Arthur Becker’s Unique Career Leads to Real Estate

Arthur Becker has made a name for himself in the real estate world, as well as a great many other industries. If you glanced just once at this wealthy tech-moguls portfolio then you would be astounded by just how many industries he has been able to conquer. The latest news bringing Arthur Becker into the limelight is his work at 465 Washington Street in New York City. This new development project aims to bring Becker to the public forefront in a big way with a unique boutique condo building appraised at over $54 million. Becker’s path to success hasn’t always been smooth and the lessons he’s learned along the way have guided him here. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Taking a look at Arthur Becker’s past is as interesting as it is educational. Becker leapt right out of the gate trying to become an innovator as an entrepreneur and investor. He put millions of dollars into an investment in macadamia farms in Hawaii. Despite the seemingly odd investment it all paid off when he sold his shares to Mrs. Fields — yup, THAT Mrs. Fields. Becker still enjoys the occasional macadamia nut cookie though he probably wouldn’t go for seconds.

Still, getting things right is just as educational as getting things wrong. Becker tried to start up his own line of consumer binoculars, called the Bnox. The Bnox ended up falling flat on its face after customers complained of the focus knob being too difficult to utilize. Becker would probably laugh at the Bnox now but it was an important moment for him. He learned that you can fail UPWARDS and learn from your past mistakes.

Since then we have seen Becker mostly make his name as a behind-the-scenes money man. He’s invested in several high profile real estate projects in New York as the quiet money man in the partnership. Now, Becker is looking to take his name public in order to get things going with his own condo unit. We are eager to see how 465 Washington Street turns out as it blends his long and enduring affinity for art with high end luxury. Check out Madison Partners for more info.

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