A Look At Nonprofit Group, Avaaz And Its Operations

Avaaz is a non-profit social justice group that was created in 2005. Its name means voice in many different languages. This is an appropriate title for an organization whose primary goal is to give voice to many social justice issues and struggles ongoing in the world today and more information click here.

Some of the issues that Avaaz fights for includes climate change, human rights, poverty, corruption and wartime conflicts. Today, the Avaaz organization is proudly supporting the plight of the Rohingya people. This ethnic and religious is minority being massacred in Burma for their religious beliefs and background. Avaaz is also trying to bring worldwide attention to the Rohigya’s dire situation right now. They are not only being attacked but driven out of their communities. Many are now displaced and refugees.

Avaaz is also currently fighting to bring attention to the rise of populism and nationalism in Europe. Germany’s latest national election has seen the far right AFD win a sizeable percent of the vote. This has sparked concerns across the country. Avaaz is working with its supporters in Germany and across Europe to bring attention to the rise of the far right and its possible Nazi affiliation.

One of the ways that Avaaz is unique from other non-profit organizations is that it is truly a grassroots focused organization. There is no outside funding of Avaaz. What this means is that there are no corporate or government sponsors or funders. This allows Avaaz to be uncorrupted and not swayed in its resolve to fight corruption and human rights across the globe and learn more about Avaaz.

Avaaz’ campaigns are also closely coordinated both online and in person. It is this unique approach that has allowed Avaaz to successfully root out corruption in Brazilian politics and bring social justice to many other places. The campaigns of of Avaaz are also started by its own members. Employees at the organization do no push their own agenda but work on issues that the majority of the Avaaz community gets behind and Avaaz’s lacrosse camp.

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Robert Ivy Is Working To Help The World Of Architecture Progress

Robert Ivy is currently the CEO of the American Institue of Architects which is a large organization which has membership numbers exceeding 90,000 throughout 250 different chapters. He was announced as the new CEO in 2011 after a long, and noteworthy career. Currently, he works to bring awareness towards the importance of using skilled architects for various projects and highlights their value in society.

He began his journey in Architecture when he attended Tulane University for English where he received his Bachelor of Arts and graduated cum laude. He went on to become the Editor in Chief at the Architectural record which became one of the most popular of the time. This position opened the doors for various other publication related positions with other organizations and companies. From there, he went on to become the Editorial Director as well as the Vice President for McGraw-Hill Construction Media. That company was responsible for publishing several widely respected and popular publications. His work with these projects helped them grow and gain attention, as well as highlighting his capabilities and assets to the architectural and publications world.

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Of particular interest, he was part of the panel that selected the architect, Frank Gehry, to create the Dwight D. Eisenhower Memorial design. For many years he also was principal at Dean/Dale and Dean & Ivy which was a publication critic. He served in that capacity from the beginning of his career until 1996.

Robert Ivy was also a key factor in the Architectural Record receiving a variety of industry awards. One of the most significant awards was the National Magazine Award which is a distinct honor for a similar publication to achieve. In addition, he was able to secure the McGraw-Hill award in 1998 for Management Excellence. He was named a Master Architect by the Alpha Rho Chi architectural fraternity which has only been bestowed on 7 individual within the last century. His exceptional career has lead to growth for the architectural market and has outlined the need for skilled architects within our society. He continues to add value, experience, and insight to all of the companies and organizations he works with today.

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The Brown Modeling Agency Is Providing Top Talent All Over The World



The Brown Agency has become one of the most famous names in modeling over the last several decades. They are responsible for providing some of the hottest and most sought-after talents in the world. Their models have worked for thousands of brands ranging from cars to appliances and, of course, the fashion industry. Some of the most famous face in fashion have worked with, or still work with, The Brown Agency.


The Brown Agency is able to provide modeling talent all over the world. They have offices in New York, and most recently, they have opened a location in the budding area of Austin, Texas. The move to open the most recent location stems from the exciting music scene, which everyone knows, goes hand in hand with the fashion scene. The fashions in the Austin area are fresh and new, which is exactly what attracts top quality models and those hoping to get a foothold in the fashion world. The talent scouts who work for The Brown Agency love the ability to find so many great new talents in the area. Faces from The Brown Agency walk the runways in some of the most famous fashion events in the world such as New York Fashion Week and Austin Fashion Week. Top designers demand talent from top agencies and The Brown Agency is usually one of the top picks for talent.


