The Champion Rodrigo Terpins

When it comes to talking about being a prestige rally race car driver from Brazil, Rodrigo Terpins is one of the first names that come to mind. Rodrigo is one of the most skilled and talented rally drivers in Brazil, currently working for the Participacoes as a member of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team. This team has grown to be what it is today by Terpins completing some of the biggest competitions in Brazil and finishing in high positions in other championship races.

Before becoming an owner of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team, believe it or not this Saint Hilaire graduate held an executive position as the president of Lojas Marisa. You would think having this type of position that the furthest thing you would expect from someone who studied management and governance, was to build a career in race car driving, but practicing his craft is what he likes to spend most of his time doing. There has been so many competitions that Rodrigo has completed and won, even being the winner of what is well-known as the T1 Prototypes. Every race he participates in, there is always fans cheering for him from start to finish no matter the competition they are facing that day. When it comes to having the support of his family, his brother is someone you can always see by his side both racing and being that perfect example Rodrigo mentions for his success. Check out mundodomarketing to know more.

Right in Brazil in the towns of Goias and Minas Gerais, the residents there and the Brazilian sports fraternity are full of gratitude being part of his success as a rally race car driver. There are three words I can easily associate with Rodrigo Terpins, passion, perseverance, and discipline. Soon Rodrigo’s name will be displayed among the Brazilian rally legends!

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Outlook on Social Security Advisors

David Giertz served as Vice President at the nationwide insurance company. He discussed the fact that most social security advisors do not talk about social security income and benefits. A very big problem for its client retention. Studies showed that most people within 10 years of retiring had not discussed the income and benefits with their social security advisor. He felt that this is a huge problem and that it is extremely important to discuss social security and benefits and income with your social security advisor when started to consider retirement. Studies have shown more that eighty percent of financial advisor customers showed a great deal of interest in changing their financial advisors if this topic would not get discusses properly with them. Wondering why this topic was being avoided by financial advisors Wall St. Journal asked this financial advisors this exact question. David Giertz said that social security is a complicated process and has many regulations. A record of the many rules and regulations, social security has financial advisors need to discuss income and benefit with it’s clients. With social security benefits becoming almost not enough to live on, it is very important that people know all, the fact about income and benefits before hand.

David Giertz has thirty years in the financial industry. He is a certified business coach with WABC, world association of business cards. He worked for Citi Group as one of their top financial advisors, earning him promotions that eventually lead to his vice presidency of sales. His record was constantly surpassing industry expectations.

David also has an MBA from the University of Miami, and a BS from Millikin University.

In an interview he said once that his mother told him some very good advice she said “Work hard, be positive, and learn something new every day.” He has lived by those words and it has made him very successful.

Flagship Europe; Operates Under OSI Leadership

Who Is OSI Industries Ltd., Food Group

OSI Industries Ltd., gives the opportunity for a complete nutritional diet; processed by a food service powerhouse. Thousands of customers are fed an OSI diet from restaurants, grocers, and local meat markets. OSI ensures their customers get a unique diet that gives you full disclosure on their website portal. They adhere to the strict rules of the food industry set forth by the FDA and international laws. They have been a name millions of people can trust in the food industry. Learn more about the OSI Industries food group for more details.

OSI Industries; Takes Over Flagship Europe

The food industry in Europe is a very lucrative industry and OSI Industries were quick to partner with their network. The Flagship Europe facility is one of the largest in the EU food market and is estimated to be worth millions. OSI will operate their restaurant condiments and frozen poultry. They write able to consistently maintain operation of the Flagship facility as easily as they were able to celebrate over 20 years in China for excellent food service. Their partnerships have also been successful in the United States and Asia.

OSI Industries; CEO, David McDonald

Professional businessman and CEO, David McDonald, allows his partners to take part in his efforts to create job opportunities for many impoverished areas overseas. He was the recent recipient of the Global Visionary Award for excellence because of his job initiative. He was able to create a network that is devoted to helping the communities they serve. OSI Industries is in line with their efforts with assets that total over $65.4 million dollars. OSI Industries has made it possible for many at risk adults to find economic sustainability. In fact, McDonald continues to be on board with many OSI programs and acquisitions.

Enjoy the popular OSI Industries network by becoming a part of their employment team. OSI Industries is offering many unique job opportunities nationwide and around the world. Join tube exclusive OSI Industries family today and feed your family a smart Mrs rocessed by industry leaders.