The charity is focused on helping young children with chronic illness to experience the magic of summer camp. Pulier also supports Starbright World. Similar to Purple Turtle, Starbright World is a non-profit organization that focuses on children with specialized medical needs. However, contrary to Purple Turtle, Starbright focuses on providing these children with a social media platform that allows them to connect with other children in similar situations.

Despite his busy schedule between start-up businesses and numerous philanthropy efforts, Eric Pulier makes it a priority to spend time with his four children. To better balance the time spent between work and family, Mr. Pulier has comprised a strict schedule for himself.

In conclusion, Eric Pulier’s success has been the result of many years of hard work, determination, and persistence through difficult times. He is perhaps the great technological entrepreneur.

Visit his official website on

An insight into the Cancer Treatment Center of America.

Often referred by its acronym CTCA the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has its headquarters in Boca Raton in the United States of America. The Cancer Treatment Center of America is made up of five major hospitals found across America, and all of them specialize in providing cancer treatment and care to adult cancer patients.
In its provision of cancer treatment and regiments to its patients, Cancer Treatment Centers of America are famously known for their integrative approach when it comes to fighting cancer. The primary objective when it comes to battling cancer from these five hospitals has always been the collective use of resources with the sharing of advancements developed to treat cancer. In addition to this, their other objective has also always been the combined use the improvements made when it comes to genomic testing with the precise treatment of cancer which may include chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and surgery.
Their treatment program also entails the use of therapies that have been proven safe and fully supported by successful trials with the least side effects to patients physically or emotionally. Patients undergoing such treatments are taken care of ensuring that they have a quality life after or in the course of therapy due to any small side effects that might arise.

In its provision of this very vital treatment to cancer patients, CTCA also provides these services to many other cancer patients from the rest of the world with the aim of one day eradicating the disease. The five hospitals that make up the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are in Chicago, Tulsa, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Philadelphia.
As a result of their strict adherence to high standards of treatment, the five hospitals are regarded as some of the best when it comes to treating patients with cancer. The hospitals are also under the management of qualified doctors.An insight into the Cancer Treatment Center of America.