According to Market Wired, not only does The Brown Agency work with fashion models, they also are signing acting talent and up and coming solo artists and bands. Individuals who sign with The Brown Agency are more likely to see desirable work and create more of a demand for their special talents. It is a way to further their career and get in front audiences all over the world. The Brown Agency in Austin has auditions weekly for potential talent. If you are unable to attend one of their casting calls, you can submit your professional portfolio and information online through their submission portal.


Anyone able to sign with The Brown Agency is open to a wide variety of opportunities including the honor of working with one of the most respected and well-received talent agencies in the world.




Scott Rocklage Achievements In Health Sector

Scott Rocklage is an overseeing accomplice of 5AM Ventures. The human services administration master learned at the University of California, Berkley where he got his BS in Chemistry.

He got his Ph.D. in Chemistry from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. His immense learning in Chemistry has made him a power to figure with in the social insurance industry.

Scott Rocklage’s Career

Dr. Scott Rocklage has obtained more than 20 years of involvement in human services administration. Before securing his position with 5AM Venture, Dr. Rocklage worked with a few different organizations. He worked with Cubist Pharmaceuticals where he filled in as the President and CEO. Read more: Scott Racklage | Bloomberg

He has additionally filled in as the Chairman of Nycomed Interventional. His vocation portfolio is very broad. He worked with Salutar and Catalytica, where he held R&D positions.

He was at one time the Executive Chairman of Ilypsa which is presently under Amgen and Miikana which was gained by EntredMed. Scott Rocklage is right now presenting with Achaogen as the Board Chairman.

He additionally holds positions with Relypsa and Semprus, Boards of WaveRx, Pulmatrix, and variety, and in addition Whitehead Institute where he is on the Board of Associates.

Scott began working with 5AM Ventures in 2003. He began off as a wander accomplice yet later in 2004, he turned into the overseeing accomplice. His work in 5AM Ventures is excellent. The organization focuses on life science organizations. Through his administration, 5AM Ventures can bolster organizations searching for arrangements in the social insurance industry.


Scott Rocklage has built the endorsement of three U.S. new Drug Applications, to be specific; Cubicin, Teslascan, and Omniscan. He has both developed and aided the innovation of more than 30 U.S. licenses.

He has likewise done gigantic work in distributing more than 100 companion assessed productions. He credits his prosperity to his absence of dread in hazard taking.

Scott Rocklage is not only an awesome human services administration proficient, but rather a business person too.

Regardless he keeps on buckling down by giving venture chances to the meriting science organizations. Through his group in 5AM Ventures, the organization keeps on developing.

Attorney Karl Heideck Explains The Legal Issues Around Philadelphia’s New Hiring Law

An attorney in Philadelphia, Karl Heideck wrote an article about the legal case surrounding the city’s new law regarding salary history. The law went on the books at the beginning of 2017 and was a victory for workers’ rights advocates. The mayor of Philadelphia, Jim Kenney, signed it into law on January 23rd. This law, which is the first in the nation, makes it illegal for prospective employers to ask about what an applicants salary history is.

Within weeks of the law being signed lawyers for the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia filed a legal challenge against the law arguing that it was unconstitutional. Their argument is that the law is an infringement on their first amendment rights.

The court the lawsuit was first heard in stayed the law after the hearing. This led to the city of Philadelphia putting a voluntary postponement on the law until the matter was resolved. However, the city then filed a motion where they asked that the lawsuit should be dismissed and the court agreed with them.

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Karl Heideck says that the ruling made sense. He says there was no proof that any businesses were hurt by the ruling nor was it unconstitutional in his legal opinion. He says there will likely be future compliance issues with the law but he expects companies will mostly comply with the new law.

