Heal And Soothe, Attacking Pain At The Source

Inflammation is the leading cause of the human body pain. Sometimes, inflammation might be because of a significant ailment and if not contained, the effects can be fatal. In truth, scientists and physicians have tried to understand pain but none has come up with a product that deals with the problem at its core, well, not until the invention of Heal and Soothe.


Pain, as you age, becomes one of the most significant challenges you have to contend with. Why so? As it turns out, physical injury stimulates the production of more white blood cells in the affected area, cells that later get dissolved by proteolytic enzymes when healing is complete, thus easing you from all the pain.


Unfortunately, the production of the proteolytic enzymes declines with age, one reason you are likely to suffer more from a minor injury, a laceration that might immobilize you. People have for many years run to the doctors in search of medical help only to end up with prescriptions that do not make bad situations better.


Luckily, there is a solution to your predicament. Heal and Soothe, a new supplement on the market not only takes away the pain but also encourages healing. Heal N Soothe utilizes Systemic Enzyme Therapy by combining systemic enzymes with 12 of the most powerful natural pain fighters found in mother nature, including Turmeric, Bromelain, Papain, Boswellia, Rutin, Ginger, and more, all of which have a proven ability to promote healing.


Makers of Heal And Soothe; LivingWell Nutraceuticals, are firm believers that Mother Nature provides the best ingredients, and fortunately, more vitamin and nutraceutical companies are coming around to this way of thinking.


Indeed, Heal and Soothe is the world’s most powerful pain fighting formula as the supplement has proven repeatedly that it is all you need to fight off the pain. The clinically proven formula gets recommended by doctors across the divide because of its superiority towards other prescription drugs.


From the look of things, Heal is a product you can trust, and I will tell you why. The supplement has one of the highest approval ratings in the world for it offers users with a hundred percent guarantee of healing. More so, the supplement, unlike the conventional pain relievers, does away with the pain. Therefore, Heal and Soothe is the product you need to get your life on track without worrying about getting addicted to the same.


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William Saito the Mind behind Biometric Fingerpringing Recognition Tech

William Saito, a Japanese- American investor, an encryption specialist, biometric and authentication technologies, began software programming by the age of ten years. He incorporated his software organization ten years later while still in college and then sold it to Microsoft in 2005 and established InTecur after moving to Tokyo. He was named a council member of the National Strategies and Policies in the National Policy Unit of Japan. He was selected as the Chief Technology Officer in late 2011 at the Fukushima Nuclear Accident Independent Investigation Commission.


William Saito served as a member of the board in Global Shapers Foundation, and Young Global Leader. He is a Global Agenda Council member as well as the World Economic Forum. He also serves as an advisor for governments and a lecturer at universities. William Saito is an author of “An Unprogrammed Life: Adventures of an Incurable Entrepreneur” and was an award winner in 1997 by the Ernst and Young, USA Today and NASDAQ. He is credited as one of the “100 Most Influential People for Japan” by Nikkei.


William Saito lived in Walnut, CA in the 1970s and 80s. Personal computing had only become popular some years earlier, and he was excited by his parents’ purchase of an IBM computer with the intentions of boosting his science and math skills. He would take his computer apart to feed his curiosity, and by the time he was a preteen, he could put a computer back together.


After graduation from College, William Saito dedicated his focus on his projects with I/O. Sony collaborated with I/O software in the development of a new technology that incorporated biometric data. He came up with the idea of fingerprint recognition technology while drinking a cold beer. Sony was intrigued with the concept of fingerprint recognition and was aiming to utilize it for office door locks. However, Saito managed to pursue them that the technology could be used as a security control over computers. His fingerprint scanner became a great success leading to an Entrepreneur of the Year award by Ernst & Young in 1997.


The invention led to the innovation of the of biometric data collection software, for example, thumbprint scanners in smartphones today. William Saito concludes by stating how the merge boosted I/O’s credibility as a security firm. The organization became professionals in encryption by cracking each software lock on the market.


NGP VAN Sensational Lead in the Tech World

Nowadays, sophisticated technology has been incorporated in the nationwide campaign to woo voters. Mainly, NGP VAN has been instrumental in ensuring the Democrats connect with the potential voters and mobilize them for the Election Day. This is evident in the momentous election and re-election of President Obama.

With the use of NGP VAN software, the Democrats vying for political offices can navigate across the entire web in their pursuit of leading a successful campaign. NGP Company hosts voter database and websites that are used in the massive campaign by the Democratic Party. It also backs technology-based campaign strategies that are crucial.



Political parties should constantly be up to date with the trending digital technologies that connect well with the voters or risk being locked out. In the past, the campaign efforts became successful by just appearing on television and articulating the manifesto. The success of the future campaign will be pegged on the extent of technology incorporation.


Notably, Daniel Kreiss in his book highlights how technology was embraced intensively in the 2008 Obama campaign. Through the use of web platforms, the Democrats were able to engage many voters, and since then several social media sites have been established such as snapchat.


