Vincent Parascandola Exercises Quality Leadership at AXA Advisors

Vincent Parascandola is a Pace University educated scholar. He holds a degree in computer science from the university’s Lubin School of Business. His career began to take the course when he ventured into the insurance industry. Irving Trust Company was the first to hire him as their system analyst. Thereafter, he joined Prudential Insurance as the lead insurance agent of the company.

While at the company, he gained honed skills that enabled him to offer credible services at MONY Life Insurance Company where he got a promotion to head various departments for the company. After many years of offering quality and expertise services to the company, he got a lucrative opportunity to work for AXA Advisors. The company hasn’t released him from his duties since 2004 when he joined the insurance firm.

Currently, he is the deputy executive officer at the New York’s best Financial Advisory Company, AXA Advisors. He works towards recruiting and mentoring the company’s employees towards providing quality and reliable financial advice to their clients. Apart from mentorship, he also monitors the managerial departments and their involvement in ensuring that the firm achieves its goals.

Vincent Parascandola has exercised top-notch leadership qualities that have earned him various accolades from the company. Some of these awards include Career Development Awards and many others. Not only did his contribution to the growth and development of the company earn him awards but also promotions to higher positions of leadership. Majorly, he was made the Chief Executive Officer of AXA Equitable’s The Advantage Group. Check out Pocomuseum to see more.

Mr. Vincent’s influence as a leader of this popular department made him earn more promotions alongside more clients to the company. He has chaired many forums for the company’s events and during meetings with investors. His excellent leadership skills made the company to trust him with their many branches within the North Eastern parts of California. In addition, he also manages all the other branches that the company put up in Africa, Europe, Asia and the rest of the world’s continents.

Needless to say, his stay at the company has been felt across all departments and branches. This has consequently increased the profits that company makes from the sales of their services. You can visit his Facebook page.

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Eric Pulier, Jack Of Many Trades

Eric Pulier is famous for his numerous technology based start-up business and his countless phpilantrhoplogic contributions. His success is the result of years of persistence, determination, and hard work. Furthermore, Mr. Pulier has a keen eye for analyzing and determining which industries are destined to boom.

Like many of us, Mr. Pulier’s success began with his humble beginnings. Born and raised in New Jersey, he completed high school in 1984. Not long after his high school graduation, Eric Pulier began his higher education at Harvard. It was during his time at Harvard that Pulier discovered his innate ability to eloquently express his ideas. He further developed this skill while writing for the school’s daily newsletter.

After his graduation form Harvard, Mr. Pulier set out to Los Angeles, California to begin achieving his dreams. As with many entrepreneurs, Pulier struggled during his attempts to found and nature a start-up business. However, it is clear that without these struggles and several failures important lessons would not have been learned. Eric Pulier has stated that those difficult periods during his career have been vital to his success.

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In addition to being a remarkably successful technological entrepreneur, Mr. Pulier has donated his time and money to numerous charities. One such organization is the Purple Turtle. The charity is focused on helping young children with chronic illness to experience the magic of summer camp. Pulier also supports Starbright World. Similar to Purple Turtle, Starbright World is a non-profit organization that focuses on children with specialized medical needs. However, contrary to Purple Turtle, Starbright focuses on providing these children with a social media platform that allows them to connect with other children in similar situations.

Despite his busy schedule between start-up businesses and numerous philanthropy efforts, Eric Pulier makes it a priority to spend time with his four children. To better balance the time spent between work and family, Mr. Pulier has comprised a strict schedule for himself.

In conclusion, Eric Pulier’s success has been the result of many years of hard work, determination, and persistence through difficult times. He is perhaps the great technological entrepreneur.

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An insight into the Cancer Treatment Center of America.

Often referred by its acronym CTCA the Cancer Treatment Centers of America has its headquarters in Boca Raton in the United States of America. The Cancer Treatment Center of America is made up of five major hospitals found across America, and all of them specialize in providing cancer treatment and care to adult cancer patients.
In its provision of cancer treatment and regiments to its patients, Cancer Treatment Centers of America are famously known for their integrative approach when it comes to fighting cancer. The primary objective when it comes to battling cancer from these five hospitals has always been the collective use of resources with the sharing of advancements developed to treat cancer. In addition to this, their other objective has also always been the combined use the improvements made when it comes to genomic testing with the precise treatment of cancer which may include chemotherapy, radiation, immunotherapy, and surgery.
Their treatment program also entails the use of therapies that have been proven safe and fully supported by successful trials with the least side effects to patients physically or emotionally. Patients undergoing such treatments are taken care of ensuring that they have a quality life after or in the course of therapy due to any small side effects that might arise.

In its provision of this very vital treatment to cancer patients, CTCA also provides these services to many other cancer patients from the rest of the world with the aim of one day eradicating the disease. The five hospitals that make up the Cancer Treatment Centers of America are in Chicago, Tulsa, Atlanta, Phoenix, and Philadelphia.
As a result of their strict adherence to high standards of treatment, the five hospitals are regarded as some of the best when it comes to treating patients with cancer. The hospitals are also under the management of qualified doctors.An insight into the Cancer Treatment Center of America.

Frontera Fund – Rising to Right all Wrongs

Lacey and Larkin Frontera und had a stat from lack of justice and oppression. What it has become, however, is an organization that provides support for all of those Arizonian groups that share a common goal- to take care of minorities and represent those who cannot find representation elsewhere.

The Frontera Fund was established by two journalists who have been working together as colleagues and friends for many years.

The organization is called after Micheal Lacey and Jim Larkin, Phoenix-based journalists who have been writing about corruption and injustice, and advocating for the rights of immigrants, refugees, and minorities in the state of Arizona,

The turning point in the career of Lacey and Larkin was back in 2007 when they were arrested in the middle of the night and dragged right out of their homes only to be taken into unlicensed cars and put in prison with no explanation or layer. The order was given by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, now former Sheriff of the Maricopa County.

He has been targeting Latinos and Hispanos not only on the road as drivers but anyone who would come in contact with him. It was revealed that he also issued orders o his deputies to act in the same unconstitutional way. Read more: Jim Larkin |

Not only that, but Joe Arpaio also targeted journalists and any publication about him that made know what he has been up to.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio had sent Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin an e-mail with some alarming demands after they wrote about him. He demanded that Lacey and Larkin provide him with information about the readers of the online news outlet New Phoenix Times.

That was alarming because, first, Arpaio had no right to demand such information without a court order, and second, it appeared he was going to target the readers of the publication along with the journalists behind it. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: and

What Lacey and Larkin did next put an end to the unconstitutional behavior of former Sheriff Joe Arapaio. Instead of doing his bidding, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin followed up by publishing an expose about Arpaio and his demands. Soon after, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin found themselves in separate prisons with Arapio himself in charge of both. That led to a huge wave of anger from the Phoenix community and beyond and so the two journalists were released a few hours later.

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin filed a case again the Sheriff and the whole Maricopa County. The battle was arduous at times, and it dragged on for years. In the end, however, Sheriff Joe Arpaio lost his job, and he was going to suffer the consequences of his actions had it not been for his saving grace, Donal Trump.

Although both Trump and Arpaio denied it, there were pictures of them shaking hands from years ago. Trump pardoned Arpaio with the power of his presidency, and so the man is free and enjoying his generous pension instead of being in prison.

Lacey and Larkin created the Frontera Fund from the 3.7 million dollars they received from the settlement, trying to right the wrongs that Arapio had been doing for years.