Karl Heideck earned his law degree in 2009 at the James E. Beasley School of Law located on the campus of Temple University. In his final year he made Dean’s List at this institution. He started his legal career at the law firm Conrad O’Brien. While there he focused on commercial litigation cases. His role included both researching and analyzing documents regarding the cases he was working on as well as discovery investigation.

At Grant & Eisenhofer, PA in Wilmington, Delaware, Karl Heideck is now a contract attorney, a position he has filled for over two years. His cases at this law firm involve both banking litigation and securities fraud. He also engages in risk management and compliance issues in companies in the surrounding region.

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Desiree Perez’ Pivotal Role in the Resilient Success of Roc Nation

The name Desiree Perez probably sounds familiar. It should because you have heard of Jay-Z. Desiree Perez is a strategic business associate of the hip-hop mogul Jay-Z. His real name is Shawn Carter. He has vast interests in music, media and publishing, sports, fashion as well as real estate. Desiree Perez has played a central part in his business ventures in the last twenty years. She has been exceptionally resourceful in business development.

She is reported to be a skilled and tactful negotiator. She is serving as the Chief Operating Officer of Roc Nation. The company is involved in entertainment, media publishing and distribution. This includes music production and promotion, film, broadcast and publishing. It is host to successful music artists such as Rihanna, DJ Khaled, and Lil Wayne. Talent management is a demanding business. It requires firm leadership and acute business acumen.

Her leadership has seen Roc Nation close the deal on some key and lucrative contracts. For example, she is reported to have been the force behind a $25 million package from Samsung for Rihanna. She was influential in shaping Rihanna’s successful career and rapid rise to the top. She continues to steer the company to success. The outfit has grown the artists stable as well as increased its footprint on the distribution side of the business and learn more about Desiree Perez.

She has also been influential in deals with partners such as Sony Music, Live Nation, Warner Music and Universal Music. Desiree Perez is involved in talent management as well as business development. Her powerful influences on the artists can be seen through the success of Roc Nation and more information click here.

Roc Nation Sports is a subsidiary of the entertainment powerhouse. It is involved in the management of athletes and sports talent. The company has celebrity players in disciplines such as baseball, basketball, boxing and many others. Desiree Perez remains a key pillar of success in the entertainment industry. Given her success at Roc Nation and close relationship with Shawn Carter, we can only expect bigger things from the stable and resume her.

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Mike Baur – Helping Create New Innovations in Technology

After earning his business degree at Bern University and the University of Rochester, Mike Baur began what became a very successful career in banking. Baur was very successful and rose to prominent positions, giving advice to wealthy Swiss investors. Although he could have remained in the comfortable and lucrative world of banking, Baur chose instead to follow his passion for helping entrepreneurs.


In 2014 Baur co-founded the Swiss Start Up Factory with the goal of helping the young owners of technology start-ups. In addition to providing funding to promising start-ups, SSUF provides mentoring, training and free rent to these new enterprises. The young entrepreneurs get a chance to network with each other, learn how to raise money and how to pitch their products globally. Baur has designed to program to help insure the long term success of the start-ups.


Unlike many other incubators, SSUF operates independently. This avoids any conflicts of interest that might otherwise arise. It also allows it to take action without outside interference. Although it remains independent, SSUF has formed strategic partnerships with a number of companies.


One of these companies, Think Reloaded, (also founded by Baur)provides advice to affluent clients. Affiliations with CTI and BV4 added to the total range of services Baur and SSUF could utilize to help start-ups succeed. In short, Baur put together a group of companies that could complement the mission of SSUF and provide a wide range of expertise and assistance.


Baur is incredibly passionate about helping entrepreneurs bring to fruition their innovative technology. In addition to his time, he and his co-founders invest substantial funds in SSUF and the enterprises it serves. He works hard and expects the young entrepreneurs he supports to work just as hard. His strategies have created a successful and profitable company for which Baur still does financing and fundraising.


Although Baur left a 20 year career to create his own “start-up”, he did much more. He enabled young entrepreneurs to bring cutting edge technology to the marketplace. His faith in these people and their start-ups has resulted in an added value to the economic well being of many.