In 2012, the Obama campaign initiated Pollwatcher mobile application which was credited for success over Mitt Romney campaign strategies. Since 2004, the Democratic Party has invested much in digital technologies. Technical expertise is required to create the best user experience, prevent data loss and hacking among others. NGP VAN software tools ensure that the Democrats maintain their competitive position in technology campaign. Following Democrats successive campaign in 2008 and 2012, elections nowadays are synonymous with big data and web analytics that reach out to voters.


NGP VAN Company tools have distinctive features that are essential for running a techno-savvy canvass. The campaign data can be pictured well for quick analysis and comparing the trend of progress. Also, there is a digital platform that enables donations. Additionally, through NGP canvassing tool on Minivan, organizers can within no time manage door to door campaign.


Hustle which is a San Francisco web company that is founded by the Obama digital campaign member, partnered with NGP in 2017. Hustle messaging tool is now added to the list of NGP VAN digital tools. Also, SpeakEasy Political integrated with NGP VAN in 2016 which enabled sending data to voters and supporters.


NGP VAN proves to be a key player in the Democrats digital progresses to win more seats in the elections. NGP Company was awarded the Campaign Tech Awards for best company culture.

Sightsavers Mission of Undertaking a Million Cataract Operations in African and Asia

Africa and Asia have become a beneficiary of Sightsavers’ million miracles campaign that is spanning three years. Theresa May, the UK Prime Minister hailed the impact this campaign is going to have as Sightsavers go-ahead to undertake the million cataract operation.


The praise from UK Prime Minister came during a reception that was being held at Downing Street where Dr. Caroline Harper, the CEO of Sightsavers together with other international development organization leaders were congregating to celebrate the Match scheme by the International Development’s Aid.


The Aid Match is a program where the British public donates money towards specific causes, and the UK government matches each pound for pound. After the money is raised, it is given to several beneficiaries, and last year, Sightsavers became one of the beneficiary NGO’s to receive the fund.


Sightsavers achieved a milestone when it came to funding because it had envisioned a target in 2014 of raising money to cater for cataract operations that could affect a million people. The impact that Sightsavers was doing had the goal of saving and restoring sight. During Theresa May’s address, she stated how the Water Aid project that was going to improve the hygiene and sanitation in Sierra Leone and Mozambique, together with the millions of cataract operations that was being done by Sightsavers, were campaigns that were going to change lives.


Aid Match is a great program which raises money from different nations. For instance, last year, the Aid Match raised £66 million. Dr. Harper the CEO of Sightsavers was very pleased to hear the recognition that Sightsavers was having. Sightsavers was grateful to Aid Match because it was getting resources to challenge the leading cause of blindness in the world. Sightsavers had a target of raising enough funding to cater to a million cataract operations by last year. When Sightsavers hit the target, it was an accomplishment that could be seen a mile away.


Although Sightsavers have already hit their target, they don’t want to stay aloof of the fact that there are still millions of people who need cataract operations. Sightsavers is looking to double its ambition this year of reaching as many people as it can. Sightsavers know that there are approximately 20 million people who are suffering from blindness across the world, and the support they receive is going a long way to ensuring that cataract operations are getting to as many people as possible.

NewsWatch TV: An Astounding Company with Astounding Reviews

For Steel Series, working with the NewsWatch TV Team was an excellent experience for a number of reasons. The NewsWatch TV team understand the SMT process and understand how PR, or Public Relations, works, making the connection between Steel Series and their target audience that much more effective. The NewsWatch TV team delivered the exact message Steel Series wanted for their audience, but in a way that was easily understandable for the potential consumer. The NewsWatch TV and Steel Series collaboration was easy, timely, and extremely helpful. Steel Series was able to use the video on all of it’s social media platforms to further their sales and their reach.

NewsWatch TV, as it’s name might suggest, is a medium between breaking news and everyday people. Their topics range from technology and travel to health and entertainment, and consumer products. The show is hosted by Andrew Tropeano, and it airs weekly on the ION network and twice a month on the AMC network. NewsWatch TV first began almost thirty years ago in 1990, and just recently celebrated it’s 1,000th episode! It has become a popular platform for many celebrities and entertainers to discuss projects and causes that they stand behind; among the celebrities are Will Smith, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and Mila Kunis, just to name a few.

NewsWatch TV has an astounding reach of more than 96 million homes throughout the nation, and since 1990, 700 million people have seen the televised new magazine. NewsWatch TV is a great option for any business who wants to extend their reach to more people and grow their customer base. It is also a great option for spreading the word about important issues we face as a country. The work that this independently produced news show is remarkable and has truly made a difference in the lives of so many people throughout the nation.

Richard Blair’s three pillar financial plan

When Richard Blair founded Wealth solutions in 1994, his main aim was to provide people with personalized financial solutions. Blair was born into a family of teachers and ended up marrying one. He saw and experienced first-hand how education helped people grow and improve their confidence. This is the same approach he uses when offering financial advice.

