Waiakea Water is Eco Friendly and Tastes Great

For the past several years it has been all the rage to purchase bottled water. While it is true that many municipal water systems leave much to be desired, it stands to reason that bottled water may not always be what it says it is. If you check closely on some of the labels on bottled water you will find that it may be nothing more than municipal water poured into a plastic bottle.

Add to this the fact that plastic bottles can take over 1,000 years to degrade so we are faced with the disposal of millions of plastic bottles that don’t change into environmental friendly commodities ever, as far as we are concerned. Most people would be surprised at all of the plastic that sits at the bottom of the ocean, not to mention our rivers and streams. Visit BevNet to know more.

Welcome Waiakea Water to the world. The company was founded in 2012, but Waiakea water has been around for millions of years since the water is really volcanic water. The water is filtered through 14,000 feet of volcanic rock that is porous that goes through the Mauna Loa Volcano in Hawaii.

The name of the product is of course, Hawaiian. The name “Waiakea” means broad waters. That is a good name for a water company, to be sure, but it says a lot for the Waiakea product because the water is very pure as it comes directly from nature. Plus the fact that the plastic water bottle that Waiakea uses is the world’s first fully degradable bottle. Read more about Waiakea Water on 10bestwater.com.

So instead of taking 1,000 years to degrade back to nature, the Waiakea water bottles will degrade back to nature in just 15 years. Waiakea is a company that cares totally about the environment. All of the bottles are also 100 percent recyclable so if people turn their bottles back in, they will be recycled into new plastic bottles, degradable of course.

So look for the blue bottled Waiakea water and if your store does not carry Waiakea Water yet, tell them to get it and why. Where ever Waiakea Water has been introduced it has been a big hit. It is some of the freshest water in existence and you will enjoy it.


Bob Reina Introduced Latest Software Called Live Meetings

The marketing company Talk Fusion has recently released its newest and latest product. Live Meetings is a new video software that allows users to interact with other people through the computer. Learn more about Bob Reina: https://www.linkedin.com/company/talk-fusion-corporate

They will have the ability to more easily communicate with other people no matter where they are in the world. The development of Live Meetings was intended to help a number of professionals more efficiently hold meetings and conferences via internet video.

Talk Fusion founder, Bob Reina announced that he has released the new software package in an effort to maximize the effectiveness of online communication. The new product will help improve the communication process between people who are looking to consult with one another remotely.

Bob Reina is the founder of a marketing company known as Talk Fusion. The company was founded in the mid 2000’s and was started up to help businesses market themselves more effectively. Read more: Bob Reina Talk Fusion | Huffington Post and  Bob Reina Home Business Magazine

Reina introduced a number of products that allow businesses to market themselves through videos. With these videos, numerous businesses have been able to reach out to consumers in a way that is both intriguing and effective.

A number of users of Talk Fusion’s internet video products have helped a number of businesses promote themselves more frequently and at a much lower cost than traditional advertising. Bob has introduced and developed a number of software video products over the years to make improvements that enhance the marketing and communication process.

Before Bob Reina founded his company Talk Fusion, he spent a few years in network marketing. He would sell a number of different products to individuals and made a decent amount of money at it.

Reina then believed that it would be beneficial to start up his own company that would offer a quality product as well as allow others to start their own business as well.

Therefore Talk Fusion was developed. Prior to starting up his own company and working in network marketing, Bob served as a local police officer. He would also sell products in his spare time to make extra money.

This experience allowed him to find out that he was proficient as a salesman. As a result, he would go on to pursue entrepreneurship and resign from his job with the police department. Bob is one of the most charitable business owners as he regularly donates to animal rights groups and childcare.

Jorge Moll – Tech Advancements in Medicine and Institute Studies

Mr. Jorge Neval Moll Neto is the current owner of the D Or Hospital Network, which better known as the Hospital Group. The Brazilian network is the largest one comprising a private group of hospitals in Brazil.

The D Or Hospital Network also includes the D Or institute of Research and Education or IDOR for short. Mr. Jorge Neval Moll Neto, the President of Idor, has been working alongside other experts in order to find if there is a connection between happiness and volunteer work. As it turns out, the relationship between the two is a rather strong and straightforward one. Learn more about Jorge Moll at Google Scholar.