Richard Blair believes that for any venture to succeed, a plan is needed. He offers his clients financial education necessary to help them come up with working plans. He uses a three pillar method to come up with personalized plans for his clients.

The road map

In this first stage, Blair looks at the client’s financial situation. He then helps the client identify their goals, opportunities, risks and tolerance. During this stage, he offers them financial education that helps them analyse their situation. After doing the analysis, Blair comes up with a road map suitable for them to achieve their goals.

The investment strategy

After helping the client analyse their financial situation and come up with a plan, Blair helps them invest. He assesses the client’s liquidity needs and asset portfolio then helps them reallocate the assists. During this process, he offers them information that will help guide them to make the right investments. This helps cushion them in times of adversity.

Implementation and monitoring

Having developed a road map and investment plan suitable for the client’s situation, Blair works on the best way to implement the plans. This is where the education he invests in his clients pays off. Since the client is aware of the risks and benefit of each action, it takes little persuasion for them to implement the plan Blair came up with. He monitors the client’s performance by comparing his or her financial goals against the mile stones achieved.

What sets Richard Blair apart from his competitors is the interest he takes in each client’s financial situation. It enables him to come up with a plan that works for them. because of this, he has been able to help several clients achieve their financial goals.

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Losing Weight Is Not Easy, Especially For Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest, who founded his own foundation called the Ryan Seacrest Foundation and his Distinction clothing line, is one of the most well known hosts of hollywood television. Ryan is the host of the famous show American Idol and the producer of many popular television and radio shows. Many people have no idea about the kind of past he had to endure. Ryan did not grow up looking the way he does today in terms of weight and appearance. Ryan was overweight growing up and had to turn his life around in order to make a change. Today, Ryan lives a healthy lifestyle by incorporating daily exercise and dieting to maintain his overall health and weight.

With Ryan Seacrest being the most busiest person in Hollywood, he does his best to maintain his fitness by finding ways to incorporate exercise and fitness. For example, during his interview and radio schedule he tries to find time between breaks to get a few push ups in or utilize light weights for a mild workout. He also makes it a point to create a workout schedule and he makes sure that he follows through with it and does not cancel.Ryan makes it a point to work out at least five hours a week in the gym and tries to maintain a balanced diet. Though, due to his love for food he sometimes ends up eating more than he had planned and messes up his diet for the week, pushing him harder the next.

Some of Ryan’s best ways to work out involves a variety of different workouts such as circuit workouts, swimming, general gym workouts, cardio, yoga and biking. In addition to getting regular exercise, Ryan believes that living a healthy lifestyle is all about finding a balance in life physically and emotionally. You have to try to make healthy choices for yourself and try to find time to relax and unwind during the busy week schedules in order to stay healthy and maintain that balance. Due to Ryan’s significant weight loss, he has been able to build his confidence level and become one of the most successful hollywood celebrity around. For example, some of Ryan’s success includes, the host of American Idol, created his own branded clothing line, the host of On Air with Ryan Seacrest radio show, created non-profit organizations to inspire youth, is the producer of ABC’s annual New Year’s Eve program and many more. His success with maintaining weight loss continues to bring him success in his overall life.

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The Success of Waiakea Water

If you’ve never heard of Hawaii volcanic water before, you’re missing out on a beverage that will provide all of your electrolytes and minerals in one sip. Waiakea is a bottled water company that specializes in volcanic water production. The water is sourced in Hawaii at the bottom of the Mauna Loa volcano. The volcano has been inactive since 1996 and has become a regular source of delicious water since its last eruption. The water cascades down the volcano from its snowy peak and is then whisked through volcanic rock where it obtains the majority of its minerals and nutrients. The water then stops at the bottom of the volcano where it is collected by the Waiakea company.

The Waiakea company has been in business since 2008 and has since become one of the only volcanic water production companies in the entire world. They further filter the water that comes from the volcano to adhere to proper Health Department guidelines. The Waiakea office is found in California, roughly 2,500 miles away from the main water source in Hawaii. They produce over a million water bottles throughout the year, making them the fastest growing water companies in the world. Their bottles come in single-serve options to 24-packs, and you can find the products either locally at a grocery store or by purchasing online directly from the Waiakea company.

Waiakea bottled water is perfectly pH-balanced due to the nature of its filtration process through the pure, unadulterated volcanic rock. Along with being pH-balanced, the water contains minerals, vitamins and nutrients that balance electrolytes within the body when consumed on a regular basis. The water has a unique and distinct taste that is much fresher and crisper than you might be used to. Because of this, it’s always best to enjoy your Waiakea bottled water ice cold from the refrigerator. Waiakea uses only the most eco-friendly bottles that will naturally disintegrate when thrown out and added to a landfill. They are the only company to be a part of the Neutral Conserve program that is designed to eliminate plastic waste added to the planet.