The project was taken on by a group of neuroscientists who worked on the study for almost a year. They conducted several studies and discovered that 28 percent of the Brazilian population performs volunteer work of some kind. Further studies show that the other 72 percent of the people who had never done volunteer work are commonly people who are either too young, have received low schooling, or have very little resources.

The research of relation between happiness and doing volunteer work has shown a clear link between the action the part of the brain that creates a sense of pleasure, satisfaction, and a sense of belonging. Read more about Jorge Moll at crunchbase.com.

There have been other studies over the years that have also shown similar results. One of those studies linked doing volunteer work with business success. People who put in the time and effort to help and take care of others are far more likely to succeed in their business endeavors through honesty and hard work.

The D Or Institute for Research and Education has also been working on projects for tech advancement to us in medicine. Mr. Jorge Moll is deeply invested in the concept of medicine through technology as he believes that doctors can use them to be more efficient while they pat more attention to the patient. The personal interaction between patient and doctor is very important. Software and the advancements have a strong potential for providing better and more accurate health care to patients and to make people focus on health more.

View: https://loop.frontiersin.org/people/6678/overview

A Surprising Donation From A Dallas Bank

In support of advancing social, leadership and positive economic change for women and girls living in the United States, NexBank SSB will now be a sponsor for the Dallas Women’s Foundation and their annual luncheon. NexBank is a regional bank with headquarters in Dallas, they gifted the foundation with a generous amount of $100,000 in hopes their efforts will help combat women inequality in the U.S. workforce.

The annual luncheon was held at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, TX and had a special keynote address by Dr. Hope Jahren, a geochemist and Wilson Professor at the University of Oslo. Dr. Jahren has received a total of three Fulbright Awards for her scientific works. The keynote address was livestreamed to over 10,000 students from twenty different schools all across North Texas. There were 1,300 community, civic and business leaders that showed up at the foundation’s 32nd annual luncheon. The Dallas Women’s Foundation is the one of the world’s largest regional fund for women.

NexBank SSB was founded in 1922 and has a total of three offices located in Texas, their headquarters is in Dallas, TX. The company is currently led by President and CEO, John L. Holt Jr., he also serves as the company’s Chairman. They have three core businesses they serve their clients with: Commercial Banking, Mortgage Banking and Institutional Services. Some of the offerings and services include personal checking and savings accounts, mortgages, mobile and online banking, treasury management, real estate loans and commercial lending services to name a few.

The financial services company has over 7.6 billion in assets as of September 30th, 2017. NexBank is now the 10th largest bank in the whole state of Texas and is Dallas’s 4th largest bank. Their team of professionals educate and provide their clients with outstanding solutions that are custom-tailored that meet their financial needs. NexBank’s main clients are institutional, financial institutions and small and large corporations across the United States. The company’s expert team partners with their clients to find the most flexible and dependable capital for their banking or mortgage needs even as they continue to evolve.

Drew Madden Bets on Health IT Opportunities to Streamline the Healthcare Industry

The question that has been on many keen industry analysts is when and not if Amazon will join the prescription medication industry. A report released a few days ago showed Amazon’s advanced plans to enter the pharmaceutical equipment supply industry having secured licenses in some states. Even though Amazon is limited to the supply of equipment, many already expect the online retail giant to join prescription medications distribution soon or later. While the timing caught a few pharmaceutical industry watchers off guard, the report has been sufficiently factored in the market now, resulting in Pharmaceutical industry heavyweights losing some points in the stock market.

The entry of the tech giant into pharmaceutical retailing was bound to ruffle feathers, and it surely did as CVS another giant in the Pharmaceutical sector announced strategic plans of its own. CVS plans to acquire insurance health giant Aetna. This is seen as a strategy to move toward dominating the industry. With an established pharmacy and routine care footprint around the country, the addition of insurance services to the portfolio is likely to give it a competitive edge. That will make it difficult even for disruptive entrants like Amazon to affect CVS’ market.

Despite the strategic maneuvers of the two giants, the health care system is still full of opportunities, especially in the Health IT sector. Seasoned Health IT experts like Drew Madden will acknowledge that Healthcare players are yet to take full advantage of information technology. Areas like logistics tracking within hospitals, care coordination for the public sector, medication reconciliation management, resident rescheduling platforms, and many others offer ripe opportunities for investments. They also are areas that the health sector needs to streamline to improve performance and efficiency.

Improving on efficiency especially with technology is the exact thing that Drew Madden advocates for and helps companies achieve. The entrepreneur has a long experience in Health IT applications section having worked for giants like Nordic Consulting Partners. In his co-founded company Evergreen Healthcare Partners now, Drew Madden works with companies helping them foster them streamline their corporate culture, develop high caliber teams, and build client partnerships that are trustworthy.

Highland Capital Still At The Top Of Hedgefunding Game

Highland Capital Management is a global investment adviser headquartered in Dallas Texas. Founded by James Dondero and Mark Okada in 1993, the firm holds over $15 million in assets. Over the years, Highland has grown into one of the largest alternative credit managers in the world.

Highland Capital offers a broad range of financial products including credit hedge funds and distressed private equity. The CLO or Collateralize Loan Obligations is a program that was invented at Highland Capital. The company’s client base includes a number of foundations, financial institutions and high-asset individuals. Additionally, they also offer alternative financial options. Read this article at Dallas News.

Principal found James Dondero is considered a pioneer in the hedge fund industry. The University of Virginia graduate began working as a credit for JP Morgan right out of college. In 1989, went on to American Express as a portfolio manager. Just before forming Highland Capital, Dondero worked for the GIC subsidiary Protective Life. Under his guidance, the company gained over $2 billion in their portfolio within 4 years.

Visit: http://www.hcp.com/

Although the company’s head office is located in Dallas, TX, their are other offices in Sao Paolo, Singapore, New York and Seoul. The company now has 180 professional employees to serve their diverse customer base.

Highland Capital is at the forefront of giving back to the community. They proudly offer their financial support to areas that need a difference. Highland Capital offers support through advisory boards, donations and non-profits. Since 2005, the corporation has given over $10 million to various charities and organizations. Learn more about Highland Capital at Affiliate Dork.

What is Talkspace and How Can It Help You?

Talkspace is an online platform offering therapy sessions. Many men and women of different ages use this platform just to get things off their shoulders, express emotion, or when they need a professional opinion on how to deal with life’s stressors. When using Talkspace, there will be an evaluation in the beginning to see what it is that you need and want out of therapy. You are then to choose a therapy plan that best that meets both your therapy needs and budget. At the end of this assessment they will match you with the best possible therapist that will help you by talking to you and after that your therapist will probably have a better idea of how to meet your therapy goals.

There are many people that have spoken very highly of Talkspace. It is very widely recommended. They offer two unique ways for therapy sessions whether it be through video chat or messaging. People can choose from these two options for their therapy sessions depending on what fits in to their schedules. Video chat therapy sessions are great when you are at home. The messaging option is better for when you are on the go. Talkspace is also available on the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

Because Talkspace patients can work their therapy into their own busy schedules – whether they be stay-at-home moms, CEO executives, self-employed business owners, or others living hectic lives – they can get the benefits of therapy in a way that is much more convenient for them. Through Talkspace, even you will be able to find the therapy you need in a way that fits into your own hectic lifestyle.


Talkspace: There Has Never Been Anything Like It

When it comes to Talkspace, there has truly never been anything like it before in the past. It is one of a kind. It is one of those products that comes along, changes the game, and really forces people to alter the way they look at therapy. In the past, they assumed that therapy was only to be done in an office with someone wearing a sweater and glasses as they jog down notes. While that is true of some therapy offices, they are not all the same. Sometimes the old model is not working like it should be, and something new and better needs to come along. Talkspace is something new and something better.

It is an app that allows someone that is battling mental health problems to connect and chat with a therapist through text message, a phone call, or a video chat. It all depends on the person and what their needs are in that particular moment. Some people only need therapy once in a while, so Talkspace is there for them when they need it. Others, they need it more frequently and since they need it more often, they can really utilize it without going in the poor house along the way.

Talkspace believes that one cannot put a price tag on someone’s mental health. It is truly priceless and it deserves to be treated properly. When they have their mind right and in the right place, they can go out and do anything. They just need a trained professional to inform them of a plan to get their life back on track. Everyone goes through ups and downs, but it is important to not get too down and to get back up and learn to fight another day. Talkspace gives people all of the advice and tools they need at a great price.

Organo Gold Sells Coffee That Can Improve Your Health

The research findings that were recently published in the Annals of Internal Medicine indicate that drinking coffee could lower the risk of death from many diseases such as heart failure, heart attack, and stroke.

Research on the health importance and shortcomings of taking coffee have been conducted from time to time. Information collected from one of the researches that was conducted on more than 180,000 people living in the United States indicated that coffee was connected to a reduced tendency of dying from cancer, diabetes, kidney failure, heart attack and stroke across different populations living in America. Follow Organo Gold on Twitter.

Veronica W. Setiawan who was one of the main authors of the study and also happens to be an associate professor of preventive medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of University of Southern California while making her statement on the studies stated that the findings provide the much needed statistically biological evidence that supports the notion that drinking coffee is good for everyone no matter you biological background.

Research also indicated that people who took at least two to three cups of coffee a day decreased their chances of dying by up to 18% as compared to the people who didn’t drink coffee for the 16 years of research.

Read: http://reporterexpert.com/celebrate-national-coffee-day-organo/

In Europe Research was also conducted on more than 520,000 people from 10 countries and the results were similar to the study done in America. The findings also concluded that the subjects who took coffee reduced their risks of death compared to those who didn’t drink coffee. Follow Organo Gold on Instagram.

About Organo Gold

Organo Gold is a company that sells beverages especially coffee and tea using the network marketing business model. Organo Gold is a worldwide enterprise with operations in more than 50 different countries.

Their beverages contain a unique ingredient known as Ganoderma. This is basically a rare type of mushroom with significant health benefits.

Highland Capital Management Adopts Innovative Strategies

Highland Capital Management is a private firm that invests in hedge funds, distresses investment and structured investments funds as its asset classes. With a focus on high yield bonds, structured products and leveraged loans, the firm invests in fixed income, global public equity and hedging markets. Highland Capital Management was established in 1993 with its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. It also maintains offices in London, New York and Singapore.

Highland Capital Management clients’ include foundations, pension plans, corporations, financial institutions, high-net worth individuals, governments and foundations. The firm provides value to investors through the provision of exceptional products, securing their capital and discovering new opportunities. Read more at Biz Journals about Highland Capital.

Under the proficient leadership of its co-founders James Dondero and Mark Okada, the firm continues to help investors achieve their return objectives by applying new strategies including high yield credit, long/short equity, healthcare, real estate, distressed and special situations and structured products. Its distressed and special situations strategy focuses on helping distressed middle market companies to grow. The firm has made significant investments across various sectors of the economy including media, telecommunication, healthcare, and industrial firms successfully.

The health sector being the largest and fastest growing component of U.S GDP, Highland Capital Management works towards employing its unmatched expertise to deliver first class products and attract high returns. High yield credit constitutes one of the largest and knowledgeable alternative credit managers of Highland Capital Management.

The high yield credit includes bank loans. Real estate sector covers debt and equity investment opportunities in assets that produce income at discounts. The technique includes studying relationship between asset’s cost basis and income potential. Highland capital focuses on managing risk and exploiting each asset’s value.

Read: https://www.dallasnews.com/business/jobs/2017/09/25/executive-changes-hirings-promotions-enseo-ericsson-highland-capital-sept-25-29


Besides generating income, Highland Capital also takes part in several community projects through volunteerism, financial donations and advisory board involvement. The firm has been able to partner with both local and national no-profit organizations to support programs focused on healthcare, education and veteran’s initiatives. Among the organizations that have partnered with Highland Capital Management include The Dallas Foundation, Southern Methodist University Cox School of Business Board and Civic Leader Linda Owen. These organizations joined hands so as to better communities through donations. Read this article at PR Newswire.